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Park Guell

Known for its delightful narrow streets, cheerful coastlines, and lovely pieces of contemporary architecture, the city of Barcelona truly embodies the concept of ‘liveliness’. Therefore, whether you’re seeking a tranquil family vacation or a romantic honeymoon, the vibrant capital of Catalunya would be an ideal destination for you. So, if it’s your first time visiting Barcelona, be sure to take note of these 12 remarkable places to visit in Barcelona, which will allow you to fully appreciate the city’s true beauty and elegance.

12 Excellent Places To Visit In Barcelona

As a prime example of architectural excellence, the city of Barcelona is home to numerous splendid buildings and structures. So, before you embark on your journey to the capital of Catalunya, make sure to include the following names in your list of must-see places in Barcelona.

Casa Mila

1. Basilica Of The Sagrada Familia

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Renowned as one of Europe’s most unconventional churches, the UNESCO-listed Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is a top-notch attraction in Barcelona. Situated in the northern part of the city, this church is surrounded by 18 colossal slender towers, which lend a gothic allure to its overall appearance. As a visitor, the first thing that will leave you awestruck is the striking exterior of the church. It portrays the birth of Jesus, his trials and tribulations during his lifetime, his death, and the story of his resurrection. The interior of the church is equally breathtaking, with its intricately adorned ceiling and the unusual yet captivating Crucifix.

Location:: 401 Carrer de Mallorca, Barcelona

Opening Hours:: 9 A.M. – 7 P.M.

Admission Fee:: Starting at 14 Euro

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Palau De La Musica Catalana

2. Casa Mila

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Also referred to as La Pedrera by the locals, Casa Mila is another architectural masterpiece created by Antoni Gaudi. Constructed between 1906 and 1912, this extravagant structure appears more like a sensational piece of sculpture than a mere building, thanks to its gracefully curved facades. Adding to its elegance are its exquisite plant-shaped balconies and distinctive rounded windows. The stunning Casa Mila also houses the renowned cultural center, Fundacio Catalunya, which hosts various events throughout the year. So, if you’re in search of famous attractions in Barcelona for kids, Casa Mila is the perfect choice for you.

Location:: 261 – 265 Carrer de Provenca, BarcelonaHours:: 9 A.M. – 9 P.M.Admission Fee:: 21 Euro

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Barri Gotic

3. Palau De La Musica Catalana

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A 19th-century opera hall, the Palau de la Musica Catalana is the creation of yet another well-known Catalan artist and architect, Lluis Domenech i Montaner. Renowned as the embodiment of Catalan Modernism, the exterior of this stunning structure showcases exquisitely detailed mosaic work and decorative pillars. On the flip side, the interior of the opera house displays an elegant glass roof, which, in the daytime, appears absolutely breathtaking. Thanks to its stained-glass roof, the concert hall remains fully illuminated by natural light during daylight hours. So, if you are a fan of both opera and architectural magnificence, be sure to include the Palau hall in your list of Barcelona attractions.

Location:: Calle Palau de la Musica 4-6, BarcelonaHours:: 10:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.Admission Fee:: Starting at 16 Euro

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Casa Batllo

4. Barri Gotic

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The Gothic Quarter, also fondly known as Barri Gotic, is the oldest yet most vibrant part of Barcelona. If you pay a visit here, you will have the opportunity to relish the opulent beauty of ancient Roman structures and picturesque squares. Additionally, the Gothic Quarter is home to numerous eateries and cafés where you can enjoy some lively moments with your loved ones. All in all, this place offers everything that can bring joy and contentment to travelers. For this reason, it is considered one of the top destinations to visit in Barcelona.

Location:: Between the streets of Laietana and RamblaHours:: Open 24X7Admission Fee:: None

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Casa Vicens

5. Casa Batllo

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Yet another contemporary masterpiece designed by Antoni Gaudi, Casa Batllo stands as the former residence of the renowned Batlló family of Catalunya. With its captivating embellished facade and the unconventional structure, this architectural masterpiece closely resembles the castles illustrated in fairy tales. Due to its unique design and construction, Casa Batllo has also been given the nickname of House of the Dragon, which, in Spanish, is known as Casa del Drac.

Location:: 43 Passeig de Gracia, BarcelonaOperating Hours:: 9:00 A.M. – 9 P.M.Admission Fee:: Starting at 22 Euro

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Montjuic Castle

6. Casa Vicens

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Designed by the brilliant mind of Antoni Gaudi, the splendid residence of Casa Vicens showcases the Neo-Mudejar architectural style. Situated in the peaceful Gracia neighborhood, it is considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions to explore in Barcelona. Casa Vicens was constructed between 1883 and 1885 as a summer retreat for the affluent Vicens family. However, it now serves as a museum of Barcelona. Due to its unrivaled beauty and grace, it was granted the title of Unesco World Heritage in 2005.

