Denmark’s Top 16 Must-Visit Destinations for Tourists in 2023

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Denmark is a diminutive Scandinavian country that encompasses mesmerizing landscapes where tourists can immerse themselves in the natural allure of the surroundings. This country is graced with an impeccable fusion of innovative architecture, awe-inspiring landscapes, distinctive and majestic fortresses, and medieval complexes that capture the hearts of visitors to Denmark instantaneously. Here’s a concise compilation of prime tourist destinations to explore in Denmark for an idyllic vacation. The optimal time to visit Denmark is from May to August, when the climate is delightful with mild temperatures and a blossoming countryside.

Top 16 Destinations To Explore In Denmark

Denmark is a nation that presents an array of encounters to its visitors. Time-honored fortresses, exquisite islands, vibrant harbors, cathedrals, museums, and a zoo, Denmark offers countless options for you to explore! Take a look:

  • Rabjerg Mile
  • Gilleleje
  • Elsinore
  • Maritime Museum
  • Tivoli Gardens
  • The Little Mermaid Of Copenhagen
  • Rosenborg Castle
  • Christiansborg Palace
  • Skagen
  • Mols Bjerge National Park
  • Rold Skov Forest
  • The Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse
  • Møns Klint Biosphere
  • The Fur Island
  • Søhøjlandet – The Lake Highlands
  • Jammerbugten – The Bay Denmark

the deserts of Rabjerg Mile

1. Rabjerg Mile

Rabjerg Mile is one of the premier migrating sand dunes across the country and among the finest places to explore in Denmark during winter. It stands as one of the highly recommended Denmark tourist attractions for a delightful picnic. This sand dune was formed along the western coast during the sixteenth century B.C. It stretches east-northeast of Kattegat at a velocity of approximately fifteen meters. Some reliable means of transportation to reach Rabjerg Mile are by car via the entirety of Kandestedvej. If you prefer to venture through the dune on a bicycle, then commence your journey from the west coast route of Vestkystein. Those who wish to travel on foot can commence their trip from Raabjerg Kirke, which is a renowned chapel.

Address: Råbjerg Mile Vej, 9990 Skagen, Denmark

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ship at the harbour in Gilleleje

2. Gilleleje

Gilleleje is a prominent angling town respected by the nearby vacationers. Encounter the invigorating breeze where the harbor is a noteworthy piece of the town. In the event that you are pondering what to observe in Denmark, the sightseers can see the fisherman clearing all the lines other than the all-encompassing angling town. It was raised far back in the fourteenth century, which is really beguiling and engaging. Remember to take a free walk around the city and witness the customary morning fish closeout. The prestigious landmark Kierkegaard is an inconceivable affair to investigate. Gilleleje is among the numerous spots to visit in Denmark in summer in the event that you’re searching for a touristy day.

ship sailing in Elsinore

Address: Gribskov Municipality

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3. Elsinore

In Denmark, spots to visit are copious. Elsinore, which is likewise named as Helsinger, is a port city situated at eastern Denmark and one of the best places to see in Denmark. It is a city which is suffused in history. Therefore, it could be a brilliant spot for the individuals who are generally slanted and favor to have an understanding into the history of eastern Denmark. It houses libraries, display corridors and in addition a shipyard historical center.

Maritime Museum

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4. Maritime Museum

One of the best places to visit in Denmark, Maritime Museum opened its doors to the public in 1915. There are numerous collections with respect to Danish trade and shipping belonging to the fifteenth century B.C. However, in the year 2013, the museum was shifted to a brand new spot under the supervision of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). The place is originally referred to as ‘The Trade and Maritime Museum’ and is among the famous Denmark points of interest. The trade was executed between China and India.

Address: Ny Kronborgvej 1, 3000 Helsingør, Denmark

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Tivoli Gardens well lit

5. Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is a globally renowned theme park and a captivating botanical garden located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It opened its doors to the public on August 15th, 1843. It is currently the second oldest active theme park in the world. The park gained tremendous popularity with over 4.6 million visitors in 2017. This destination is among the most frequented tourist attractions in Europe. It ranks at the top alongside Disney Land Park and Europa Park. The theme park is one of the best places to visit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Address: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, Denmark

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The Little Mermaid of Copenhagen

6. The Petite Siren of Copenhagen

The Petite Siren is a famous bronze sculpture created by a renowned sculptor, Edvard Eriksen, and one of the most stunning attractions in Denmark. The unassuming statue is a prominent landmark in Copenhagen. However, miscreants have vandalized the statue multiple times. The Siren is reminiscent of notable city statues like ‘Manneken Pis’ and the ‘Statue of Liberty’ in New York. It is another addition to the list of must-visit places in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Address: Langelinie, 2100 København Ø, Denmark

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Rosenborg Castle with green lawn

7. Rosenborg Fortress

Rosenborg is a 400-year-old castle that is exquisitely adorned with royal jewels and stunning facades. It still retains its majestic splendor and simplicity. The grounds are meticulously designed with enchanting gardens and beautiful blooms. The rooms, architecture, and artworks are magnificent and well worth a visit. It is one of the top attractions in Denmark.

