Discover Japan’s 10 Most Thrilling May Adventures of 2023

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If you plan to visit Japan in May, then there is much for you to witness. Although there are numerous renowned locations such as Mt. Fuji or Odaiba and more, there are also festivities that occur during this period. The Japanese take pleasure in observing each season pass, and there are typically celebrations at the conclusion of the season to admire the changing course of nature. If you happen to be part of the procession, it could likely be near a shrine or perhaps the parade traversed throughout the town. May is actually the optimal time to visit Japan as spring is still ongoing. The wet season will not have started yet, which means the cherry blossoms will still be in full bloom!

Weather In Japan In May

Take a hike to Mt. Fuji

The Japan in May climate is relatively agreeable. The temperatures in the afternoon range from 24 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees. The temperature in the evening tends to decrease to about 15 degrees Celsius. Although the first portion of the season is usually chilly, the latter half of May tends to become warmer with clear skies.

10 Best Things To Do In Japan In May

Here are the captivating activities that one can indulge in at this archipelago during the month of Japan. Embark on a journey with your companions and loved ones and have a splendid time here. Take a look at the finest things to do in Japan in May:

  • Mt. Fuji – Climb
  • Aoi Matsuri – Attend
  • Flower Parks – Explore
  • Sakura – Discover
  • Naoshima – Drop by
  • Tokyo National Museum – Explore
  • Kabukicho – Discover
  • Ryogoku Kokugikan – Observe sumo tournament
  • Nikko – Spend a day
  • Lake Ashi – Embark on a cruise

Check out Aoi Matsuri (festival)

1. Mt. Fuji – Climb

This active volcanic mountain is the finest place to journey in Japan in May. It is widely recognized because individuals come from all over the globe purely to hike to the summit. Spring is an excellent time to visit Mt. Fuji because aside from all the verdure and fresh air, you will be able to witness snow on the peak of the mountain. The mountain is deemed holy and locals genuinely adore it. This should definitely be on your to-do list if you don’t know what to do in Japan in May. The visibility at this point in time is significantly better than in the months of summer and it would be optimal to visit in the early mornings.

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Experience the beauty of Spring

2. Aoi Matsuri – Attend

In this festival, there are individuals who reenact a 6th Century imperial procession. If you are seeking an authentic performance in Kyoto, then you absolutely shouldn’t miss this. The complete procession has about 500 participants and they are all clad in imperial regalia. An unwed woman is selected from thousands of applicants. Wondering what she has to what to put on in Japan in May? She has to put on about 30 layers of kimonos. Other activities include horse racing and even cleansing rituals for the woman. She is transported around town and the parade persists till the evening. You can relish a vibrant atmosphere along with delectable cuisine and congenial individuals.

Date: May 15th

Get a great view of the Sakura at night

3. Flower Parks – Visit

If you genuinely want to observe the flowers in full bloom when you are visiting Japan in May 2023, there is much more to see aside from the popular cherry blossoms. You can relish Wisteria( Fuji in Japanese) which is an exceedingly popular flower that blossoms in spring. These flowers draw in tourists from all over the world. If you adore nature then you should definitely treat your eyes and spirit to places that possess these exquisite flowers. Some places are just overflowing with them or have passages that are filled with them. It is needless to say that the sight is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Finest locations to witness them: The Kawachi Fujien Garden, Ashikaga Flower Park, and Mandara-Ji Temple.

Visit Naoshima

4. Sakura – Explore

It is indisputable that tourists flock to Japan simply to acquire a remarkable panorama of the cherry blossoms in complete flourish. Although that occurs in the month of May, there are places in Japan where they still blossom till Mid-May. Yozakura or nocturnal surveying of the Sakura is in fact exceedingly well-liked. You can expend the day appreciating the loveliness or you can head out during nighttime when the trees are illuminated with diverse white lights that genuinely display their beauty. You can even take a boat alongside a stream and admire the cherry blossoms while their petals descend into the water. Japan in May temperatures tend to deplete throughout the evenings, so ensure to carry a lightweight cardigan.

5. Naoshima – Stop By

Naoshima is a fraction of the Kagawa Prefecture and is a minor islet found on the Seto Sea. If you are in Tokyo and you want a serene retreat, then this is the place to be. This place is eminent for its art galleries, sculptures, and construction. The residences are distinctive and very peculiarly constructed. You should explore the Benesse house and the Chichu Art Museum. Although it is a bit challenging to reach the islet, it is assuredly worth the excursion. If you delight in art that is exceptional and unlike, if you visit Japan in May or June, you should unquestionably tour this islet.

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