Discover 26 Enchanting Destinations in Thekkady for an Unforgettable Escape in 2023

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Thekkady, with its untouched tropical forests and abundant array of flora and fauna, is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Embarking on a journey to the finest spots in Thekkady will lead you through charming little hillside towns and gently sloping hillsides. It is a pleasure for tourists due to its never-ending series of hills adorned with fragrant spice plantations, as well as tea, coffee, and cardamom. The various picturesque towns of Thekkady present excellent opportunities for trekking and mountain excursions. So, let’s delve into the marvelous destinations to explore in God’s own country, Kerala.

Thekkady is the best place to visit in Kerala

26 Exquisite Destinations in Thekkady

Here are some of the breathtaking spots in Thekkady that you must discover during your Kerala trip. From temples and waterfalls to spice plantations, you will encounter numerous attractions in Thekkady. Take a look at them and include some in your itinerary!

  • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary – Encounter the Creatures
  • Mangla Devi Temple – Seek Blessings for Good Health
  • Abraham’s Spice Garden – Appreciate the Aroma of Fresh Spices
  • Murikkady – Marvel at Expansive Meadows
  • Kadathanadan Kalari Centre – Immerse in Cultural Knowledge
  • Kumily – Admire the Beauty of Nature
  • Chellarkovil – Observe the Rushing Waters
  • Pandikuzhi – Ideal Picnic Spot
  • Periyar Lake – Enjoy a Boat Ride
  • Thekaddy Lake – Discover the Surroundings on a Ride
  • Anakkara – Witness Spice Plantations
  • Vandiperiyar – Paradise for Nature Enthusiasts
  • Mullaperiyar Dam – Indulge in Scenic Views
  • Elephant Junction Thekkady – Spend Time with Majestic Elephants
  • Spring Valley Mountain – Breathtaking Viewpoint
  • Green Park Ayurvedic & Spices Plantation – Escape into Serenity
  • Ramakkalmedu – Behold the Greenery of Thekkady
  • Vandanmedu – Cardamom Plantations
  • Pullumedu – The Verdant Village
  • Parunthumpara Viewpoint – A Tranquil Haven

1. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary – Encounter the Creatures

The best place to visit in Thekkady

Situated on the banks of River Periyar, this sanctuary offers some of the most remarkable wildlife sightings in India. To truly immerse yourself in the wonders of this enchanting destination in Thekkady, be sure to embark on a bamboo rafting adventure. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary features picturesque views of lush green surroundings, brightening not only your spirit but also providing ample opportunities for capturing stunning photographs. It rightfully ranks among the top attractions in Thekkady.

Location: Kumily, Kerala 685509Time Required: 5-6 hoursUnique Features: Experience the enchanting beauty of diverse plants and animalsEntrance Fee: INR 25 for Indian visitors and INR 300 for international tourists

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The best Thekkady Sightseeing

2. Mangla Devi Temple – Seek Blessings for Good Health

The Mangla Devi Temple in Idukki is an important attraction in Thekkady. It is located within the renowned Periyar Tiger Reserves, along its northern boundary. Known as Mangala Devi or Kannaki, it is a symbol of the moral strength possessed by women. The temple is not only visited by religious pilgrims but also by those seeking a serene spot with a tranquil atmosphere.

Location: Idukki, Kerala 685509Time Required: 1 hourWhat’s Unique: The exceptional architectural design of the temple

3. Abraham’s Spice Garden – Indulge in the Fragrance of Fresh Spices

The scented spices of the best place to visit in Thekkady

Abraham’s Spice Garden, situated between Thekkady and Kottam, is a delightful organic garden adorned with scenic beauty and picturesque views. This place is renowned for its spice cultivation, Ayurveda, and organic farming. It is one of the many captivating attractions in Thekkady, offering a captivating aromatic experience.

Location: Springvalley, Kumily, Kerala 685509Time Required: 3-4 hoursWhat’s Unique: The expansive lush green plantationsEntrance Fee: INR 200 per person

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4. Murikkady – Marvel at the Extensive Meadows

The coffee plantation in Murikkady

Apart from the renowned spice plantations, Kerala also boasts the luscious beauty of Murikkady. This famous destination in Thekkady is known for its spices as well as coffee and cardamom cultivation. Murikkady nurtures over twelve varieties of spices, including cloves, ginger, turmeric, vanilla, and tea.

