Discover 22 Enchanting European Winter Getaways that will Warm Your Soul in 2023!

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It’s inconceivable to be a traveler and not have Europe in your list of desired locations. It is definitely a destination that has an apparently never-ending pool of Places To Visit and explore. Therefore, from a wide variety of winter destinations in Europe, here are the more distinct and trending places worth experiencing.

Every year, millions of travelers look towards Europe to provide a new and dynamic destination for everyone to visit, admire, and explore. It is praiseworthy that Europe has not only lived up but surpassed the expectations of travelers that seek a new vacation every time.

22 Finest Winter Destinations In Europe 2022

Generally, winter has nearly the entire continent of Europe covered in a thick blanket of snow. However, this doesn’t dampen the spirit of travelers in any way, as they look to visit these finest winter holiday destinations in Europe.

  • Iceland – Dreamland
  • Madeira – Tropical Pleasure
  • St. Petersburg – Time For Russian Christmas
  • Andalucia – A Memory Forever
  • Sicily – Stunning Countryside
  • United Kingdom – Home To Glam Cities
  • Germany – Picturesque Magnificence
  • Cyprus – Tropical Beach Destination
  • Czech Republic – Romantic Escape
  • Venice – Cultural Encounter
  • Budapest – Getaway For Relaxation
  • Interlaken – Resort Town Of Switzerland
  • Amsterdam – Lively Ambiance
  • Andorra – Adventurous Excursions
  • Bologna – For History Enthusiasts
  • Rovaniemi – Blissful Winter
  • Abisko – Alluring Landscapes
  • Athens – Ruins Of The Past
  • Copenhagen – Breathtaking Views
  • Transylvania – Snow And More!
  • Granada – Radiant Mornings
  • Lisbon – Epicurean’s pleasure


1. Iceland – Dreamland

One can almost be pardoned to consider Iceland as a dreamland where the unimaginable comes true every now and then. Lately, adventure enthusiasts from all over India have shown interest in flying to Iceland as an option for a vacation out of all the winter destinations in Europe. This is undoubtedly one of the finest places to visit in December in Europe.

The incredible natural phenomenon happens every winter when mother nature puts on an impressive display of lights known as the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. There are certain parts of Iceland that go through a 15-day period of complete darkness, which provides the perfect opportunity to witness the Northern Lights in Iceland. It is also one of the top destinations to visit in Europe during the winter.

Church of Sao Martinho - a civil parish in the municipality of Funchal. View from Pico dos Barcelo - south coast of Madeira - Atlantic Ocean in the background.

Places to explore: Reykjavik, Pingvellir, Jokulsarlon

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2. Madeira – Tropical Paradise

Travelers seeking warmth and beach fun during their winter trip to Europe might want to consider visiting Madeira. This small island, located about 500 km west of Portugal, is a tropical paradise that follows its own weather patterns. It offers one of the finest winter road trips in Europe.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, tourists come to Madeira for its famous countryside and vineyards. Indulge in some of the world’s best wines while enjoying your winter vacation in Europe.

Places to explore: Cabo Girao, Pico Do Arieiro, Pico Ruivo

How To Get There: Madeira has good air connections. Travelers can take 90-minute flights, available daily from Porto and Lisbon.

St Petersburg

3. St. Petersburg – Celebrate Russian Christmas

The common perception of Russia as a tourist destination in India is quite negative. However, cities like St. Petersburg offer one of the best winter getaways in Europe to experience its rich culture and heritage.

Travelers have the opportunity to explore Russia during January 7 for the celebration of Russian Christmas, which is undeniably the largest festival in the country and is one of the essential European winter destinations. In addition to the enchanting winter snow, St. Petersburg offers a vibrant city experience for visitors to discover. Without a doubt, this is one of the premier European destinations to visit in December.

Alhambra Palace Andalucia

Notable places to visit include the Hermitage Museum, Peterhof Palace, Church of the Savior on Blood, and Winter Palace.

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4. Andalucia – An Unforgettable Memory

Widely recognized as the most exquisite province in Spain, Andalucia provides an experience that will forever remain in your memory. It is perhaps the most frequently chosen winter destination in Europe, blending Moorish, western, and African cultures in Spain as it is one of the warmer places to visit in Europe in December.

