Delicious Ukrainian Cuisine: Discover 12 Tempting Traditional Dishes to Savor

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Ukraine is renowned for its cultural variety. This country has also gained worldwide fame for its diverse cuisine. Ukrainian cuisine is celebrated all over the world today because of its delectable flavors, traditional methods, and, of course, unique approaches to hospitality. Primary components of the food that Ukrainians prefer are millet, rye, and wheat. They have been cultivating these foodstuffs for centuries. It is important to note that despite being under the rule of various countries including Russia, Poland, and Austria, the native inhabitants of Ukraine have managed to preserve their culture, traditions, and culinary customs.

A distinguishing feature of Ukrainian cuisine is that its ingredients are typically fried or boiled before being stewed or baked. Ukrainians always enjoy exploring various culinary styles. This is the main reason why they themselves prepare a wide range of dishes and take pleasure in serving them to their esteemed guests. Today, Ukrainians consider it a matter of pride that a select few dishes from their cuisine have gained international recognition. Take a look at these 12 top-rated Ukrainian dishes.


1. Kholodet

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Kholodet, a popular appetizer in Ukrainian cuisine, is made with either meat or fish as its main ingredient. It is a light and mildly spicy dish, making it a favorite among many. With its unique combination of garlic and meat flavors, it offers a delightful and mouthwatering dining experience.

To prepare the Kholodet dish, meat broth is simmered on low heat for an extended period of time until it becomes tender. Sometimes, the meat broth is infused with onions, carrots, and bay leaves. It may sound intriguing, but it is worth mentioning that the readiness of this dish is determined by dipping the fingers into it. If the fingers come out sticky, it means the broth is ready and the dish is ready to be served.

Where to Try: Pervak, Kanapa Restaurant, Kyiv Restaurant

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2. Borsch

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Also known as Borscht and Borshch, the popular Ukrainian dish Borscht is a vibrant Jewish soup. It is prepared using a variety of vegetables, including beets, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and kidney beans, among others. In its non-vegetarian version, meat is added to enhance the flavor and taste.

Although more than 300 varieties of Borshch are prepared nowadays but Ukrainian Borshch always remains distinct. This unique soup is usually prepared from carrots, potatoes, cabbage, onions, parsley, and beets. Unique dark red color of this dish makes it distinct.

Where To Try: Seven Piggies, Cafe Centaur, The Most Expensive Galiciam Restaurant, Galushko


3. Paska

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Paska is famous as Ukrainian Easter bread. This traditional cake recipe is baked with the eggs besides flavoring agents and alcohol. Whether Christmas or some other holiday, this cake remains perfect choice among the families. In order to add some religious flavor in it, it is often decorated with religious symbols.

Loved by both adults and children, this delicious bread is the most appropriate companion of grand meat sausages. In addition, it remains a popular give-away in the Ukraine societies during the Easter family visits. This Ukrainian food is also frequently available in Poland with the local metaphor Babka there. In Ukraine, the process of making this bread starts fairly early in the morning on the Good Friday occasion. People get to sink their teeth into the first slice on Easter morning.

Where To Try: Kryivka, Odessa

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4. Salo

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If you are looking for best Ukrainian breakfast foods, then without a doubt start relying on Salo with garlic. Also known as the National Ukrainian dish, Salo is a white pork fat. Due to high energy contents, this dish has become an integral part of diet in the Ukrainian cuisine.

Also working as popular Ukrainian snacks, Salo can be best preserved for several days even without refrigerating, if salted or smoked. Besides Ukraine, this dish is equally popular in its neighboring countries Belarus and Russia. Russian Solos are though slightly different from traditional Ukrainian Solos. Russian version contains bits of meat unlike traditional Ukrainian Salos prepared without use meat. Rather, a white layer of fat is used for that purpose.

Where To Try: Cafe Centaur, Seven Piggies

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5. Ukrainian Sausages

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Whether rural or urban Ukrainian families, they have a fondness for consuming fragrant homemade Ukrainian sausages or Kovbasa—as famously referred to. Slender casings are filled with ground meats, fats, and spices to create a delectable delicacy. It is a fully cooked product that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Regardless of whether you are in Ukraine or Poland, you will come across Kovbasa/Kobasa available for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.

Kovbasa is a generic term in Ukraine that encompasses any type of sausage, while kiełbasa serves as the generic term for sausage in the Polish language. This simple yet delightful sausage is prepared using a combination of pork or beef and peperivka with zesty vodka. Its taste and flavor tend to improve over time. This dish has also gained popularity in the US.

Potato Pancakes

Where To Taste: Baczewski, Ukrainian Courtyard

6. Dumplings

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It is impossible to envision Ukrainian cuisine without dumplings or Varenyky. Crafted from boiled dough and filled with various ingredients such as meat, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, and cheese et al, Varenyky is not limited to festive occasions. Its aroma and taste have the ability to captivate individuals. It can be enjoyed as either a main course or a dessert, depending on the preference of the eater. It is also referred to as Ukrainian pierogi in certain regions.

