Discover 10 Exotic Black Sand Beaches Perfect for Your 2023 Getaway

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10 Top Black Sand Beaches Around the Globe

Doesn’t the name “black sand beaches” sound intriguing? Well, this world is a bizarre, peculiar, and stunning place, and there are indeed such beaches. If you’re someone who enjoys visiting and exploring unique and unparalleled locations, then these beaches are definitely among the most popular destinations to consider. Not only are they a treat for the eyes, but they also offer an incredible experience in and of themselves. If you want to visit some lesser-known places, you should be aware of the locations mentioned below.

These black sand beaches are not widespread across the globe, but each one of them is treasured and serves as an incredible vacation spot. Here, we will recommend some of the finest spots where you can visit and explore these exotic beaches.

  • Ficogrande – An Amazing Beach in Italy
  • Perissa Beach – Discover a Serene Shoreline
  • Punaluu Beach – Witness the Beauty
  • Miho Beach – Encounter a Remarkable Experience
  • Stokksnes Beach – Like a Scene from a Science Fiction Film
  • Anse Chastanet – Perfect for a Vacation
  • Papenoo Beach – Truly Unique
  • Black Sands Beach – Nestled in a Secluded Area
  • Kamari Beach – An Upmarket Shoreline
  • Reynisfjara – A Beautiful Coastal Area

1. Ficogrande – An Amazing Beach in Italy


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Fico Grande, situated in the northern part of Sicily, has witnessed the ascent of a growing volcano for over 2000 years. The volcanic activity in the surroundings has given rise to numerous black sand beaches located in secluded areas on the island. Ficogrande is one of the most renowned beaches and undoubtedly offers some of the finest tourist experiences. You can relax on the lounge chairs and witness the impressive volcanic activity.

Address: Stromboli, Italy

How to reach: You can travel to Messina and from there, take a ferry to reach Ficogrande beach.

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2. Perissa Beach – Explore A Calm Beach

Perissa Beach In Greece

Image Source

The following one in the list of the best ebony sand seashores includes Perissa Beach. Unlike the prior one, this one is situated on the southern coast of Santorini near Mount Vouno. If you desire to encounter the beauty of a spot along with the prosperous history, this is the area that you do require to visit and explore without further thoughts.

It is home to some of the ruins of Ancient Thira. Along with that, it also provides spots around with eateries that come along with a parasol for you to sit and simply bask in the sun according to your requirements. It is one of the best shores in Greece, situated on Santorini Island.

Location: Paralia, Santorini, GreeceHow to arrive: For visiting Perissa beach, you need to get to Fira from where one can take trains or even a car around to the beach to witness the beauty of the spot.

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3. Punaluu Beach – Witness The Beauty

Punaluu Beach, Hawaii

Image Source

For those who are visiting Hawaii and want to visit one of a kind beach rather than the common ones, Punaluu Beach is a good bet. It is one of the ebony sand seashores that Hawaii features. In Hawaii, the constant volcanic activity often does tend to contribute to the ebony sand on the beach. It is situated in the province of southeastern Kau which is located on the coast of Hawaii island.

The beach is stretched across an extensive area and has a wide range of palm trees that enhance the beauty of the spot. They are also home to the Hawaiian green sea turtles. Both the beach and the turtles are protected on the beach. Swimming isn’t allowed on the beach but that doesn’t mean you can’t witness the beauty of the area around which makes it one of the top shores in Hawaii.

Location: Ninole Loop Rd, Naalehu, Big Island, HI 96772Directions: One can explore the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and from there, rent a car to visit the beach and explore the surrounding area.

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Miho Beach View

4. Miho Beach – Experience Something Amazing

Image Source

Miho Beach is arguably one of the most popular beaches in Japan to visit. It’s not surprising that Japan boasts a beach with black sand due to the ongoing activity of Mount Fiji in the area. This beach is also surrounded by pine trees and has a rocky texture with black sand, providing one of the most incredible experiences. If you plan on visiting, it’s best to go during the summer months, as they are known for various water sports activities.

Location: Shimizu, JapanDirections: To visit Miho Beach, there are several Shizutetsu buses that run all the way to the end of the Miho Peninsula. Another option is to take the Dream Ferry Mini Cruise.

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Stokksnes Beach and black sand

5. Stokksnes Beach – A Setting Straight out of a Sci-Fi Movie

Next on the list of black sand beaches is Stokksnes Beach, located in Iceland. Countless visitors have described the experience of visiting this beach as being akin to stepping into a science fiction film. The beach is adorned with black dunes and the grand Vestrahorn Mountain. The best time to visit is during sunrise or sunset, as the landscape is constantly transformed by the shifting dunes.

Location: IcelandHow to arrive: To visit, you can hire a car to go to the closest town which is Hofn from where you can find the precise location of the beach and then go to the spot which is situated 20 minutes away.

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6. Anse Chastanet – Ideal For Holidays

Anse Chastanet In St. Lucia

Image Source

If you desire to swim in the ocean of a ebony sand beach, Anse Chastanet located in St. Lucia is the flawless spot to explore and discover the spot around. It has barriers and protection along the Caribbean side and is flawless for your vacation needs without any fail. The place is lined by a variety of majestic palm trees which certainly provides an extraordinary experience. The place is under a resort and is consistently maintained by the resort. There are some aquatic sports and activities that you can look into.

