Discover Awesome Activities to Experience a Revitalizing Escape with Friends in Lansdowne.

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Located at an elevation of approximately 1700 m above sea level, Lansdowne is a picturesque hill-station in Pauri district, Uttarakhand. This charming tourist destination offers a plethora of unique attractions and a wide range of captivating experiences. With its breathtaking natural beauty, Lansdowne remains one of India’s lesser-known hill stations. It is a well-maintained town that is home to the command office of Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army. Choose from an array of exciting activities near Lansdowne and have a delightful vacation in Uttarakhand. From camping and trekking to peaceful walks and leisurely sunsets, there is something for everyone!

Wilderness in Lansdowne

14 Incredible Activities in Lansdowne, India

Below is a comprehensive list of the most remarkable activities to experience in Lansdowne. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a nature lover, Lansdowne has it all. Take a look at our list and select the activities that best suit your interests.

  • Camping: Embrace a Non-traditional Stay
  • Bhulla Lake Boat Ride: Enjoy a Relaxing Boating Experience
  • Snow Viewpoint Trek: Unleash the Thrill Seeker in You
  • Tip N Top Hiking: Indulge in an Adrenaline Rush
  • Nature Walk: Get Close to Mother Nature
  • Birdwatching: Witness the Beauty of Migratory Birds
  • Religious Tour: Seek Divine Blessings
  • Darwan Singh Sangrahalaya: Pay Homage to the Great
  • Kalagarh Tiger Reserve: Interact with Exotic Wildlife
  • Dining: Savor Fine Cuisine and Wine
  • Shopping: Retail Therapy at Its Finest
  • Lansdowne Trip Travel Cafe: Immerse in Retro Vibes
  • Jungle Safari: Dive into the Wilderness
  • Trekking: Reach the Enigmatic Bhim Pakora

1. Camping: Embrace a Non-traditional Stay

Enjoy camping in Lansdowne

One of the most outstanding activities in Lansdowne is camping. Say goodbye to conventional hotel stays and embrace the unconventional way of holidaying as you immerse yourself in overnight camping and thrilling adventures in Lansdowne. Lansdowne offers vast stretches of lush green open lands, perfect for setting up your tent for a night or two, enjoying a bonfire, and dining outdoors. So, don’t wait any longer. Pack your bags and experience the enchantment of camping in Lansdowne. Discover more about the experience of camping in Landsdowne.

Optimal Time to Experience Camping in Lansdowne: The ideal period to enjoy camping in Lansdowne is from March to June during the summer months and from September to November in the autumn season.

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2. Bhulla Lake Boat Ride: Embrace the Joy of Boating

Beautiful view of Bhulla Lake

Among the most remarkable attractions in Lansdowne, Bhulla Taal is a serene and quaint artificial lake cared for by the Indian Army. It serves as a tribute to the brave Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army who sacrificed their lives in the service of the nation.

Embark on a splendid boat ride across this picturesque lake and be prepared to capture photos of the leisurely swimming ducks and nimble rabbits frolicking along the banks. Additionally, there is an amusement park that offers a delightful experience. Believe it or not, visitors to this lake always come away with fascinating anecdotes to share.

Best Time for a Boat Tour in Bhulla Lake: The most favorable periods to enjoy boat tours in Bhulla Taal Lake are the summers (March-June) and autumn (September-November). The lake is open daily from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Entry charges are applicable. Location: Lansdowne, Uttarakhand 246155

3. Snow Viewpoint Trek: A Thrilling Adventure for Enthusiasts

Unleash the adventurer within you as Lansdowne offers the perfect setting for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. Thanks to its geographical location, this charming town becomes a gateway to a myriad of treks leading into the hills. The trails vary in difficulty, ranging from shorter hikes lasting a few hours to more challenging treks that span 2-3 days. The popular trails include the journey to Snow Viewpoint and Hawaghar.

