Discover 10 Breathtaking Beach Resorts in Phuket to Make Your 2023 Vacation Unforgettable

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Ranked among the most popular destinations of the world for joyous vacations, Phuket continues to enchant and attract people from various parts of the world. Lavish beach resorts in Phuket, Thailand with exquisite interiors, lush forests which house some of the astonishing wildlife, astounding nightlife and sun-drenched beaches – Phuket is an idyllic holiday escape.

Yes, that’s Phuket, which fulfills the desires of diverse tourists – the enamored couple on honeymoon, the couples enjoying a romantic vacation, families having an incredible time or friends hanging out in the island nation to have a blast, Phuket embraces them all.

10 Best Beach Resorts In Phuket

Here are some of our hand-picked, exclusively chosen best beach resorts in Phuket to make your dream of a perfect holiday come true!

– Sri Panwa Phuket

– Anantara Phuket Villas

– The Shore At Katathani

– Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

– Indigo Pearl

– Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort

– Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

– Radisson Blu Plaza Resort Phuket

– Novotel Phuket Karon Beach Resort & Spa

– Centara Karon Resort Phuket

1. Sri Panwa Phuket

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Number one on our list of luxurious beach resorts in Phuket is Sri Panwa. Perched upon cape Panwa, the resort commands breathtaking views of the southeastern tip of Phuket. It is a hidden gem, combining opulence and tranquility in one place, offering panoramic views, top-notch cuisine, and abundant options for excursions.

Ideal for: Couples and Honeymooners

Specially Known For: Sri Panwa offers personalized vacation packages depending on your preferences. You can book yacht tours, private island tours, party all night by reveling in the pulsating nightlife of Phuket. Don’t forget to opt for safari adventures, elephant trekking, and everything you wish to do!

The cozy Sea facing room with an infinity pool in Sri Panwa Phuket

Cost of stay per night: ₹27,598 – ₹67,849 Reviews | Website

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2. Anantara Phuket Villas

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The register of Phuket seashore lodges is unfinished without the reference of Anantara. This lodge supplies a lavish retreat for those searching for a relaxing escape in an idyllic holiday. Anantara presents the greatest value for your finances, catering to the fancy of a refreshing vacation for families or couples.

Perfect for: Couples and Honeymooners

Things to accomplish: Commence your day by observing the panoramic, golden dunes of the seashore with a backdrop of the luxuriant national park. Simply unwind in the private pool encompassed by some of the finest ornamentation and pleasurable atmosphere. Alternatively, venture through the thick woodland by elephants to investigate the untouched islands.

The romantic setting of the poolside View Anantara Villas in Phuket

Price of lodging per night: ₹18,250 – ₹95,765Reviews | Website | Anantara Phuket Particulars

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3. The Shore At Katathani

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In search of lodges in Phuket with exclusive beach? The Shore will be ideal for you! The Shore is magnificence redefined, with extravagant beachfront villas created to provide a faultless holiday for those prepared to splurge. Couples and families in need of a lavish vacation can simply choose this remarkable lodge and come back with everlasting memories. This is among the finest lodges in Phuket for a honeymoon.

Perfect for: Couples and Newlyweds

Activities: The Shore offers a multitude of choices for entertainment, accommodations, and satisfying your culinary desires. So, select a pool villa to access a spacious private pool overlooking the clear beach or indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment and savor the delectable Thai cuisine during your amazing stay here.

Sea View from The Shore at Katathani during sunset

Price per night: ₹24,863 – ₹68,358Reviews | Website |

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4. Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

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Katathani Phuket Beach Resort, one of the finest beach resorts in Phuket, is a remarkable place to enjoy a lavish stay in Phuket and be pampered. It offers first-class services and exceptional amenities.

Perfect for: Families and Friends

Activities: The Shore presents incredible private yacht tours for families and couples such as the Phi Phi Island excursion, sunset cruise, sunny cruise, and Katathani lady tours which showcase the captivating islands. Choose an invigorating spa experience or relish the pristine beaches with golden and velvety sand.

Sea View from Katathani Beach Resort- one of the best resorts in Phuket for honeymoon

Price per night: ₹6,613 – ₹29,378Reviews | Website | Katathani Beach Resort Details

5. Cobalt Pearl

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Cobalt Pearl is a timeless resort immersed in profound history and expansive rubber plantations. This finest seaside resort in Phuket is a symbol of grandeur, with extravagance being unveiled in small details – whether it be the magnificence in designs or abundance of cuisines to select from, Cobalt has everything for an ethereal vacation.