Location: Thekkady, KeralaTime Required: 3-4 hoursWhat’s Unique: The vast expanse of plantations

5. Discover the Rich Culture at Kadathanadan Kalari Centre

The house of Martial Arts

Experience the mesmerizing art of Kalaripayattu, a renowned Kerala tradition, at the esteemed Kadathanadan Kalari Centre. Step into a world of self-defense and witness this remarkable art form during your visit to Thekkady sightseeing from a specially designed gallery.

Location: Tiger Reserve, Thekkady, Kumily, Tamil Nadu 685509Duration: 2 hoursWhat makes it Special: Captivating performancesEntry Fee: INR 200 per person

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6. Kumily – Embrace the Splendor of Nature

Thekkady captivates with its serene countryside and lush jungles, making Kumily an ideal escape in Kerala. Just 4 km away from Thekkady, Kumily is a hidden gem, offering respite from the bustling tourist scene. This enchanting place is renowned for its splendid spice and tea plantations. The commercial significance of spice trading has made Kumily one of the top attractions in Thekkady.

The tranquility of the best tourist place in ThekkadyTTmain-logo.png

Location: Kerala, 685536Duration: 2 daysWhat makes it Special: Tranquil countryside retreat

7. Chellarkovil- Witness the Majestic Waterfalls

The charming village has emerged as a prominent destination to explore in Thekkady. The breathtaking natural beauty, combined with a serene and tranquil atmosphere, attracts a significant number of tourists. The reflection of the sun’s radiant light on the cascading waterfalls is truly captivating. Therefore, no one should miss visiting this remarkable place when touring Thekkady. 

The sleepy village in Thekkady

Location: Chellarkovil, Thekkady, Kerala, 685536Estimated Duration: 6-7 hoursHighlights: The enchanting waterfall

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8. Pandikuzhi – Ideal Picnic Spot

Pandikuzhi is nestled in a picturesque landscape adorned with exotic flora and fauna. The area is blessed with numerous meandering streams nestled between Chellarkovil and Tamil Nadu. It is one of the finest tourist spots in Thekkady, offering a delightful setting for a day of picnicking amidst lush greenery and gushing streams.

Location: Kumily, Thekkady, Kerala, 685536Estimated Duration: 1 dayHighlights: The picturesque landscape

A spectacular place in Thekkady

9. Periyar Lake – Opt for a Boat Ride

This tranquil lake, located near the Periyar National Reserves, is a renowned tourist attraction. Enjoy a boat ride and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the surroundings. If you’re fortunate, you may spot herds of elephants bathing by the lakeside. It is one of the top tourist spots in Thekkady, allowing you to savor the grandeur of the region. This is one of the finest Thekkady destinations to explore

Location: Thekkady, Kerala, 685536Estimated Duration: 2-3 hoursHighlights: Spectacular viewsBoating Charges: INR 150 for KTDC boats and INR 40 for forest department boats

The famous tourist destination in Thekkady

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10. Thekaddy Lake – Explore the Surroundings on a Ride

This lake is nestled amidst the lush-green jungle and is famous for its diverse wildlife. Taking a boat ride here is one of the best ways to make the most of your day at the lake. It is a family-friendly destination in Thekkady. Immerse yourself in the serene and breathtaking scenery with a stunning backdrop of mountains, lush green valleys, and picturesque landscapes.

people enjoying motorboat ride on a lake

Location: Idukki, Thekkady, Kerala, 685536

Duration: 2-3 hours

Unique Feature: Captivating Mountain Vistas

11. Anakkara – Discover Spice Plantations

This incredible village is situated in the Idukki district, around 18 kilometers away from the renowned Idukki wildlife sanctuary, along the highway connecting Kumily and Munnar. Anakkara is celebrated for its lush spice plantations and enchanting waterfalls. Moreover, you can partake in exhilarating treks here. It is considered as one of the noteworthy destinations to explore in Thekkady in 1 day.

