Discover 7 Enchanting Seaside Destinations near Thrissur for a Taste of Tropical Bliss in Kerala!

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Thrissur, a city located 58 km away from Kochi international airport in Kerala, is renowned globally for its famous Pooram festival. It is not only historically significant as one of the oldest cities in Kerala, but it has also witnessed the rise and fall of countless rulers throughout thousands of years. Thrissur, the former capital of the Chera Army, holds immense historical value as it was the birthplace of Kochi. Additionally, it served as a hub for scholars and educators during the reign of Zamorin. Many Namboothiri families transformed the city into a center for Ayurveda and Vedas. However, beyond its rich cultural heritage, Thrissur offers another enticing reason to visit – its breathtakingly beautiful beaches. To embark on a tropical vacation, here are the top 7 beaches near Thrissur that you must explore.

pretty clean and well-maintained

7 Exquisite Beaches in the Vicinity of Thrissur

These stunning beaches not only boast remarkable beauty but also provide a tranquil and secluded environment for travelers. In this article, we will delve into the alluring beaches near Thrissur that are not only popular among tourists but also possess an aura of charm.

Chavakkad Beach is also known as Blangad beach

1. Serene Periyambalam Beach

Conveniently situated 40 km away from the main town of Thrissur, the Periyambalam beach is not only a sight to behold but also impeccably clean and well-maintained. You can easily access this beach by renting a car, and the journey takes approximately thirty minutes. Nestled in the northern part of the district, it remains a favorite spot for locals, young couples, and families alike. If you seek solitude and a refreshing sea breeze, Periyambalam is an ideal choice. The beach’s captivating beauty and seclusion are complemented by the abundant presence of the Ramacham herb, renowned for its medicinal properties. As you explore Periyambalam beach, you will be enchanted by the pervasive aroma of this herb that lines the roads, offering a delightful experience.

this beach is adorned by both couples and families

Distance From Thrissur: 40 kms

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2. Captivating Chavakkad Beach

Chavakkad Beach, also known as Blangad Beach, is located in the town of Blangad within Thrissur. This beautiful beach is surrounded by a fishing village that offers glimpses into the lives of local fishermen. You can witness their traditional wooden boats, fishing nets, and even witness the auctioning of freshly caught fish. Moreover, a few kilometers away from the beach lies Chettuva, where the backwaters meet the Arabian Sea, creating a breathtaking spectacle. To elevate your experience, consider visiting one of the boating resorts near Chettuva, where you can spend a few nights aboard houseboats. Chavakkad Beach not only boasts mesmerizing beauty but is also in close proximity to Guruvayoor, a town situated 6 km away. Here, you can immerse yourself in the ancient charm of Thrissur, with its numerous historic temples. To fully appreciate the wonders of Chavakkad Beach, allocate ample time to explore and indulge in its offerings.

distance of 10 km from the Kodungalloor

Distance From Thrissur: 28 kilometers

3. Snehatheeram Beach

Despite its Malayalam name meaning “the beach of love,” Snehatheeram Beach is a popular destination for both couples and families. The beach offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea and features waterfront parks and children’s playgrounds. Located 25 kilometers away from Thrissur, this beach is surrounded by a coastal highway situated 3 kilometers from the shoreline. It will amaze you with its cleanliness and maintenance, making it one of the best-maintained beaches in India. The lush greenery surrounding the beach adds to its charm. Snehatheeram Beach is in close proximity to Thalikulam, where you can find numerous restaurants offering delicious Kerala cuisine.

Distance From Thrissur: 25 kilometers

4. Munakkal Beach

Munakkal Beach is located 10 kilometers from Kodungallur town in Thrissur. Kodungallur is renowned for its Bhagavathi temple, St. Thomas church, and Cheraman mosque. These historical sites attract a large number of tourists. Munakkal Beach itself is breathtakingly beautiful, with its majestic Arabian Sea waves and lush palm tree greenery. Witnessing the convergence of the Arabian Sea and backwaters at Munakkal Beach is truly a sight to behold.


Distance From Thrissur: 46 kilometers

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