Perfect for: Families and Companions

Activities to engage in: While children have a delightful time in the exclusive play area, pamper yourself with the majestic spa to unwind your senses. Embark on a short trip to the golf club minutes away for relaxation. Or discover the serene beaches and behold the magnificence of nature.

The classic interiors of Indigo Pearl beach resort

Price per night: ₹8,712 – ₹29,315Reviews | Website

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6. The Meridien Phuket Beach Resort

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Expansive next to the secluded beach off the west coast, The Meridien is the finest seaside resort in Phuket that offers a chic experience and a romantic vacation. Indulge in this marvelous resort to enjoy the finest services and to witness the lavish Thai design, blending with the lush greenery amidst which the resort is located.

Perfect for: Couples/Honeymooners, Families

Bird’s eye view of Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket

Activities to engage in: The Meridien has explicit, oversized swimming pools overlooking the beach for you to luxuriate in the pleasure of a blissful vacation. Explore the wide range of recreational activities available for your children. Dress in your finest attire and revel in the nighttime festivities.

Price per night: ₹6,995 – ₹24,037Reviews | Website | The Meridien Phuket Beach Details

7. Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

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Renaissance – one of the finest Phuket seaside resorts with a personal pool provides you with an enhanced experience and spoils you with lavish atmosphere, roomy accommodations with exquisite decoration, stunning panoramic seaside views. The resort, renowned for its exceptionally good hospitality and services, making it the popular choice among couples and families alike.

The beautiful luxury suite at Renaissance Phuket beach resort with a private pool

Perfect for: Couples and Newlyweds

Activities: As the resort is situated away from the busy, touristy areas, it offers you a peaceful experience. Enjoy a leisurely walk with your loved ones on the immaculate seaside, indulge in the diverse cuisine, and relax in the pool to immerse yourself in paradise!

Price per night: ₹7,503 – ₹29,442Reviews | Website | Renaissance Phuket Resort Details

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8. Radisson Blu Plaza Resort Phuket

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Combining the traditional Thai courtesy and providing luxurious amenities at a reasonable price, Radisson Blu Plaza is among the most exclusive Phuket seaside resorts for couples seeking a romantic escape to spend an unforgettable vacation.

The picturesque poolside views of Radisson Blu Plaza in Phuket during sunset

Perfect for: Couples and Newlyweds

Activities: Radisson Blu offers exclusive complimentary scuba diving classes which should be on your list of things to do here. Retreat to the tranquility of this paradise-like resort by opting for spa sessions. Alternatively, choose special packages like golf, spa, family, or beach offers for a unique experience.

Price of stay per night: ₹5,151 – ₹17,805Testimonials | Website

9. Novotel Phuket Karon Beach Resort & Spa

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Renowned for their exclusive chain of hotels across the globe, Novotel offers a distinct beachfront resort with breathtaking views of the landscapes and azure sea. You are ensured to encounter a tranquil vacation with your family here, without spending too much of your funds!

Novotel beach resort’s swimming pool overlooking the deep blue sea.

Suitable for: Companions, Families

Activities: Ample sun lounges, expansive open-air entrance hall, flawless gardens, and a sparkling pool are all within your reach for a relaxed holiday. Peruse your preferred book, savor your favored beverage or plunge into the pool with your children – whichever option you prefer or if you choose to do nothing at all, you will undoubtedly return home contentedly.

Price of stay per night: ₹4,197 – ₹11,828Testimonials | Website | Details of Novotel Resort Phuket

10. Centara Karon Resort Phuket

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If you are seeking a splendidly affordable resort on a limited budget, Centara Karon is the finest beachfront resort in Phuket that will unquestionably live up to your expectations. As it offers everything and is family-friendly, it provides you with a relaxing and delightful time with your loved ones while delivering excellent value for your money.

The scenic backdrop and kickass pool of Centara Karon Resort Phuket

Suitable for: Families, Companions, Couples

Activities: Centara has numerous dedicated areas for enjoyable family time, such as beautiful play areas and indoor facilities. Pamper yourself with a revitalizing spa session and have a blast on the beach with incredible water activities, or simply relish the splendid beach view from the comfort of your room!

Price of stay per night: ₹3,434 – ₹14,562Testimonials | Website | Details of Centara Beach Resort Phuket

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Eager for your vacation? Which one is your favorite from our selection of the most incredible beach resorts in Phuket? Once you have made your choice, start packing, grab this guide, plan your Phuket getaway, and depart right away!

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