Crystal Clear Waters: 20 Idyllic Beaches That Tempt You to Dive In!

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Swimming in the crystal-clear water amongst the reef fauna and flora is simply a enchanting experience. Envision yourself plunging into the unspoiled water, exploring the submerged world.

The clean azure waters of Maldives Beaches

It will undoubtedly leave you awe-struck. Moreover, you’ll feel rejuvenated by the serenity of the water. So let’s discover the locations that can provide you with the finest swimming experiences around the world.

1. The Maldives Islands

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With 26 atolls, the stunning Maldives Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, offers pristine azure water. The reef fauna and flora is a major tourist attraction here. So, pack your swimming gear and get ready to dive in.

A diver swimming in the clear waters of Wakatobi Beach

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2. Wakatobi, Indonesia

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This incredible marine dive resort is the ultimate paradise for swimmers. Situated on the southern side of Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island, Wakatobi comprises of 4 islands namely Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, Binongko. For enthusiasts of under-water life, the resort is home to approximately 750 species of coral reef and around 942 fish species.

The clean blue waters of Enchanted River in Philippines

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3. Enchanted River, Philippines

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A girl snorkelling in the clean waters of Redang Island in Malaysia

This delightful river situated at Surigao del sur, Philippines offers the most tranquil azure waters, abode to countless fish and underwater species. For swimmers, snorkelers, and underwater explorers, this place is the ultimate destination.

4. Redang Island, Malaysia

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Shipwreck in the waters of Tobermory in Canada

Located off the eastern Malaysian shoreline, Redang Island is among the 9 isles that constitute an aquatic park. This island offers marvelous opportunities for diving and snorkeling, and you can even explore sea turtles conservation here. This exclusive tropical paradise can be accessed through resort boats operated from Kuala Terenganu or Merang.

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5. Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

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Recognized as the “hub of freshwater SCUBA diving,” Tobermory has Canada’s first National Sea Park, The Fathom Five National Marine Park. With over 20 ancient shipwrecks, this place is captivating for scuba divers and swimmers. Put your diving skills to the test here!

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6. Cayo Coco – Cuba

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Named after the indigenous white ibis ‘coco birds’, Cayo Coco stands as one of the most splendid islands in central Cuba, situated near the Ciego de Avila province. With swamplands to grasslands, this island still houses untouched indigenous plants and animals. Immaculate coastlines, all-inclusive resorts, and coral reefs are sufficient to entice swimmers from all over the world.

Two colored waters of Cayo Coco Island

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The scenic views of Jenny Lake

7. Jenny Lake – Wyoming

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With a vast and diverse history of approximately 12,000 years, Jenny Lake located in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, USA, serves as an excellent destination for divers seeking an incredible swimming experience. It is believed that the lake has a depth of 129 meters, formed as a result of the movement of rock debris caused by glaciers.

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The Serene Clean Waters of Raja Ampat

8. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Raja Ampat, commonly referred to as the Four Kings, is ranked among the top ten diving destinations worldwide and is at the forefront when it comes to places of exceptional underwater biodiversity. If you possess an adoration for marine life, then this location is a must-visit as it showcases the greatest variety of species ever documented.

A girl swimming in the deep Green Waters at Cayo Arena

9. Cayo Arena, Dominican Republic

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For a breathtaking marine spectacle characterized by the depths of blue and green waters, there is no finer destination than Cayo Arena. Often nicknamed the “paradise island,” this small yet enchanting island boasts exquisitely soft sand and tropical waters that cater ideally to snorkelers and divers.

A man swimming in the waters of the hovering Lake McKenzie

10. Lake Mackenzie, Australia

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Situated within the Great Sandy National Park in Queensland, Australia, Lake McKenzie is an elevated lake located on Fraser Island. This remarkable body of water offers unpolluted and pristine conditions for swimmers seeking a tranquil diving experience.

The clean azure waters of Linapacan Island

11. Linapacan Island – Philippines

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With a sparse population, Linapacan Island in the Philippines presents the most tranquil and crystal-clear beaches imaginable. The water surrounding this island possesses unparalleled purity, making it an ideal location for divers to revel in the pristine aquatic environment.

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The clean waters of Los Roques

12. Los Roques, Venezuela

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Los Roques can be appropriately referred to as the aquatic destination of wealthy and prominent individuals as it has the distinction of attracting affluent ocean enthusiasts, especially Europeans. With private boats docked within the shallow waters, these maritime explorers come here to observe the affluent marine ecosystem and diverse array of seabirds.

Port City of Turkey - Bodrum

13. Bodrum – Turkey

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Known as the harbor town of Turkey, Bodrum is renowned for the Bodrum Castle overseeing the marina and the harbor. With an enchanting appeal for divers, this maritime city hosts various cultural festivities throughout the year. You can broaden your knowledge about underwater artifacts at the Underwater Archaeology museum situated here.

Swimmers in the turquoise Sea of Cala Macarelleta

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14. Cala Macarelleta, Menorca – Spain

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Spain – The sea in this location, with its azure waters, is serene and tranquil and boasts soft, ivory-colored sand spanning the entire length of the beach. Pine and oak trees provide shelter to this picturesque bay, creating an inviting environment for sunbathing.

The Blue waters of the Beaches of Hurghada

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15. Hurghada, Egypt

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The blue green clean water Sabah Coast in Malaysia

Due to its tranquil water and sprawling natural beaches, Hurghada, Egypt enjoys the status of being one of the most renowned destinations for snorkelers and scuba divers. If you have a preference for gauging the length of crystal lucid waters, this is the place to be.

16. Sabah – Malaysia

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The clear waters of Dove Lake, Tasmania, Australia

Beyond the Sabah coasts exists a multitude of coral reefs and islands, including Pulau Banggi, the largest Malaysian Island. It’s a key destination for divers. So make your way to Sabah, the Malaysian 13 member state.

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17. Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia

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Clean Blue Waters at Bonito

Amidst the Cradle Mountains in Tasmania, Australia, Dove Lake offers an exclusive atmosphere with tussock grasses and pencil pines. The deciduous shoreline at the lake surrounding the azure transparent water is soothing for swimmers.

18. Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul – Brazil

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A Swimmer Diving Into To Sua Ocean Trench

Municipality of Bonito located in Mato Grosso do sul, the Brazilian state is recognized for its implausible blue water. Due to the blue colored water, the destination is famously known as Central-West’s Caribbean. The remarkable natural water filter here purges all the impurities of the water, making the river highly sanitary for swimmers.

The Great Barrier Reef, Panari Islands, Okinawa, Japan

19. To Sua Ocean Trench – Samoa

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It’s a distinctive swimming destination where you’ll find a pool filled with transparent water. Access is through a ladder. Here Sua means ‘big hole’. So, you can relish an extraordinary water experience here.

20. Panari Island, Okinawa – Japan

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With coral and marine life as exquisite and beautiful as the Great Barrier Reef, Panari Islands is one of the most sought after destination in Asia for divers and swimmers.

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We have provided you with ample details about some of the destinations where you would love to go. Now it’s your opportunity to exercise your mind and identify this astonishing beach that is said to house around 400 kinds of corals, tropical fishes, and whale sharks. Share your guesses in the comments section below.

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