Discover 10 Majestic Bruges Castles Showcasing Europe’s Heritage and Splendid Architectural Brilliance!

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Manoir de LebiolesThermae Boetfort Spa and Hotel

Belgium: A Country renowned for its magnificent architecture

Belgium, a nation in western Europe, is famous for its majestic architecture. The country is home to some of the most impressive fortresses that can truly awe you. Bruges, one of the liveliest cities in Belgium, stands out as an exceptional destination. If you plan to visit Bruges, it is essential to organize an extraordinary trip. For this purpose, booking a castle hotel is the ideal choice. Bruges boasts numerous castle hotels where you can spend your vacation. If you’re unsure which one to choose, read this article to discover the top selection.

10 Exceptional Castles in Bruges

Bruges, Belgium, offers an abundance of castle hotels. When planning a luxurious holiday in Bruges, choosing a castle hotel is an absolute must. You have a wide range of options available. To simplify your decision, we have curated a list of the ten best and most opulent castles in Bruges where you can fully enjoy your stay.

1. Le Château de Strainchamps

This is without a doubt one of the finest castle hotels in Bruges. Featuring real hardwood floors and spacious rooms, this castle hotel offers the perfect luxury getaway. You can enjoy all the necessary amenities to make your stay truly comfortable. From complimentary parking to a reliable Wi-Fi connection, you’ll have everything you need. Indulge in a delightful breakfast served to you each morning. Le Château de Strainchamps guarantees a pleasant and lavish experience.

Lodewijk Van Male

Location: Rue des Vennes 29, 6637 Fauvillers, Belgium

2. Thermae Boetfort Spa and Hotel

Here is another fantastic option to consider. If you desire a luxurious stay in Bruges, Thermae Boetfort Spa and Hotel is the ideal choice. The highlight of this castle hotel is undoubtedly its upscale rooms, furnished with all the necessary amenities. Additionally, you can take advantage of their exceptional service and unwind in the sauna. The castle also boasts a remarkable restaurant where you can savor exquisite meals. All in all, this property offers an unparalleled experience and ranks among the best castles in Bruges, Belgium.

Kasteel Gravenhof

Location: Sellaerstraat 42, 1820 Steenokkerzeel, Belgium

3. Lodewijk Van Male

This 3-star lodging is renowned for providing a pleasant stay with VIP-like treatment. From complimentary wireless internet connection to complimentary parking, you can enjoy all of it here. The castle also features a bar where you can spend your evenings and have a great time. The restaurant at the hotel is known for serving delectable food. The rooms are also furnished with all the necessary amenities to make your stay enjoyable.

Chateau Cortils

Location: Maalse Steenweg 488, 8310 Brugge, Belgium

4. Kasteel Gravenhof

This 3-star property is an excellent way to start your vacation. The castle offers all the amenities you need. The rooms are air-conditioned and have luxurious en-suite bathrooms. You can also avail various services such as laundry service, banquet room, restaurant, and bar/lounge. In summary, this is a fantastic place to stay in Bruges.

Location: Alsembergsesteenweg 676, 1653 Dworp, Belgium

5. Chateau Cortils

If you desire a wonderful experience in Bruges, then staying here can be the ideal choice. With excellent services and comfortable rooms, you can have a pleasant stay at this property. You can also bring your pets along to this property, which is not a common offering in many accommodations. Additionally, you can enjoy other necessary amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, free parking, and a banquet hall. Each room is equipped with a fridge and microwave for your personal needs. You can also enjoy a game of tennis at the property’s tennis court. It can be said that this is an exceptional property for families.

Location: Chemin de Cortils, 4670 Blégny, Belgium

6. Martin’s Chateau du Lac

This marvelous property is situated just half a mile from Brussels. The fortress is actually positioned within an enormous park that offers a lush getaway into the embrace of nature. You can witness the magnificent history of the castle in its chambers which provide panoramic vistas of the lake and canopied beds. Apart from that, the castle also offers other lavish amenities which you can indulge in during your stay. This place is perfect for romantic partners.

Location: Avenue du Lac 87, 1332 Genval, Belgium

7. Château de la Poste

The property is situated in the radiant fields of the Belgian Condroz. The castle is renowned for its illustrious past, which is evident from its very ambiance. You can relish a delightful view of the 42-hectare park. It also features a treehouse and a loft cube in the neighboring forest. This is simply perfect for those who would cherish spending a night amidst nature. This is truly one of the finest castles in Bruges.

Location: Ronchinne 25, 5330 Maillen, Belgium

8. Chateau d’Hassonville

The highlight of this place is the castle’s in-house Chef and his team, renowned for serving delectable French cuisine to the guests. If you desire a luxurious vacation in Bruges, then this could be the perfect choice for you. The numerous parlors with hearths and sun-filled veranda will provide you with a delightful ambiance. You can also avail all the necessary amenities you desire within the castle’s boundaries, making it one of the premier choices in the city.

Location: Route d’Hassonville, 6900 Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium

9. Lebioles Manor

Dukes Palace

Situated at one of the picturesque areas of Belgium this fortress is one of the finest places you can find to spend your holidays in Bruges. This is actually one of the splendid fortress, lodgings in the entire country. From the fortress you can enjoy a lovely view of nature. Not only that, but you can also access everything that you need to spend your holidays pleasantly. One of the specialties of the fortress is the gold contests and house concerts which you can enjoy if you visit during that time of the year. Overall, with all the amenities it is a great place to stay.

Location: Domaine de Lébioles 1/5, 4900 Spa, Belgium

10. Duke’s Palace

If you want to experience staying in a genuine fortress then this is the place that you should stay in. After all, this is one of the best fortresses in Bruges that you can come across. The fortress has a medieval touch in it which makes it even more appealing to its guests. Starting from the walls to the rooms of the fortress, everything has a touch of the glorious past. Along with the medieval touch, you can also enjoy all the amenities that a hotel should offer.

So these are some of the best fortress lodgings that you can avail in Bruges, Belgium. By choosing to stay in any of these properties you can transform your entire holiday experience in Belgium. Now that you know the best fortresses in Bruges, Belgium it will be easier for you to select the next place for the historical walk. And before that make sure to plan and customize your vacation to Europe with Fred and Fuzzys.


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