With iconic cities like Seville, Granada, Córdoba, and Malaga, Andalusia offers an abundance of historical and architectural attractions for travelers with a passion for these subjects. The weather in Andalusia during winter is distinct from the rest of Europe, with temperatures staying above 10 degrees Celsius even on the coldest days, making it an ideal destination for sightseeing.

Highlighted places to visit include The Alhambra, Alcazar of Seville, Giralda, Mosque of Cordoba, and Seville Cathedral.

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5. Sicily – Breathtaking Countryside

Santa Maria delli'Idria in the foreground and Ragusa Ibla Sicily behind

In historical terms, Sicily is the most exquisite and diverse region in Italy. The sole area of Italy where travelers would discover the influence of Arab, Spanish, Byzantine, French, and Greek culture. After such a diverse confluence of religions, beliefs, and cuisine, Sicily has established a niche for itself among travelers from around the world. Visiting Europe in December provides you with the advantage of witnessing such stunning places. 

Even after decades of tourism, the stunning countryside of Sicily still appears as tranquil, untainted, and exquisite as ever. With a considerably mild climate, Sicily happily secures its place in the list of captivating winter destinations in Europe.

Must Experience Gastronomy: Fried chickpea cornmeal, Sicilian Cannoli, Sicilian eggplant stew, Pesto Trapanese, and Pasta with Sardines.

Places To Explore: Mount Etna, Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro, Ancient theatre of Taormina, Panarea, and Palermo Cathedral

6. United Kingdom – Home To Glamorous Cities

The Shambles

Often overshadowed by the more glamorous cities like London, Manchester, and Liverpool, the lesser-known counties of the United Kingdom like Northumberland, Derbyshire, and Devon provide a perfect winter getaway for travelers seeking an unconventional vacation in the country. This is among the finest places to visit in January in Europe.

Enjoy the quaint old-town allure, cobblestone streets, cozy pubs, and local cafes that are a delight for travelers seeking something novel and genuine in their winter destinations in Europe.

Perfect for: Solo journeys in Europe during winter, offbeat travelers

Places To Explore In United Kingdom: Devon, Northumberland, and Derbyshire

7. Germany – Scenic Beauty

Germany Christmas Market

Let the scent of spiced wine fill the atmosphere as you inhale the festive spirit in one of the many Christmas markets arranged in Germany. Alongside the holiday markets, the shimmering lights elevate the city’s ambiance, signaling the beginning of the celebratory season.

Experience the initial snowfall of the season in Berlin as a dusky, damp, and murky November transforms into fresh snowflakes descending from the clear skies, a welcome change in weather for all.

Ideal For: Sample spiced wine, engage in ice skating at a public ice rink, explore magnificent Cathedrals, and visit the Christmas market in Aachen, Germany.

8. Cyprus – Exotic Beach Destination


At first glance, Cyprus is synonymous with an exotic beach getaway. However, there is much more for travelers to discover than merely a handful of beach resorts and lavish hotels along the coast. Travelers can choose to explore Nicosia’s attractions, unravel the Kourion archaeological site, hike in the Troodos mountains, and immerse themselves in the culture found in numerous villages spread across the island.

As a rare destination for sunbathing during the winter, Cyprus establishes itself as one of the few versatile European winter destinations.

Destinations To Explore In Cyprus: Paphos, Larnaca, Nicosia, and Lefkara.


9. Czech Republic – Romantic Getaway

Prague in winter is one of the most romantic European cities to be in. Despite the frigid temperatures, everything about Prague gives it a sense of a winter wonderland straight out of a classic romantic tale. This is among the top destinations to visit in January in Europe.

Fewer crowds, more affordable accommodations, the festive season, and the snowy magnificence of Prague make it the perfect choice for a romantic winter getaway with your partner.

Recommended attractions in Czech Republic: Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Dancing House, and Lennon Wall.

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10. Venice – Cultural Experience

Venetian costumes pose in front of gondolas during the Venice Carnival days. The most famous festival in the world.