Indulge in trekking and hiking in Lansdowne

What makes trekking tours an exceptional activity in Landsdowne is the sheer pleasure of witnessing breathtaking landscapes from Snow Viewpoint and Hawaghar. Don’t forget to capture the picture-perfect views of snow-capped mountains against the backdrop of clear blue skies, while relishing the exhilarating rush of the wind through your hair.

Optimal Time for Trekking in Lansdowne: With the exception of the winter and monsoon months, Lansdowne offers favorable conditions for trekking and hiking throughout the year. However, it is advisable to consult local trekking organizations before embarking on your trekking adventure.

Amazing view from Tip n Top View point

4. Tip N Top Hiking: A Thrilling Encounter for Adventure Seekers

Popularly known as Tiffin Top, Tip n Top stands as an immaculate and tranquil location located on the ridge near St. Mary’s Church. It serves as a renowned tourist attraction in Lansdowne, catering to various desires and preferences. Whether you seek a romantic escapade, a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, or a spot for picnicking with your family and children, Tip n Top viewpoint offers it all, making it an idyllic destination. Engaging in hiking adventures ranks among the most captivating activities to partake in Lansdowne.

One can embark on a trek to Tip n Top viewpoint and relish the breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding Shivalik Hills and the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. The picturesque setting will undoubtedly compel you to capture numerous photographs.

Tourists enjoy taking nature walks through dense forest cover

The ideal time to visit Tip n Top vantage point depends on your specific interests and preferences, making it suitable for year-round exploration.

5. Immersion in Nature: An Up-Close Encounter

The saying by Friedrich Nietzsche, “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking,” becomes even more evident as you venture into the dense forests adorned with pine and oak trees on Lansdowne’s hills. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the melodious avian symphony, immerse yourself in the sounds of forest creatures and buzzing insects at your feet, and relish every aspect of nature in its most genuine form while traversing the solitary paths in Lansdowne.

Though the concept of simply walking without any other objective may not appear exhilarating to some, it serves as one of the most serene and rejuvenating activities for many tourists. Capture the essence of your nature walks by photographing the beauty around you, engage in leaf art, sketch the elements that capture your attention, or find solace by sitting in a peaceful spot with your favorite book. Lansdowne truly possesses the qualities of an earthly paradise for those who appreciate the natural world.

The most opportune moments to indulge in leisurely nature walks in Lansdowne occur during the mornings and evenings of the summer and autumn seasons, when the weather is most favorable.

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6. Avian Observation: Witness the Flight of Migratory Birds

It’s not just the expansive azure heavens and towering coniferous giants that unveil themselves when you cast your gaze skyward. Lansdowne also magnetizes a diverse array of migratory birds, such as the northern shoveler, ruddy shelduck, northern pintail, red-crested pochard, common merganser, and numerous others. These adorable beings traverse great distances from various corners of the globe to this site, compelling both nature enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike to engage in the gratifying pursuit of birdwatching. Be prepared, for your cameras shall come in handy!


Optimal Period for Observing Migratory Birds in Lansdowne: The pinnacle moments for savoring the marvels of birdwatching are during the vernal season and the post-monsoon period—specifically in September and October.

Watching variety of migratory birds in Lansdowne is a great experience

7. Spiritual Excursion: Search for Divine Blessings

When orchestrating your itinerary for panoramas in Lansdowne, do not neglect to incorporate a sacred voyage to the numerous temples that grace this lofty abode. It is imperative to devote time to the Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple (situated at a distance of 38 km from Lansdowne) and the Santoshi Maa Temple, which proudly stands within walking proximity of the renowned Tip n Top Viewpoint.

As an added bonus, two churches reside within this vicinity as well—namely, St. John Church, the sole operative Roman Catholic church in Lansdowne, majestically located on Mall Road (timings: 08:00 am to 5:00 pm); and St. Mary’s Church, an erstwhile place of worship that has been transformed into an enthralling museum, showcasing captivating tales and captivating visuals from the pre-independence era (timings: 08:00 am to 5:00 pm; entry fee: INR 10).

