Discover 14 Tranquil Seaside Destinations in Alibaug for an Unforgettable 2023 Getaway!

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Attention, inhabitants of Mumbai! Are you prepared for a delightful escape to the seaside this upcoming weekend? The captivating and peaceful exquisite beaches in Alibaug eagerly await your arrival, ready to enchant you with their beauty. Whether you wish to witness a breathtaking sunset at Kihim Beach, take a romantic stroll along Mandwa Beach, or partake in thrilling water sports at Nagaon Beach, there is an experience tailored for every type of vacationer. Not only does Alibaug boast stunning beaches, but the allure extends to its ancient caves, temples, and forts that attract tourists in equal measure. For those seeking a tropical getaway, there is simply nothing better than taking a break to explore the surreal beaches of this Maharashtra city.

14 Incredible Beaches in Alibaug

When in Maharashtra, do not miss the opportunity to discover these phenomenal best beaches in Alibaug that prove to be a remarkable attraction.

  • Alibaug Beach
  • Nagaon Beach
  • Mandwa Beach
  • Kasim Beach
  • Kihim Beach
  • Akshi Beach
  • Rewas Beach
  • Varsoli Beach
  • Kashid Beach
  • Murud Beach
  • Korlai Beach
  • Saswane Beach
  • Revdanda Beach
  • Awas Beach

people at a beach during sunset

1. Alibaug Beach – Immersed in Tranquil Serenity

Alibaug Beach, among the most stunning beaches in India, beckons with vibrant beach shacks and a sweeping coastline that entices Mumbaikars to spend their weekends here. This enchanting destination invites you to leisurely stroll along its black sandy shores, relish the most picturesque sunsets, embark on thrilling boat rides to the fort located amidst the sea, and indulge in delectable seafood.

Noteworthy attractions: Kulaba Fort and Ganapati Temple


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Nagaon Beach View

2. Nagaon Beach – Embrace the Thrills of Water Sports

Renowned for its aquatic adventures, Nagaon Beach is a beloved weekend destination for both Mumbaikars and Pune residents. It is the most renowned beach in Alibaug perfect for family holidays. Discover charming beachside cottages, expansive sandy shores, and its close vicinity to the popular Kashid Beach, making it an ideal haven for beach enthusiasts.

Noteworthy attractions: Parasailing, swimming, boating, and jet skiing


3. Mandwa Beach – With Shores That Are Picturesque And Bathed In Sunlight

Mandwa Beach

Mandwa stands proud as one of the most exquisite beaches in Alibaug. It possesses immense charm and picturesque qualities. Situated a short ferry ride away from Mumbai’s Gateway of India, Mandwa Beach offers quaint shorelines, delightful weather conditions, and a plethora of captivating water activities to keep visitors engaged and entertained.

Main attractions: Buddhist caves and a nearby church in Chaul that can be found in close proximity to the beach


Kasim Beach

4. Kasim Beach – An Ideal Destination For Independent Travelers

Roughly 30 km away from the central town of Alibaug lies Kashid, a beach town nestled along the captivating Arabian Sea. Those seeking solitude and peaceful contentment will undoubtedly revel in the tranquility offered by Kasim Beach. Its prevailing serenity makes it an ideal spot to relax, unwind, and revitalize oneself within the embrace of nature.

Main attractions: Take pleasure in the serenity, appreciate the scenic beauty, and indulge in sunbathing


beautiful sunset at a beach in Alibaug

5. Kihim Beach – An Idyllic Paradise by the Sea

Kihim, one of the most extraordinary and finest beaches in Alibaug, is a veritable dream for travelers. This exquisite beach is also highly regarded for its water sports facilities, making it a favorite among beach enthusiasts. Surrounded by lush forests, Kihim Beach is famous for its magnificent rock formations, serene atmosphere, enchanting seashells, and opportunities for spotting rare butterflies and bird species. This beach undoubtedly holds the title of being one of the premier venues for water sports in Alibaug.

Notable attractions: Journey to Kihim Pond, Kanakeshwar Temple, and Karmarkar Museum


Akshi Beach

6. Akshi Beach – Discover Seagulls Soaring Here

One of the finest coastal areas close to Pune, Akshi Beach is an optimal site for tranquility and picturesque landscapes during one’s weekends. Nestled between Nagaon and Alibaug beach, this beach is undeniably among the superior beaches in Alibaug, adorned with lush green casurina plantations, and charming homestays. Seagulls are often observed here soaring above the sea.

Notable attractions: Visiting fishing villages and bird watching


people walking on a sandy beach

7. Rewas Beach – An Acceptable Getaway

Rewas Beach flaunts breathtaking views and tranquil surroundings. Situated near the Rewas Jetty, this beach can be accessed from Mumbai via regular boat services. With the presence of some decent hotels near the beach in Alibaug, Rewas proves to be an ideal spot for day trips and weekend escapes.

Notable attractions: From the Rewas jetty, relish breathtaking views of Uran beach amidst the waters


View Of Varsoli Beach

8. Varsoli Beach – An Authentic Natural Treasure

Varsoli Beach, recognized as the cleanest beach in Alibaug, offers numerous beach resorts and cottages for individuals seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Approximately 3 kilometers away from the Alibaug bus depot, this pristine sandy beach is one of the primary bases for the Indian Naval Forces and is renowned for its delectable Konkani coastal cuisine.