Are you searching for European destinations to visit in January? The Venice Carnival, a festival with roots dating back 850 years, is an extraordinary event. None of the winter destinations in Europe can rival Venice in terms of its deep connection to history, culture, and art.

This fortnight-long celebration begins in late January and ends forty days before Easter. The Carnival is known for its masks of various colors, intricate designs, shapes, and sizes.

Dates for Venice Carnival 2022: February 12 – March 1

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11. Budapest – Retreat for Relaxation



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      “Budapest is an excellent nation for those who enjoy the nightlife. It possesses an exceptional nocturnal scene. Budapest is also renowned for its architecture and is at its finest during the winter months. The nation is an ideal destination for relaxation, honeymoons, or spontaneous trips with friends.

      The renowned River Danube is undeniably difficult to overlook in this location, and while you may discover the Old Town area from Castle Hills onwards more appealing, revealing numerous stories of Roman city life. Nevertheless, the Matthias Church, built in the 13th century, is undoubtedly a must-visit landmark in the Trinity Square area.

      12. Interlaken – Resort Town Of Switzerland

      This traditional resort town in Switzerland occupies a narrow valley, sharing its space with Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The place is famous for its historic wooden houses and parkland that lines the Aare River. The picturesque landscape created by the encompassing mountains, dense forests, alpine meadows, and glaciers makes this place absolutely perfect for capturing photos.

      Winters amplify the excitement by providing opportunities for adventure activities, such as snowboarding, skiing, slope gliding, bungee jumping, and more.

      Attractions To Explore In Interlaken: Harder Kulm, Höhematte Park, Schynige Platte, Unterseen, Lake Thun, Lake Brienz, and St. Beatus Cave & Waterfalls.

      13. Amsterdam – Vibrant Atmosphere

      Despite its worldwide fame for being the liveliest place in all of Europe, this capital city of the Netherlands is a living representation of the Golden Age of the 17th century. Renting a bicycle and visiting the museums in this destination is unquestionably an essential experience, but ensure that you do not overlook the beautiful street art along your route.

      One of the renowned and distinct things to do in Amsterdam is undoubtedly a visit to the Icebar where you receive a coat upon entry and your ticket includes 3 free beverages. Hats off to one of the top winter getaways in Europe!

      Ideal for: Europe’s highest swing, Nightlife, Rijksmuseum

      14. Andorra – Daring Excursions

      Why would you want to overlook the one acclaimed destination for skiing and snowboarding which is considered the highest point for Europeans during the winter season? Well, Andorra is not just that perfect spot but also provides a secure area for duty-free shopping!

      A tax-haven like this one is undoubtedly not to be missed on your upcoming Europe tour, particularly with all the unique high-end stores and jewelers it has in stock for you. Have an unforgettable experience in one of the most exceptional winter cities in Europe!

      Places To Visit: Santa Coloma Church, Meritxell Avenue

      15. Bologna – For History Enthusiasts

      In search of some square cafés, historical edifices, and an Italian city with a rich history? Well, Bologna is precisely the place for you. This place will provide you with all the medieval vibes and more, including various majestic structures such as its renowned City Hall that is difficult to overlook!

      Being one of the most famous cities in Italy, this will surely not disappoint you with its vibrant nightlife experience. Indulge in some delectable cuisines in this city, including the renowned tagliatelle and parmesan cheese.

      Places To Visit In Bologna: Piazza Maggiore, San Petronio Basilica, Fountain of Neptune

      16. Rovaniemi – Serene Winter 

      Ever wondered about the residence of the beloved Santa Claus? Well, it can be found here in Rovaniemi, Finland. The entire city is immersed in the Christmas spirit, which is the most joyful ambiance you will ever experience. You can meet Santa at no cost. This is one of the most peaceful winter destinations in Europe. And yes, you will definitely come across snow.

      Places to explore: Santa Claus village, Arktikum, Santa park

      17. Abisko – Alluring Landscapes

      Want to witness the dancing lights? Abisko offers you a kind of assurance for that! If you are one of those individuals who can tolerate extreme cold, then this is the destination for you. You won’t be seeing sunlight for days. The nights are truly exceptional with the existence of the lights, and trust us, nothing could be more enchanting than that!