Location:: Carrer de Les Carolines 20-26, 08012 BarcelonaOperating Hours:: 10:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.Admission Fee:: Starting at 12.50 Euro

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Museu d'Art Contemporani De Barcelona (MACBA)

7. Montjuic Castle

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If you are touring the capital of Catalunya for the initial time and are searching for some spots to explore in Barcelona for family, then make certain to include the captivating Montjuic fortress to your list. Located at an altitude 213 meters from the sea-level, this grand fortress is renowned for its exceptional panoramic views and stunning museums. The museums of the fortress display a remarkable collection of Catalan arts, which will definitely leave you breathless.

Site:: 66 Carretera de Montjuic, Barcelona, Catalunya, 8038, SpainWorking Hours:: 10:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.Admission Fee:: 3 Euro

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8. Museu d’Art Contemporani De Barcelona (MACBA)

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Recognized as one of the finest modern art museums in Barcelona, the MACBA displays some of the exquisite art pieces of the contemporary period. It was designed and inaugurated by Richard Meier, a renowned architect of America, in 1995. Since then, the museum has hosted numerous exhibitions by various celebrated artists of this century.

Site:: 1 Placa dels Angels, Barcelona, Catalunya, 8001, SpainWorking Hours:: 10:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.Admission Fee:: 11 Euro

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9. Picasso Museum

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Pablo Picasso has always been renowned for his exceptional artistic mind and extraordinary yet exquisite art pieces. So, if you are an art enthusiast and want to savor his brilliance in Barcelona, then make sure to visit the Picasso Museum. By visiting here, you will have the rare opportunity to witness the earlier works of the artistic genius and comprehend the bond between him and Barcelona.

Location:: 15-23 Carrer Montcada, BarcelonaHours:: 9:00 A.M. to 9:30 P.M.Admission:: Starting at 7 Euro

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10. Museu d’Història De Catalunya

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As the name implies, the Museu d’Historia de Catalunya showcases the abundant historical background of the city of Barcelona. In this museum, you will find numerous paintings, which depict the past of Catalonia province, as well as numerous sculptures and artifacts, which can help you understand the city’s cultural splendor.

Location:: Placa Pau Villa, 3, 08039 Barcelona, SpainHours:: 10:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.Admission:: 8 Euro

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Parc De La Ciutadella

11. Park Guell

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If you are searching for a few places to visit in Barcelona for family, the Park Guell would be absolutely perfect for you. The beautiful place currently presides over 42 acres of space and features almost every amenity that any other park offers to its visitors. Along with graceful touches of greenery, Park Guell also showcases numerous winding pathways where you can spend hours strolling. Also, while you are here, make sure to visit the Sala Hipostila to savor the vibrant essence of the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Location:: Carrer d’Olot, BarcelonaHours:: 8:30 A.M. – 6:15 P.M.Admission:: 10 Euro

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12. Parc De La Ciutadella

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Situated at the core of Barcelona, Parc de la Ciutadella has consistently been one of the most renowned gathering points of the city since its inception. In 1877, when it opened, it served only as a typical park for the local people. However, now it accommodates the renowned Barcelona Zoo and the Catalan Parliament. Numerous individuals also come here during the day for physical activity and strolling.

Site:: 21, Passeig de Picasso, BarcelonaOperating Hours:: 10:00 A.M. – 10:30 P.M.Admission Fee:: Free

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We trust you have jotted down all these marvelous locations to visit in Barcelona in your travel schedule so as not to miss out on any fantastic experience that this city has to offer. Now all that remains is to plan an amazing getaway in Barcelona with your loved ones!

Commonly Asked Queries About Locations To Visit In Barcelona

Which period of the year is optimal for visiting Barcelona?

Throughout the months of April to September, the climate in Barcelona remains rather warm and agreeable. Consequently, this period would be the ideal time for you to visit Barcelona.

Is the bus service satisfactory in Barcelona?

Yes, the bus service is quite satisfactory in the city of Barcelona. With this mode of transportation, you can travel to almost anywhere in the city. However, to board them, you would need to go to the nearby city bus stops.

How many days will it take me to Explore Barcelona?

When discussing tourist attractions, the city of Barcelona offers a wide range of choices. Therefore, if you have an adventurous spirit and desire to explore every nook and cranny of the city, then you would need to stay here for at least 10 to 12 days.


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