Discover How to Win a Trip to the Great Wall of China

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Here’s an intriguing ratio for all the travel enthusiasts out there! Airbnb is presenting an enchanting stay at the Great Wall of China to 4 chosen individuals, and it could be your golden opportunity to spend the most unforgettable night ever. While Airbnb has been renowned for providing extraordinary offers in the past, this time they are offering a remarkable stay right within the Great Wall of China which would allow travelers to experience the marvel at its finest.

Airbnb stay at the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China garners a substantial number of visitors on a daily basis, with as many as 27000 visitors per day. Airbnb will select 4 fortunate individuals this autumn to reside within the Great Wall of China for a single night and relish enchanting experiences. This offer has come to light after Airbnb collaborated with the Beijing Tourism Development Committee in order to promote awareness for the protection of heritage sites and foster cultural exchange.

This stay is believed to be a distinctive and unparalleled experience for travelers at one of the modern wonders of the world, spanning nearly 13000 miles. And the best part is, it’s completely free!

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Highlights of the offer & what you need to do to secure it

1. A one-night stay for 4 individuals and their accompanying guests from September 4-7, with the entire wall at their disposal.

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2. To be the lucky recipient, participants must submit a written piece of 550 characters or less explaining why they believe it is crucial to dismantle cultural barriers, and how they intend to utilize their time at the Great Wall to establish new connections. All participants are required to submit their entries here by 11 August. Winners will be selected based on the creativity and novelty of their responses.

Also, aside from the renowned lodging, there exists an ancient partition of the wall that provides a picturesque twilight meal, a workshop on the art of beautiful handwriting, and a performance of traditional orchestral music. Furthermore, in addition to all of this, the victorious individuals will also be granted a significant excursion through the rural areas of China and will also have the opportunity to gain further knowledge regarding the historical background of the Great Wall. Strolling along the magnificent Great Wall of China is another exhilarating activity one can partake in during their sojourn. It has also been verified that the winners will receive plane tickets to travel to the Great Wall from various parts of the world. Moreover, there are a few more tours of the Great Wall of China that might capture your interest! A remarkable evening at the Great Wall of China awaits you. Now is the time to engage your intellectual capabilities!

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