      Places to visit: Abisko national park, Njulla,

      18. Athens – Remains Of The Past

      There can be no better time to explore Athens than the winter season. The weather is ideal and the crowd is limited. You can delve into and immerse yourself in its culture like never before. Winter in Europe becomes more enjoyable when you are in Athens. You won’t have to crop your photos with the globally renowned Parthenon, and you can easily lose yourself in its splendor.

      Places to visit in Athens: Acropolis, Temple of Olympian, Plaka

      19. Copenhagen – Stunning Views

      If you are seeking a burst of beauty, then head to Copenhagen this winter. The city is as captivating as your dreams and one of the top destinations to visit in Europe in December. Visit the cafes and restaurants to savor a delightful meal while taking in the breathtaking views of the snow descending. Additionally, you can indulge in more fun by visiting Tivoli amusement park, which is adorned with stunning illustrations.

      Places to visit in Copenhagen: Little Mermaid, Tivoli gardens, Nyhavn, Amalienborg

      20. Transylvania – Snow And More!

      Transylvania is one of the finest winter destinations in Europe if you are seeking a unique experience. Steel-grey skies await you in the city. And of course, plenty of snow. There are two exceedingly beautiful cities located nearby, Sighișoara and Brașov. They offer an ancient warmth that will captivate you.

      Places to visit: Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara

      21. Granada – Radiant Mornings

      Granada in southern Spain is renowned for providing a captivating vacation in winters. If you desire to witness the picturesque beauty of Europe, then Granada is one such place that will surely delight you. Although Granada is cold in winters, the radiant morning will give a lively start to your day, followed by intriguing excursions that will undoubtedly make your winter holiday a memorable one!

      How to reach: Granada has its own airport and railway station, and both are well-connected to other parts of Europe

      Places to visit: Alhambra, old town Albaicin

      22. Lisbon – Epicurean’s Delight

      For true indulgence in culinary delights, you must head to Lisbon if you are planning a vacation in winter in Europe. As the place is a popular surfing spot, you can engage in such an expedition here, but be cautious, winters are not ideal for it! You can plan a visit to interesting museums here and embark on a day trip to Sintra and Estoril. This is another outstanding places in Europe to visit in January

      How to reach: Lisbon has its own major airport. Therefore, it is relatively easy to reach here. 

      Places to visit in Lisbon: Pena Palace And Park, gourmet tour, old town

      Despite the weather limitations, there are numerous winter destinations in Europe where travelers can enjoy a vacation. Whether it’s with family, friends, for a honeymoon, or a solo adventure, be sure to plan a Winter holiday in Europe soon, for a heartwarming holidaying experience.

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      Frequently Asked Questions About Winter Destinations In Europe

      Is December a favorable time to visit Europe?

      From mid-December until the end of February is among the prime times in the entire year to explore Europe.

      Which is the finest European country to visit in January?

      Countries like Lisbon, Canary Island, Granada, Sevilla, and Prague are among the finest European countries that can be visited in January.

      Which destination in Europe is warm in January?

      The Canary Islands are the warmest destination during the winter months, with temperatures ranging between 12-18 degrees Celsius.

      Which is the ideal place to celebrate Christmas in Europe?

      Some of the best places where you can witness the grandeur of the festival include Bern, Hallstatt, Tromso, Prague, and Monte Carlo.

      What are the activities to do in Prague in winter?

      Some of the top activities to engage in while visiting the country include strolling down Wenceslas Square, exploring the Old Town, enjoying the view of Prague Castle, and exploring the vibrant Christmas markets of Prague.

      What are the winter months in Iceland?

      The winter season in Iceland typically starts from mid-November and lasts until early-February, during which you can marvel at the beautiful Northern Lights.

      Which European countries have warm winters?

      Here are some of the cities that promise to be the warmest places in Europe for winter travelers: 1. Lanzarote, Canary Islands. 2. Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory. 3. Palermo, Italy. 4. Seville, Spain. 5. Valencia, Spain. 6. Athens, Greece. 7. Azores, Portugal.

      8. Corfu, Greece.

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