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Hungary in Central Europe, is a nation with a prosperous historical past. In the medieval era, the Hungarians had to construct enormous fortresses in Hungary to safeguard themselves from the empires of the Carpathian basin. The fortresses now stand, commemorating the valiant history of the nation. Although many fortresses have been demolished over time, there are still a few of them, which have endured the trials of time.

Hungary is a well acclaimed travel destination and is renowned for its nature and architecture. The nation is home to over a hundred fortresses, all of which are situated in picturesque, natural surroundings. However, it is challenging to visit all the fortresses, given their sheer number. But if you had to select a few fortresses in Hungary, which you can explore, then here we have compiled a list of 10 splendid fortresses in Hungary, worth the visit.

10 Finest Fortresses In Hungary

Hungary is home to a plethora of fortresses, many of which captivate the interest of visitors. There are so many fortresses in Hungary that one might become bewildered as to which ones to visit. To simplify it for you, we have assembled a list of 10 finest fortresses in Hungary. Take a glance at the list.

Visegrad Castle

1. Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad is a medieval fortress situated in the City Park. The fortress was constructed around 1896 and is a notable historical monument, which showcases the architectural progression of the nation over the years. The fortress is a fusion of multiple exquisite buildings, amalgamated together, and you can witness the typical architecture of the 18th century such as Baroque, Romanesque, and Gothic Renaissance style. Currently, the fortress hosts numerous exhibitions, festivals, and concerts.

Eger Castle

Location: Vajdahunyad, Budapest, Hungary

Timings: 10 am – 5 pm

Entry fee: Free entry

2. Visegrad Castle

Visegrad is a twofold fortress system, erected by Bela IV. The entire structure comprises of a citadel and a lower castle. The citadel served as both a residential complex and safeguarded the Danube valley while also preserving the trade route between Buda and Esztergom. The lower castle was constructed in 1247 and the most captivating part of the lower castle is the Solomon tower. After the Habsburgs conquered the fortress, this fortification became obsolete with the dissolution of the border castle system and this fortress was left to deteriorate.

Location: Visegrad, Varhegy, HungaryHours: 9 am – 6 pmAdmission: 1700 HUF / person

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Sumeg Castle

3. Eger Castle

Although the Eger Castle is no longer a grand structure as it once was, it is still worth a visit. The castle has a captivating historical narrative in its favor. The castle is highly esteemed among the Hungarians because it was at this castle that they achieved victory against a large Turkish army with only a small garrison. Despite being neglected for many years, the castle was restored in the 1950s, and a visit to this castle will leave you yearning for more.

Bory Castle

Location: Eger, Var, HungaryHours: 10 am to 6 pmAdmission: Adults – 1400 HUF, Children and seniors – 700 HUF

4. Sumeg Castle

Situated on Sumeg’s barren hill, this is one of Hungary’s most exquisite castles. This castle is also among the ones that have remained unharmed and intact over time, and even today, you can witness the inner and outer castles as well as the citadel. Construction of the castle commenced in 1262, and presently, the castle hosts various exhibitions and medieval events.

Location: Sumeg, Varoldal, HungaryHours: 9 am to 4 pmAdmission: Free

Boldogko Castle

5. Bory Castle

This fortress was constructed by a renowned Hungarian artist Jeno Bory. In 1912, he purchased a plot of land in Maria Valley. The structure originally consisted of only a wine cellar and a summer residence, which Bory gradually expanded. The construction did not have a proper design and was simply expanded over time. The castle serves as a remarkable illustration of the symbolic Hungarian architecture.

Location: Szekesfehervar, Maria Valley, HungaryTimings: 9am to 5pmEntry fee: Adults – 1500 HUF, Children – 700 HUF

Tatai Var Castle

6. Boldogko Castle

This castle is situated on top of a mountain, overlooking the village of Boldogko. The exact date of its construction remains uncertain, but it is highly likely that the castle was built after the Mongolian invasion. This defensive structure featured an internal turret, which safeguarded the road to Kassa and the Hernad Valley. The castle is presently under the management of the local municipality, with the palace wing and mill bastion open for public exploration.

Location: Boldogkovaralja, kulterulet, HungaryTimings: 8 am to 7 pmEntry fee: Free entry

Siklos Castle

7. Tatai Var Castle

The construction of Tata castle commenced in the 1300s by the Lackffy family, and the castle has undergone several renovations since then. It used to serve as the summer residence for King Sigismund of Luxembourg and King Matthias Hunyadi. The castle is home to the Domokos Kuny Museum, which exhibits various artifacts from the Bronze Age and Roman Age.

Buda Castle

Location: Tata, HungaryTimings: 9am to 6pm

8. Siklos Castle

The Siklos fortress formerly served as a residence for the prominent noble families of Hungary and protected the country’s southern border. The architectural design of the fortress reflects the opulent history of the nation. In the 15th century, a fortified fortress with tall walls and circular bastions was constructed. The intricately carved doors and windows, the chancel arch, the frescoes, and the choir stand as evidence of the prosperity enjoyed by the castle’s inhabitants. Over time, the fortress has undergone numerous renovations and now functions as a museum open to the public.

Location: Siklos, Vajda Janos, HungaryHours: 9:30 am to 5 pmAdmission: Adults – 900 HUF, Children – 600 HUF

Esztergom Castle And Basilica

9. Buda Castle

Buda Castle is a medieval fortress in Hungary that once served as the residence of Hungarian kings. Construction of the fortress was completed in 1265, and it is also known as the Royal Castle or Royal Palace. The castle displays a blend of medieval and Baroque architecture and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a unique fusion of hills, water, and architectural beauty, a rarity in capital cities around the world. Additionally, the castle is home to the Budapest History Museum, the National Library, and the Hungarian National Gallery.

Location: Budapest, HungaryHours: 10 am to 6 pmAdmission: 3000 Forints

10. Esztergom Castle And Basilica

This exquisite neoclassical fortress and basilica can be found in the city of Esztergom in Northern Hungary. The castle was built during the period when Esztergom served as the capital of Hungary, Europe. The Esztergom Basilica is the largest Roman Catholic structure in all of Hungary and the 18th largest in the world. Inside the basilica, you will be captivated by the world’s largest altar piece. Painted on a single canvas, it depicts the ascension of Madonna. Today, the castle hosts numerous organ and choir concerts.

Position: Esztergom, HungarySchedule: 9 AM to 6 PMAdmission fee: 300 HUF

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Fortresses in Hungary are some of the most exquisite and breathtaking ones in the entire world. Explore these fortresses during your journey to Hungary and immerse yourself in the historical and cultural legacy of the country.


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