Delighting in Thailand’s Offbeat Tastes: Alok, His Kinfolk, and Their Most Joyful Reminiscences!

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A little enchanting journey unfolds set in the eastern paradise of Thailand. Read the thrilling tale of Alok on his family trip to Thailand traveling, partying, relishing the eccentric flavors of Thailand. Their trip cost them a total of INR 30,400 which included their lodging, transfers, sightseeing, and breakfast.

Having traveled with Fred and Fuzzys earlier to Kerala, we were eager to consult them again for a vacation. The moment my daughter suggested Thailand as a potential vacation, we knew who to get in touch with.

ALok and his family fly into Bangkok

I submitted an inquiry and soon enough, was reached out to by a representative from the same. I could select a package from different agents depending on what price and itinerary I preferred and after receiving quotes from several travel agencies – I chose ‘Sumuk International Travels’ as our travel agency and guide.

Day 1: Flying into Thailand

Alok taking some rest in the hotel

We commenced our journey from Chennai early in the day and arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. Upon our arrival, the taxi was waiting for us at the airport. After completing all formalities we exited the airport, boarded the car and were dropped off at Hotel Beverly

Plaza in Pattaya.

We rested for a few hours and then embarked on exploring Pattaya. We covered local destinations like Giant Buddha, Floating Market, Pattaya Beach and ultimately the famous Walking Street. The local sightseeing was not included in our package with Fred and Fuzzys (which we feel could have been included because it only costed us 400 Baht), but we made our own arrangements.

Mother and daughter moment in Thailand

In the evening, after dinner, we were taken to Alcazar show at 8 pm by a private vehicle. The opulence and allure of the show mesmerized the diverse audience present at the show. That definitely made it a must-see event in Pattaya. After the show concluded, we were dropped off at the hotel and we rested for the night.

Day 2: Jewel of an Island

ENjoying the sun and surf in Coral Island

Subsequent to enjoying breakfast, we departed for Coral Island Tour at approximately 9am. En route to Coral Island, we engaged in thrilling activities such as parachute sailing and underwater walking. Initially, my family and I were apprehensive about the parachute take-off. However, in an instant, our anxiety transformed into excitement as I ascended into the sky.

Visiting the Coral Island proved to be a memorable encounter. It boasts a splendid beach, crystal-clear water, and a lively tourist scene. We returned to Pattaya by 3 pm, had lunch, and were transported back to the hotel. The overall arrangements were commendable and efficient.

Alok and his family at Coral Island

Since we had ample time in the second half of the day, we independently decided to explore Nong Nooch Village (Not included in package). It proved to be an astonishing experience. In the evening, we indulged in extensive shopping and relished the renowned Thai massage. Later, we returned to the hotel and called it a night.

Day 3: Temple roam in Bangkok

Diving blessings in Thailand

The following morning, after breakfast, we checked out of the hotel and departed for Bangkok. Our private car was prepared, and we arrived at the Hotel Manhattan at around 3 PM after visiting the Golden temple and Gems gallery in Bangkok. The intricate details and craftsmanship on the temples reminded me of India and the temples we had witnessed back home.

The driver didn’t take us to the other temple due to road blockage caused by the King’s demise. It was unfortunate to witness the entire nation mourning the death of a member of the royal family. In the evening, we visited Indra Market for purchasing souvenirs. After our shopping spree, we had a meal at a local Thai restaurant and returned to the hotel for the night.

Day 4: Sailing in Bangkok

Relaxing in Pattaya

Our last day commenced with a speedy breakfast. At 10 am, the taxi driver was ready at the hotel to transport us for a boat excursion on river Chao Phraya. During the river journey, we indulged in delectable eastern cuisine on a picturesque cruise that traverses the core of Thailand. Following that, we visited the renowned Wat Pho (reclining buddha) temple.

Our tour concluded in the evening with a visit to the weekend market. It embodied the conventional street shopping one associates with an Asian nation. After exploring the weekend market, we returned to the hotel for the night.

Day 5: Farewell Thailand

Fond memories in Thailand

The following morning, we checked out of the hotel as our escapades in Thailand were about to draw to a close. At 7 am, we were chauffeured to the airport, and from there, we boarded our flight back to Chennai.

My family and I thoroughly relished our adventures in Thailand, as we witnessed the diverse culture within the country. I found it astounding how Thailand surpassed expectations of tourists with regards to spirituality, entertainment, and natural beauty.

Witnessing the very best in the entertainment world


  • The Coral Island tour was the pinnacle of our trip


  • The unfortunate demise of the King of Thailand resulted in our inability to visit half of the places in Bangkok.

Traveler Suggestions:

  • They should certainly avail the option of customizing the itinerary.

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