Discover 10 Lavish Seaside Getaways in Malta, Offering a Luxurious European Escape Amidst Breathtaking Beach Vistas

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Beaches symbolize comfort and beach getaways bring people together. This is why island nations like Malta make for ideal vacations in remote locations. You can choose to stay in a hotel or a hostel in Malta, but if you desire a luxurious and relaxed vacation, villas in Malta are the recommended choice. It doesn’t matter if you are a group of fifteen individuals or a couple seeking some alone time, these opulent and marvelous villas will set the mood for your vacation and provide the perfect space to unwind and rejuvenate. You can even gather a group of families, friends, and children to these locations and experience the true essence of a beach vacation.

10 Exquisite Villas In Malta

Continue reading to discover more about these stunning villas in Malta that you should absolutely consider for the ideal vacation away from home. Here is the list:

Villa Sunset

1. Villa Xemxija

A complete villa in Gozo at this price is a rarity, and this exquisite villa has everything you need for a fantastic vacation with friends and family. The property comes with its own well-maintained swimming pool. The rooms are spacious, while private balconies and kitchenettes ensure that your stay feels cozy and comfortable. The hosts, a delightful couple, go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Villas in Malta don’t get any better than this!

Location: Triq Il-Bizantini, Xlendi, Island of Gozo, Malta

Starting Price: INR 6500

TripAdvisor Rating: 5

TripAdvisor Reviews

Villa Belvedere

2. Villa Sunset

A six-bedroom property, this is one of the finest deluxe villas in Malta. Located on the outskirts of Marsaskala, a charming fishing town, you will find everything you need in the town itself. The villa is more than spacious enough for a large seaside gathering and offers a gym facility. It can accommodate approximately 17 people. The games room will serve as a great alternative to smartphones and television screens, allowing you to bond better with your friends. The beach is just a short walk away, so get ready for plenty of water fun!

Location: Triq Katakombi, Marsaskala, MaltaStarting Price: INR 21500TripAdvisor Rating: 4TripAdvisor Reviews

Villa Elma

3. Villa Belvedere

This exquisite 7 bedrooms villa is completed extremely tastefully with contemporary interiors and an overall white tone to the house, which when merged with the greens and blues of the sea and sky make for a calming, relaxing vacation. The large, fully equipped kitchen area along with a lounge and a stunning terrace offering overwhelming views to the sea, make this place a must-stay villa in Malta. The place also has amusement areas, a gaming center and a swimming pool with jacuzzi. After all, opulent villas in Malta with private pool are the best way to ensure a fantastic vacation.

Location: Saint Julian’s, Island of Malta, MaltaStarting Price: INR 30,000TripAdvisor Rating: 4TripAdvisor Reviews

Villa Jasmine

4. Villa Elma

One of the finest Malta villas with private pool, this stunning place is situated in central Malta. The location is pristine, with some local sightseeing points like the Palazzo Parisio just a few minutes away. The place comes with everything you need for a wonderful, relaxing vacation. The interiors are done in lavish, contemporary tones, you will find the outdoor pool a great comfort here. There is an indoor pool as well, which comes with a jacuzzi. Add to that the sensors, CCTV and other modern devices that the house has, and you are in for a marvelous vacation.

Location: Naxxar, Island of Malta, MaltaInitial Cost: INR 33,000Rating on TripAdvisor: 5Reviews on TripAdvisor

Villa Hibiscus

5. Villa Jasmine

One of the finest opulent residences in Malta, this place offers some of the most breathtaking, awe-inspiring vistas of the sea. The villa extends across a generous expanse and is ideal for a large gathering seeking a lavish vacation. The open-air pool and terrace are among the standout features of this exquisite abode. The most remarkable aspect of this place is its proximity to the shoreline, just a few meters away. The serene, contemporary interiors blended with the island’s finest landscapes make this residence a must-stay in Malta!

Location: Mellieha, Island of Malta, MaltaInitial Cost: INR 34,000Rating on TripAdvisor: 5Reviews on TripAdvisor

Villa Diamantina

6. Villa Hibiscus

This magnificent five-bedroom villa is situated in a picturesque locality, ideal for a group seeking quality bonding time. The region also boasts the longest beach in Malta, and Villa Hibiscus itself is just a short distance from the shores. The town offers numerous exceptional dining establishments and eateries. The property features an outdoor pool, abundant sunlight, balconies, and a beautiful patio and lounge area. The rooms are elegantly designed, the kitchen is fully equipped, and the hosts are exceptional – what more could you ask for a delightful stay in Malta!

Location: Mellieha, Island of Malta, MaltaInitial Cost: INR 15,000Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.5Reviews on TripAdvisor


7. Villa Diamantina

This remarkable vacation house includes a swimming pool, hot tub, barbecue area, and all the contemporary equipment and furnishings you need for an extraordinary vacation. The place has seven bedrooms, so you can comfortably accommodate up to 15 individuals in your group. Centrally situated, you can conveniently explore various parts of Malta from this location. The terrace, children’s playground, and game room make this place an excellent spot for family vacations. The vistas of the Mediterranean Sea from this location are breathtaking. Definitely a great deal!

Location: Saint Julian’s, Island of Malta, MaltaInitial Price: INR 20,000TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5TripAdvisor Reviews

Ringway Villa

8. Villa Bronja

A snug villa in the heart of Gozo, this beautiful place is marvelous if you are traveling with friends. The place comes with a pool, rooftop terrace, fully furnished apartments, and a marvelous kitchen, where you can prepare your meals. The terrace offers marvelous views to the rest of the island. Apart from that, the place is centrally located, very close to shops, markets, and restaurants, which make Villa Bronja a must-visit when you are visiting Xlendi.

Location: Triq It-Torri, Xlendi, Island of Gozo, MaltaInitial Price: INR 5000TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5TripAdvisor Reviews

9. Ringway Villa

Situated in the renowned Santa Maria Estate, this stunning place features an open-air swimming pool and a marvelous terrace, as well as a barbecue area. The location comprises three apartments in total, providing accommodation for up to 10 guests. The place is tastefully designed with a certain vintage, rugged feel that enhances its authenticity. The hosts are delightful, guiding their guests through a memorable experience of life in Malta. It is an exceptional destination if you are seeking a warm and enjoyable stay!

Location: Santa Maria Estate, Mellieha, Island of Malta, MaltaStarting Price: INR 20000TripAdvisor Rating: 5Reviews on TripAdvisor

10. Ta’Menja

A perfect contender for those places you visit repeatedly in your lifetime, this splendid villa is situated amidst lush greenery, precisely in a cul de sac according to the local terms. It is impeccably furnished from the inside and prominently stands alone in the village of Xaghra. The village square, which offers local pubs and bars, is within walking distance. The stone arches, wooden furnishings, and overall ambiance of this place make it an ideal romantic retreat in Malta. The villa is equipped with a terrace, a pool with a jacuzzi, and a marvelous patio. Rest assured, there are no better villas with private pools in Malta than this one!

Location: Xaghra, Island of Gozo, MaltaStarting Price: INR 12,000TripAdvisor Rating: 5Reviews on TripAdvisor

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Thus, the marvelous villas in Malta offer an excellent opportunity to bond over food, sunshine, and the sea. It is advisable to rent a vehicle during your stay in Malta, as it provides the freedom to explore. So, start planning your European vacation today with us and secure the best deals possible.


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