For those seeking the charm of South Indian villages, Anakkara is an excellent choice. Located in close proximity to Thekkady, this scenic hamlet offers an opportunity to immerse in the serenity of village life. With its fragrant spice gardens and picturesque picnic spots, Anakkara is poised to become a popular tourist destination in Thekkady.

people working on paddy fields

Location: Kerala 685512

Duration: 3-4 hours

Unique Feature: Village ambiance

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12. Vandiperiyar – A Haven for Nature Enthusiasts

This enchanting town boasts of picturesque features, including the Periyar River. Vandiperiyar is also renowned for its spice and herb cultivation. The landscape here is awe-inspiring, making it a paradise for nature lovers. During your visit, don’t miss out on exploring the popular Flower Garden. It is unquestionably one of the most captivating places to visit in Thekkady, Kerala.

Location: Vandiperiyar, Kerala 685532

view of boats on a river and mountains on backdrop

Duration: 1 day

Unique Feature: Picturesque elements

13. Mullaperiyar Dam – Indulge in Breathtaking Scenery

Mullaperiyar Dam, constructed on the Periyar River, stands as a prominent attraction in Thekkady, Kerala, India. Sitting at an elevation of 2,890 ft above sea level on the Cardamom Hills, this dam is surrounded by the renowned Periyar National Park. A visit to this dam is a must during a trip to Thekkady. With its scenic beauty and serene environment, it is undoubtedly a remarkable sightseeing spot in Thekkady.

Location: Thekkady, Kerala 685532

Duration: 2-3 hours

Unique Feature: Tranquil views

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Banasura Sagar Dam

14. Elephant Junction Thekkady: Unwind in the Company of Majestic Elephants

Elephant Junction Thekkady is a renowned destination in not just Thekkady, but throughout the beautiful state of Kerala. It provides visitors with the opportunity to spend quality time with magnificent elephants and even feed them. The lush green surroundings offer a peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for families to relax during their Kerala tour. If you are traveling to Thekkady with children, then this place should definitely be on your list of must-visit attractions.

Location: Murukkady P.O., Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala 685535Time Required: 2-3 hoursHighlights: Witnessing elephant trainingEntry Fee: INR 400 (Prices vary based on activities and duration)

15. Spring Valley Mountain – Captivating Viewpoint

Referred to locally as Kurisumala, Spring Valley Mountain is a small hill that offers a breathtaking view of the Periyar National Park. It serves as an amazing vantage point, providing visitors with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Everything is adorned with lush greenery, and the place looks even more enchanting during the rainy season. There is no entry fee for Spring Valley Mountain, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy exploring offbeat places and attractions. It is undoubtedly one of the photography hotspots in Kerala.

Location: Kerala, 685536Time Required: 1 hourHighlights: The panoramic views

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Tea plantations in Thekkady

16. Green Park Ayurvedic & Spices Plantation – A Tranquil Retreat

Immerse yourself in the essence of this Kerala town at the Green Park Ayurvedic and Spices Plantation. As soon as you enter this place, the captivating aroma of spices will awaken your senses. The traditionally-styled entrance leads to a heavenly five-acre plantation, where you can discover a diverse range of organic spices. Alongside the spice plantation, you will also encounter a few farm animals, further enhancing the experience. Visiting this plantation is a must, as it is one of the top attractions in Thekkady for a day’s visit. It is undoubtedly one of the finest spots for sightseeing in Thekkady.

Location: Laksham Veedu Colony Road, Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala 685509Time Required: 3 hoursHighlights: The vast tea estatesEntry Fee: INR 100

Tea And Spice Plantations

17. Ramakkalmedu – Immerse in Thekkady’s Picturesque Beauty

Situated just a few minutes away, Ramakkalmedu is one of the top tourist spots in Thekkady that should not be missed on your Kerala trip. This place holds immense significance for both the locals and tourists. Not only does it offer breathtaking views of Thekkady’s greenery, but it also fills the air with the delightful aroma of freshly grown cardamom, pepper, tea, rubber, and coffee. At the hilltop, you will also come across a magnificent statue of Kuruvan and Kuruthi. It is certainly one of the renowned places to visit in Thekkady for families.