Address: Øster Voldgade 4A, 1350 København, Denmark

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8. Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace is a lavish location and the residence of the Danish Parliament. The majority of the areas in this palace are utilized by the Danish Monarch. It consists of Royal Reception Rooms, Palace Chapel, and Royal Stables. The palace is governed by three significant powers of the country, namely ‘Legislative power’, ‘Judicial power’, and ‘Executive power’.

the gorgeous Christiansborg Palace

Address: Prins Jørgens Gård 1, 1218 København, Denmark

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9. Skagen


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The northernmost tip of Denmark, Skagen is a symbol of natural beauty. It is where the waters of Kattegat and Skagerrak converge. Walk out on the Branch, which are the sandy tips that extend into the sea in a stylized manner. The 700-year-old village of Skagen is also renowned for Hygge, which is a unique traditional Danish experience to include in your itinerary. Skagen not only offers a serene and contemplative environment but its untamed nature also provides a range of adventurous opportunities to enjoy.

10. Mols Bjerge National Park

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If you are eager to visit some undiscovered places in Denmark, this is a must-visit destination. Denmark is known for its rugged landscapes, and what better way to explore them than by visiting Mols Bjerge National Park. The park is situated in the southern part of Djursland, with rolling meadows, pastures, woodlands, and marshes. It goes without saying how abundant the region is in terms of flora and fauna. Encounter a variety of wildlife as you wander through this designated national park. It is famous for its ancient ice holes and a diverse range of sand lizards.

Address: Grenåvej 12, 8410 Rønde, Denmark

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11. Rold Skov Forest

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Situated in the Himmerland, Rold Skov is one of the fascinating destinations to explore in Denmark. Named after the village of Rold, which is located on the outskirts of the forest, Rold Skov also holds the distinction of being the second largest forest in the country. Encompassing an area of 80 Km. sq., the place is renowned for its Troll Forest. These trees are ancient and possess a distinctive undulating and spiral shapes, which is why Rold Skov Forest is also referred to as the ‘Enchanted Forest’. Rold Skov is a forest with remarkable natural phenomena that captivate numerous visitors from around the globe.

Location: 9520 Skørping, Denmark

12. The Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

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The remarkable Rubjerg Knude is situated at an altitude of 90 meters above sea level, but what astonishes people is that it continues to expand in size! Apart from its breathtaking natural scenery and the resounding ocean beneath, this dramatic landscape is renowned for the Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse. This magnificent 23-meter tall structure has its own gasworks to provide illumination for the vast sea and the sailing vessels. Additionally, the lighthouse now features a staircase to allow visitors to enjoy the splendid view from the top. Due to ongoing coastal erosion in the area, it is projected that the lighthouse will fall into the sea within the next 10-15 years.

Admission fee: NoneOperating hours: Open 24/7

13. Møns Klint Biosphere

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It is among the most lush and enchanting locations in Denmark, where the blossoming leaves embellish Moens Klint and lend an ethereal charm to the place. The entire setting will undoubtedly remind you of Denmark’s national song – ‘There is a beautiful land…’. If you have an unwavering adoration for nature, Moen is certainly worth a visit. In this vicinity, the expansive beech forests should also be explored, along with the majestic cliffs that offer awe-inspiring views of the surroundings. And the most wonderful part is that both of these places can be visited throughout the year, thanks to their consistently pleasant weather and lush foliage.

14. The Fur Island

Image SourceFor those who understand the beauty of this location, it will come as no surprise that Fur Island ranks first among the top natural destinations in Denmark. It is a unique island with the most awe-inspiring views. Aside from its natural splendor, the site provides a glimpse into the early history of the country through its visible layers of volcanic ash and mo-clay (moler). This sediment is extremely rare and can only be found in the Limfjord region. It is one of the few places in the world where you can actually see fossils on the beach. And if not the beach, you can simply visit the Fur Museum and admire the impressive exhibits that showcase Denmark’s history. Due to its exceptional moler landscape, it is on the verge of being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

15. Søhøjlandet – The Lake Highlands

Image SourceAdorned with captivating lakes and moors, the Mid Jutland area features Denmark’s largest forests and the largest river, Gudenåen. These lakes are interconnected with the meandering river, creating a mesmerizing network of hiking trails, shorelines, forested camping areas, and walking and cycling routes for nature enthusiasts. Apart from the scenic sights offered by the forested cliffs, peaks, gorges, and Lakelands, Søhøjlandet is an incredible destination for hikers, trekkers, adventure enthusiasts, and even those seeking a peaceful picnic spot.

16. Jammerbugten – The Bay Denmark

Image SourceJammerbugten, also known as the Bay Denmark in the North Jutland area, is among the most enchanting places to spend your holiday in Denmark. Whether it’s the beautifully lined sand dunes along the coast, the vast amusement park Fårup Sommerland, or the numerous rustic accommodation options nearby, you’ll find plenty of reasons to fall in love with this place! Here, you can also encounter the friendly locals and experience their great hospitality. This place boasts some of the finest beaches in the country and offers various adventure activities such as hiking and mountain biking.

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Do you find these destinations in Denmark truly fascinating? Are you excited to explore these places in one of the happiest countries in the world? If so, plan a trip to Europe, head to your favorite destination, and create unforgettable memories with your family or friends! There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored!

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What are the top places to visit near Denmark?

Denmark is a Nordic country consisting of a peninsula and small islands. You can explore Nyhavn, Anholt (an island in the middle of Kattegat), and Odense. Denmark is also connected to Sweden via the Oresund Bridge.

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