Location: Saint LuciaHow to arrive: The best way to visit the Anse Chastanet resort is by making sure that you hire a car from the main city of Saint Lucia or wherever you are staying.

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7. Papenoo Beach – A Unique Place

Papenoo Beach View

Image Source

Another one of the famous ebony sand beaches is the Papenoo Beach located in Tahiti in French Polynesia. This is quite a renowned attraction for surfers but you can simply visit the place to explore it. Make sure to visit during weekdays because the shoreline isn’t as crowded during that time. The Papenoo Valley which adjoins the beach itself is quite a remarkable spot to visit and explore on your vacations. From the luxuriant greenery to the distinctiveness of the ebony sand, this place is truly one of a kind.

Location: Papenoo, TahitiHow to reach: It is situated on the northern coastline of Tahiti, so you can hop into a car and drive down to the shore as per the given instructions.

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8. Beach of Black Sands – In A Secluded Area

Black Sands Beach

Image Source

Positioned in California, the Beach of Black Sands, as the name suggests, is yet another captivating black sand beach that stands out with its appearance. It covers a distance of 3.5 miles and is situated on the Lost Coast of Northern California.

Compared to other seashores in California, this one is situated in a secluded area, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer tranquil and serene spaces to visit. If possible, plan your trip between September and January to catch sight of the graceful gray whales. It is one of the top destinations to visit in California.

Location: Beach Rd and Humboldt Loop, Whitethorn, CA 95589How to reach: Simply rent a car and drive to the beach to spend some quality time there before getting back on the road.

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9. Kamari Beach – A High-End Beach

Kamari Beach View

Image Courtesy-

Yet another stunning black sand beach to explore is Kamari Beach, situated in Greece. This beach is also located in Santorini and is renowned for its posh atmosphere. You will also get to admire the steep slopes of Mesa Vouno. This place holds great historical and architectural significance. Besides the beauty of the beach, you can also indulge in the charm of outdoor beaches and cafes around.

Location: Kamari, Santorini, GreeceHow to arrive: Since the place is located in between civilization, you can simply rent a car and drive around the area for the best experience.

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10. Reynisfjara – An Exquisite Beach

Sunrise in Reynisfjara Beach

Image Source

Given how challenging it is to spell the names of the places around in Iceland, be reassured, Reynisfjara is a difficult one to pronounce. However, the splendor of the place does justice to the challenge. One of the most stunning black sand beaches, Reynisfjara undoubtedly ranks among the most awe-inspiring spots that you can visit and explore without much contemplation.

The beach is situated near the Vík í Mýrdal village which is a popular yet quaint fishing village around. The views that you encounter will leave you amazed and at a loss for words. The shore is adorned with basalt rock formations which further enhance the uniqueness of the experience. This dramatic landscape has also appeared in the Game of Thrones series, so you might recognize it.

Location: Vík í Mýrdal, IcelandHow to arrive: The place is not easily accessible by public transportation, so you need to rely on rental cars or taxis to reach the beach. Rent one in advance and then visit the place to explore further.

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If you have been searching for some vacation ideas and wish to visit less frequented places, these black sand beaches are among the best options to explore. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your international trip soon and have a great time.

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Frequently asked questions About Black Sand Beaches

Is there any ebony sand beach in Kauai?

Yes, there is an ebony sand beach in Kauai with the name of Waimea beach which distinguishes itself from the other beaches around. Ensure that you do include this in your itinerary if you are visiting the island.

What are some of the common destinations that have ebony sand beaches?

Hawaii, Greece and Canary islands and even Iceland have a wide range that you can visit and explore. There are several options to look around when it comes to these spots.

Is there an ebony sand beach in Reykjavik?

Yes, there is an ebony sand beach that is located around 180 km away from Reykjavik known as the Reynisfjara Beach. It is one of the top beaches in Iceland located on the south coast of Iceland.

What makes the sand ebony on the beaches?

The combination of volcanic activity and minerals and eruptions is what contributes to the sand becoming ebony around the beaches. It is why it is common in the volcanic active areas.

What are some common beaches that have ebony sand?

Apart from the ones mentioned in the article, some of the other beaches with ebony sand include Vik Beach, Pololu beach, Kehena beach, Oneuli beach, etc.

Is it allowed to take ebony sand from the beaches in Hawaii?

As tempting as it might seem, it is best suggested that you do not collect any samples or specimens of the sand or the rocks around because that can have impacts on your health.

Are all the beaches located in Iceland ebony?

No, it is a myth that people think all the beaches in Iceland are ebony. There are few ebony sand beaches but not all of them have ebony sand.

Is the ebony sand valuable?

For the most part, the ebony sand particles are made with heavy metals that have been eroded because of the volcanic activity. So, it is likely that it is going to be more valuable than the normal golden sand.

Is there a pink sand beach in California?

Yes. The Pfeiffer Beach is a stunning example of purplish-pink sand beach.

Which beaches have the purest water?

There is a long list of beaches with crystal clear or turquoise blue waters like Exuma in Bahamas, Porthcurno in Cornwall, England, Shoal Bay in Anguilla and the beaches in Maldives.

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