Location: Ramakkalmedu, Idukki District, Thekkady, Kerala


Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Unique Features: The captivating historical ambiance of the area

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18. Vandanmedu – Cardamom Plantations

Vandanmedu is another enchanting location to include in your Thekkady itinerary. Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma of the time-honored spices as you venture through vast cardamom plantations. This village is predominantly adorned with lush emerald forests, while the remaining areas boast sprawling plantations.

Location: Kerala 685551

Duration: 2-3 hours

Unique Features: Expansive cardamom plantations

19. Pullumedu – The Serene Green Village

Another verdant gem that deserves a visit near Thekkady is Pullumedu, nestled along the banks of the serene Periyar River. Immerse yourself in the verdant carpeted landscapes, sprawling meadows, magnificent temples, and vibrant religious festivities. This place is at its prime between September and December, offering a splendid collection of rare flora and species that add to the charm of your Thekkady excursion.


Location: Kerala 685507

Duration: 3-4 hours

Unique Features: Serene open meadows

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Periyar lake and wildlife sanctuary

20. Parunthumpara Viewpoint – A Tranquil Oasis

Among the finest vantage points in Thekkady, the Parunthumpara Viewpoint offers breathtaking panoramas of lush green valleys harmonizing with the calm mountainscape. This peaceful sanctuary is an ideal retreat to unwind, bask in the glory of the setting sun, and witness its ethereal disappearance behind the majestic peaks.

Location: Parunthumpara, Pambanar, Kerala 685532

Duration: 1-2 hours

Unique Features: Mystical vistas

21. Gavi Forest

Abhijith VG for Wikimedia Commons

Gavi Forest, adorned with vibrant flora, mesmerizing fauna, and diverse avifauna, is embraced by lush greenery and a serenely tranquil atmosphere. This esteemed eco-tourism center has garnered recognition from Alistair International, a globally acclaimed tourism authority, as one of India’s must-visit destinations. Adventure enthusiasts can partake in camping, trekking, night safaris, and wildlife encounters, all closely supervised by knowledgeable locals. If you have a day to spare while exploring Thekkady, a visit to Gavi Forest is highly recommended. Accommodation options include the eco-friendly Green Mansion and enchanting tree houses.

Tourists enjoying nature view in Parunthumpara Idukki

Place: Gavi Village, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala Duration: 2-3 hours Unique Features: Eco-tourism center

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lush greenery and a peaceful environment

22. Mudra Cultural Centre

Mudra Cultural Centre is renowned for the ancient form of combat known as Kalarippayattu and captivating Kathakali performances. The audience can actively engage in observing the preparation of the artists, their attires, and their cosmetics. Additionally, the actors provide explanations for all the hand gestures and involve the spectators in the process.

Location: Thekkady Road, Kumily, Kerala 685509 Duration: 1-2 hours Special Features: Art Form Entrance Fee: INR 200 per person

23. Tribal Heritage Museum

Tribal Heritage Museum offers visitors an insight into the vibrant culture of tribal life. It showcases various artifacts, including traditional cooking utensils, hunting tools, paintings, armor, fishing equipment, indigenous medicinal plants, bamboo furniture, and more. When planning a short trip, this museum should definitely be included in the list of places to visit in Thekkady within 2 days.

famous for the ancient martial art

Location: Mannan settlement, Periyar Tiger Reserve Duration: 1-2 hours Special Features: Traditional Artifacts Entrance Fee: INR 500 per person

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24. Connemara Tea Factory

Soman for Wikimedia Commons Connemara Tea Factory, established in 1940, is an operational tea factory and plantation. The factory offers guided tours that encompass the tea garden and factory, starting with an audio-visual presentation followed by a tour of the tea-making process and concluding with a tea tasting session. Within the premises, there is also a shop where visitors can purchase high-quality tea. Throughout this entire experience, visitors will gain a deeper understanding of tea production.

vibrant culture of tribal life

Location: Vandiperiyar, Kerala 685533 Duration: 1-2 hours Special Features: Guided tours Entrance Fee: INR 150 per person