Go visit Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple in Lansdowne

Propitious Timeframe for Embarking on a Sacred Voyage in Lansdowne: The most opportune period for acquainting oneself with the spiritual havens of Lansdowne is deemed to be from March to November. It is also judicious to partake in the temple visits that coincide with the vibrant Shivaratri festivities.

8. Darwan Singh Sangrahalaya: Render Homage

Encompassed within the confines of a beautifully adorned, two-story edifice lies a historical museum that stands in reverence of Darwan Singh Negi, a valiant Naik serving in the esteemed Garhwal Rifles, and a distinguished recipient of the illustrious Victoria Cross—a symbol of extraordinary gallantry. In this museum, which proudly dawns 33 years of existence and stands as a prominent attraction in Lansdowne, one may discover concealed tales pertaining to the Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army. Antique uniforms, photographs, certificates, arms, and ammunition comprise the enthralling collection that implores the inner child within you to stir from its slumber.

A view of Darwan Singh Sangrahalaya in Lansdowne

Optimal Period for a Visit to the Darwan Singh Sangrahalaya: The museum welcomes visitors from October to June.

Operating Hours: During the summer months, the museum operates from 09:00 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. In winter, the timings are from 08:00 am to 12:00 noon and 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Admission Fee: Each visitor is required to pay INR 50.

Note: Children under the age of 10 are not permitted, and photography is prohibited.

Location: Situated on Kotdwar – Pauri Rd, Lansdowne, Uttarakhand 24615.

Duration of Visit: It is recommended to allocate 2 hours for your visit to the museum.

Main entrance of Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

9. Kalagarh Tiger Reserve: Immerse Yourself in Wildlife Enchantment

Immerse yourself in the thrilling spectacle of majestic felines at the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve, one of India’s renowned tiger reserves, offering a mesmerizing opportunity for a jungle safari in Lansdowne. Encompassing an expansive area of approximately 300 square kilometers, the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is predominantly located within the northern regions of the illustrious Jim Corbett National Park. Prepare to be captivated by the untamed wonders of nature as you venture into this tiger reserve.

In addition to the remarkable concentration of Tigers, the reserve is also home to a variety of captivating wildlife species including barking deer, hog deer, goral, sambhar, porcupines, and several others. Embarking on a jungle safari in the Jim Corbett Park is undeniably one of the most enthralling activities to indulge in while in Uttarakhand. Make sure to include this exhilarating experience in your Lansdowne itinerary, as it is considered the ultimate destination for a jungle safari.

Prime Time to Explore Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary: The best period to visit the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is between October and March, as the national park remains closed during the summer months.

Entrance Fee: The admission fee is set at INR 1080 for a group of 1-6 individuals.

Operating Hours: The reserve operates from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Location: Situated in Division Lansdowne, Dugadda Range, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand 246149.

Duration of Visit: Allocate 2 hours for a comprehensive exploration of the reserve.

Enjoy toothsome local cuisines of Lansdowne

10. Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Journey

A visit to Lansdowne without indulging in the delectable flavors of Uttarakhand cuisine is equivalent to a mundane day spent indoors during your holiday. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds by savoring a wide array of local delicacies, undoubtedly one of the most remarkable endeavors to undertake in Lansdowne, Uttarakhand. Simply step into any restaurant and treat yourself to authentic dishes such as Kafuli, Phaanu, Thechwani, Baadi, Kulath ki dal, and Aloo ke gutke. Additionally, relish delightful sweet treats like Gulgula and Arsa, or satisfy your cravings with Chinese and Continental cuisines.

shopping in bhutan_23rd oct

Timings: Flexible

11. Retail Therapy: Unveiling the Shopper’s Paradise

If you were pondering over how to spend your time in Lansdowne, the answer lies in indulging in some retail therapy. This charming little town may not be widely known as a shopaholic’s haven, but as they say, small is powerful! Lansdowne offers a plethora of delightful shopping options. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Alaknanda Market or Lansdowne Market as you hunt for quaint souvenirs. And if you’re a fan of leather goods, make your way to Javed’s Shop, conveniently located across from the Garhwal Rifles Camp. Don’t forget to take advantage of the discounted rates on their cool leather merchandise.