Like other culinary creations, Vareniki has gained worldwide popularity with different names, forms, and fillings. For instance, in Russia, it is known as “Pelmeni” when filled with meat. Locals in Ukraine also favor sweet Varenyky, but the sour cherry-filled variation remains a common favorite. A must-try dish in Ukraine, its taste and aroma make it a staple for all occasions.

Where To Taste: Seven Piggies, Cafe Centaur, Fashion Club

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7. Potato Pancakes

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Potato pancakes are also referred to as Deruny in Ukraine. This well-liked dish is believed to have originated in the neighboring country of Belarus, and it is greatly enjoyed by locals in Ukraine. Made from finely-shredded raw potatoes combined with eggs and flour, they are delicious pancakes that are considered the ultimate choice for breakfast in Ukraine.

Deruny is also enjoyed with tea. It is now available globally under different names. This traditional recipe has most likely been a part of Ukrainian cuisine for many centuries. It has stood the test of time due to its incredible flavor and popularity among people of all age groups. Pairing this recipe with sausage makes it even more enjoyable.


Where To Try: Facet, Pervak

8. Kapusniak

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Kapusniak is a traditional Ukrainian soup that remains popular in households during the winter season. It comes in second place in terms of popularity after Borscht, thanks to its thickness, high nutritional value, and rich taste. This recipe derives its name from its main ingredient, sauerkraut, also known as “kapusta” in Ukrainian. Pickled vegetables are also added to this soup to enhance its flavor and add a sour taste.

The main ingredients of this soup are broth, cabbage, and cereals, which are easily available throughout the year, making it possible to prepare this dish all year round. This soup used to be popular among farmers in the past, and it was also served at weddings and funerals. Eventually, it became a common and popular recipe in Ukrainian households.

Where To Try: Pervak, Zest

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9. Nalysnyky

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Nalysnyky is one of the popular Ukrainian dishes that has been a part of the country’s culinary culture since ancient times. Also known as Ukrainian crepes, Nalysnyky is an exquisite and delicate recipe that is enjoyed in almost every part of the country. It is easily prepared as part of everyday meals, as well as at weddings and festivals. As a traditional Ukrainian food, Nalysnyky is a preferred choice for the main course.

Now popular globally, the same principle is utilized to prepare Nalysnyky everywhere with the core ingredients except for some variation in batter usage and filling, among other things. It is seasoned with a hint of dill, cooked in a generous amount of butter, and garnished with caviar. Food enthusiasts relish this dish on their dining tables.


Where To Experience: Shumka Ukranian Foods

10. Pampushky

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Pampushky is one of the renowned and highly sought-after Ukrainian desserts nowadays. Recognized globally as a festive delicacy, it is a simple-to-prepare dessert and holds a special place among all other Ukrainian desserts. It is filled with either jam or poppy seeds.

Considered a beloved sweet treat in Ukraine, Pampushky is served with powdered sugar and sour cream on top. It is relished as a delectable and flavorsome light food alongside a cup of tea. Food enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore it and several other popular Ukrainian snacks and desserts during their tours.


Where To Experience: Seven Piggies, Musafir

11. Okroshka

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A famous and frequently prepared favorite among the locals, Okroshka is a soup that is made during summers. A savior from the humid weather, this soup is incredibly delicious and refreshing. The ingredients including sausages, cucumbers, greens, carrots, and radishes are diced into larger pieces to give this soup a perfect consistency.

Where To Experience: KOLO Vegan Restaurant, Kompot, O’Panas

12. Barush

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Once a food connected with poverty, Banush has emerged as a beloved staple dish among some of the finest restaurants across the Carpathians. Western Ukraine may have various recipes for this particular dish, but traditionally Barush is made with corn grits, fried pork fat, and cheese. It is cooked over a fire to achieve a smoky flavor. To enhance the taste, some recipes include mushrooms in the porridge.

Where To Attempt: Seven Piggies

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Whether you desire to know about Ukrainian food culture, or long for a plateful of delectable Ukrainian breakfast foods, arrange a trip to this country for an unforgettable dining experience. Delight in Ukrainian culinary with family by sampling abundant varieties this country offers. Your gratifying desire for the diverse cuisines concludes here.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Ukrainian Food

Which is the most popular food in Ukraine?

Varenyky is the most renowned food in Ukraine.

What do people consume in Ukraine?

Horilka is a Ukranian pepper vodka and one of the most prevalent beverages among the locals.

What are the 12 Ukrainian Christmas dishes?

Kutia, Kolach, Meatless Borscht, Stuffed Salmon, Fried Fillets, Pickled Herring, Meatless Holubtsi, Varenyky, Broad Beans, Pidpenky with Gravy, Compote, and Pampushky.


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