25. Suruli Waterfalls

Suruli Waterfalls originate from the Megamalai Hills and gracefully cascade from a height of 150 ft. These falls are a sight to behold year-round. A trekking trail of 1-2 km will lead visitors to the falls. Surrounded by lush greenery, it serves as the perfect spot for picnics and offers captivating views for Instagram-worthy photographs.

tea factory and plantation

Location: Near Cumbum, Suruli, Uttamapalaiyam, Tamil Nadu Duration: 1 hour Special Features: Enchanting views

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26. Thekkady Roseland

Credit for Image: Kaartic on Wikimedia Commons Thekkady Roseland is not merely a garden, it is also an amusement park. The amusement areas feature a 20 D Rider and Virtual Shooting. Aside from that, it offers enjoyable activities like Boating, Ziplining, Archery, Water cycle, Bungee trampoline, Kayaking, Sky cycle, and more. Additionally, the park has a restaurant, Cacti Succulent Park, Tree House, and restroom facilities.

perfect spot for picnics

Location: Attappalllam Road, Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala 685509 Estimated Time: 1-2 hours Distinctive Features: Rides and activities Admission Fee: INR 100 per person (above 5 years)

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey to the magnificent attractions in Thekkady! Pack your bags and get ready for a marvelous expedition to the heavenly land of God! Your Kerala vacation will become one of the most remarkable experiences of your lifetime if you include all the above-mentioned places in your itinerary and make the most of them throughout your entire voyage!

an amusement park

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Common Queries About Thekkady’s Tourist Attractions

What are the primary sightseeing spots in Thekkady?

To have an unforgettable trip, explore these captivating attractions in Thekkady: 1. Ramakkalmedu 2. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary 3. Elephant Junction Thekkady 4. Spring Valley Mountain 5. Chellarkovil

6. Vandanmedu

How can I make the most of a day in Thekkady?

If you are planning a one-day excursion to Thekkady, you should include some of the finest places and experiences available here, such as visiting tea plantations, embarking on a jeep safari, taking nature walks, exploring spice gardens, and, of course, visiting the Periyar National Park.

What is Thekkady renowned for?

Thekkady is famous for its numerous tourist attractions and thrilling experiences. Some of the notable activities to engage in are exploring Periyar National Park, visiting Mangla Devi Temple, taking a tour of Abraham’s Spice Garden, and much more.

Is traveling to Thekkady possible during Covid-19?

As the travel industry slowly reopens, traveling to Thekkady during the Covid-19 pandemic is feasible. However, it is essential to abide by the provided guidelines and take necessary precautionary measures against Covid. Additionally, always stay updated on the latest Covid-related information before finalizing any travel plans.

Which is the ideal time to visit Thekkady?

The winter season, from October to February, is the best time to visit Thekkady. During these months, the weather remains pleasant. Another favorable time to explore Thekkady is during the monsoon season, from June to September, as the lush green surroundings become even more vibrant.

Which is preferable, Munnar or Thekkady?

Both destinations are renowned for their tranquil beauty. If you have a fondness for wildlife and animals, plan a vacation to Thekkady. On the other hand, if you desire to immerse yourself in nature and indulge in some adventures, Munnar is the ideal choice.

How do I reach Thekkady?

The nearest airports to Thekkady are Nedumbassery airport in Kochi and Madurai Airport in Tamil Nadu. Additionally, you can opt to travel by train to Kottayam station, which is approximately 115 km away from Thekkady.

What are the top outdoor activities in Thekkady?

If you seek an adventurous trip to Thekkady, be sure to partake in activities like border hiking, nature walks, jeep safaris, and jungle night patrols with your favorite companions. Explore these activities and many others during your journey in Thekkady.

Which are the most captivating attractions to visit in Thekkady for nature enthusiasts?

Periyar National Park, Bamboo rafting, Gavi forest, Elephant Junction, Periyar Tiger Reserve, and lake are some of the mesmerizing places that every nature lover will appreciate. Make sure to include them in your travel itinerary for an unforgettable tour.

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