Primary Points of Interest: Parasailing and water jets


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A Few Tranquil Beaches Close to Alibaug

There are several undiscovered locations near Alibaug that are worth exploring. Let’s examine some of the breathtaking beaches near Alibaug.

Kashid Beach

9. Kashid Beach – Offering a Delightful Beach Retreat

Looking for the finest destinations to visit in Maharashtra during the summer? Among the various amazing places that Maharashtra has to offer, the Kashid beach in Alibaug boasts crystal-clear azure waters, immaculate shorelines, and pristine white sand. With a backdrop of lush green casuarina plantations and lush hilly terrain, one can engage in beach activities or simply enjoy the splendid panorama at this exclusive beach in Alibaug.

Primary Points of Interest: Water scooter rides, beach camping, and banana boat rides.


fort in the middle of an ocean

10. Murud Beach – Enhanced by the Majestic Fort

Murud is one of the untouched, least crowded, and enchanting beaches in Alibaug. Known for sunbathing, surfing, swimming, and relaxing beneath the casuarina trees, Murud Beach is situated along the Rajapuri coast. It is frequented by travelers seeking tranquility far from the busy atmosphere of Mumbai and Pune. Visitors can enjoy boating or unwind at numerous Alibaug hotels near the beach with their loved ones.

Primary Points of Interest: Ferry ride to Murud Janjira Fort and parasailing


Korlai Beach

11. Explore Portuguese Architecture at Korlai Beach

Indulge in a moment of tranquility and escape the bustling city life as you marvel at the serene coastline of Korlai Beach. This stunning beach boasts a mesmerizing blend of white and dark sands, stretching as far as the eye can see. Nestled alongside the town of Korlai, where the local inhabitants are Creole Portuguese-speaking Indians, the beach offers a unique cultural experience. To reach the magnificent Korlai fort, which stands majestically amidst the ocean, one must cross a bridge engraved with the words “no entry without a battle.”

Main Attraction: Korlai Fort

12. Saswane Beach – Witness the Fisherman’s Catch

Alibaug beach

Uncover the hidden gem of Alibaug at Saswane Beach. Although not as well-known as other beaches in the area, this secluded paradise offers a sense of tranquility and serenity. Located along the continuous coastline between Awas and Alibaug, this residential beach features charming seaside-facing bungalows. The town of Saswane is home to a vibrant community of fishermen and farmers, providing a glimpse into a simpler way of life. Conveniently situated near the popular Mandwa Jetty, this beach is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. Unlike other beaches in Alibaug, Saswane Beach offers a safe environment for swimming and other water activities suitable for children.

Main Attractions: Mandwa Jetty, Water activities such as swimming

13. Revdanda Beach – Embrace the Beauty of Solitude

Revdanda Beach

For those seeking an authentic encounter with the untamed Alibaug coast, Revdanda Beach is a must-visit. This unexplored gem offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature. Located adjacent to the magnificent Revdanda Fort, which carries significant historical importance, this beach is easily accessible and offers a unique glimpse into the past. While exploring this area, visitors can discover the haunting ruins of a chapel and other remnants that tell intriguing stories of bygone times.

Main Attractions: Revdanda Fort, Kashid Beach

14. Awas Beach – Indulge in Serenity

Awas Beach

Experience the serenity of Alibaug by exploring the captivating Awas beach, a place that will transport you away from your troubles for a while. The majestic waves and irresistible allure of this beach will undoubtedly captivate your heart. Moreover, the gentle sound of the waves and the crystal-clear blue water create a visual feast for the eyes. The presence of lush palm groves and a soothing ambience provide a picturesque backdrop that is truly awe-inspiring.

Notable Attraction: Awas Village

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Frequently Asked Questions About Alibaug Beaches

What activities can be done in Alibaug during a one-day trip?

You can enjoy leisurely walks along the beaches, witness breathtaking sunsets, explore various forts and museums, savor delicious coastal cuisine, and partake in thrilling water sports like parasailing, kayaking, surfing, and bumper rides.

Which is the top beach in Alibaug?

Alibaug is home to numerous stunning beaches, including Alibaug Beach, Mandwa Beach, Murud Janjira Beach, Kasim Beach, and many more.

How should one spend a weekend at Kashid Beach?

You can indulge in tent camping on the beach, take leisurely strolls along the shore, and enjoy exciting water sports, particularly hot air balloon rides.

What exciting activities can be enjoyed at Kashid Beach in Alibaug?

At Kashid Beach, you can partake in thrilling activities such as hot air balloon rides, parasailing, water scooter rides, and banana boat rides.

Which beach in Alibaug is known for its cleanliness?

Varsoli, situated just 3 kilometers away from the city, is renowned for its impeccable cleanliness. It offers beautiful resorts and cottages for visitors to enjoy.

What are the famous attractions in Alibaug?

Alibaug is famous for its iconic landmarks, including the Murud Janjira Fort, Alibaug Beach, Mandwa Beach, Murud Beach, and Kolaba Fort.

Which beach is popular in Alibaug?

Nagaon Beach is highly popular in Alibaug due to its uncluttered coastline and pristine shores.

Which beach in Alibaug offers water sports activities?

The Mandwa Beach is known for its wide range of water sports options, including parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boat rides, and sea kayaking.

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