Timings: Not Applicable

Travel Cafe In Lansdowne

12. Lansdowne Trip Travel Cafe: Embrace the Retro Vibes

In search of a cozy cafe with a retro twist? Look no further than the Lansdowne Trip Travel Cafe. Step into a world of mesmerizing interiors, warm ambiance, and nostalgic vibes, and leave behind the stress of everyday life. Whether you’re seeking an unforgettable date or a fun-filled time with friends, this cafe is the ultimate destination. Engage in board games, lose yourself in captivating comics, and savor delectable bites that transport you to the mountains, creating lasting memories.

Timings: 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM Location: Devikhal Bus Stop, after crossing Jaiharikhal Highway Motel & day N Night Dhabba on Pauri Kotdwar Highway Cost: Starting from INR 200 Duration: 1 hour

Jungle safari

13. Wildlife Adventure: Embark on a Jungle Safari

Lansdowne, surrounded by lush greenery, is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and ranks among the premier destinations to explore in Uttarakhand. Amidst the breathtaking beauty, one can also embark on a thrilling jungle safari to encounter the region’s diverse wildlife. Numerous tour operators arrange these safaris, leading adventurers deep into the heart of dense forests, where they can observe Himalayan wildlife up close.

Bhim Pakora

14. Trekking Expedition: Journey to Bhim Pakora

CharDham Tours

Bhim Pakora is a renowned destination that boasts a unique spectacle of two colossal stones impeccably positioned on top of each other. To access this remarkable place, one must embark on a 2-kilometer trek from Lansdowne. Visitors flock to witness the astounding sight of these stones, which miraculously maintain perfect balance while exhibiting an intriguing movement that defies gravity.

Location: Lansdowne Market Rd, Lansdowne, Uttarakhand 246155

Estimated Duration: 3 hours

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Lansdowne houses an array of captivating attractions, each offering thrilling activities. As you conclude your journey, you will be laden with an assortment of timeless memories, breathtaking photographs, and life-altering experiences. So, without any hesitation, start planning your trip to Uttarakhand today by visiting this link.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Activities in Lansdowne

What makes Lansdowne famous?

Lansdowne derives its name from Lord Lansdowne, the former Viceroy of India from 1888 to 1894. This place gained prominence due to its association with significant events during the British colonial era and has now transformed into a tranquil hill station that epitomizes serenity.

Is a visit to Lansdowne worthwhile?

For those seeking a quick escape, Lansdowne emerges as one of the most picturesque destinations near Delhi. Nestled amidst the Garhwal Himalayas, this place allows travelers to immerse themselves in the lap of nature.

How many days should one spend camping in Lansdowne?

Camping in Lansdowne offers a truly unparalleled experience. With one night and two days, you can relish the most enthralling moments that this place has to offer.

Which are the popular markets in Lansdowne?

While shopping in Lansdowne may not be extravagant, Alaknanda Market and Lansdowne Market stand out as prominent destinations to purchase local handicrafts and souvenirs.

What are the popular activities to indulge in Lansdowne?

Some of the sought-after activities in Lansdowne include:

1. Camping

2. Boat rides

3. Trekking

4. Bird watching

When is the best time to visit Lansdowne?

March, April, May, June, and September are considered the ideal months to visit Lansdowne. During this time, the weather remains pleasant, and the tourist crowd is relatively lesser.

Which is a better destination, Mussoorie or Lansdowne?

Mussoorie offers a wider range of activities compared to Lansdowne, which primarily focuses on trekking. Additionally, it’s worth noting that access to Lansdowne is restricted to Indian nationals only. Moreover, mobile signals may not be available in the outskirts or certain areas of Lansdowne.

Does it snow in Lansdowne?

Lansdowne experiences heavy snowfall from October to January, transforming the entire area into a winter wonderland with temperatures dropping to approximately 4 to 15 degrees Celsius.

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