Complete Your South Korea Trip with These 8 Must-Visit Places in Incheon

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Incheon not only shares its borders with Seoul, the capital of South Korea but also its style and liveliness. The numerous places to explore in Incheon guarantee to provide you with a great time. Once you have discovered Seoul, your next destination in South Korea should be Incheon because it offers a variety of experiences to its visitors. From parks to beaches, theme parks to restaurants, you will be in a dilemma about what to attend and what to miss.

Top 8 Places To Explore In Incheon

Here are some of the finest places to explore in Incheon that will bring you closer to the culture and way of life of people in South Korea.

  • Incheon Grand Park
  • Eurwangni Beach
  • Jeondeungsa Temple
  • Chinatown
  • Wolmido Island
  • Sinpo International Market
  • Spasis
  • Fairy Tale Village

1. Incheon Grand Park

Season Quarter Nature Wood Cherry Tree

Incheon Grand park is situated between two mountains. So, surreal views are provided. The park spreads across 727 acres making it the largest urban green park in the city. It boasts of abundant greenery and serene surroundings where people come to enjoy a picnic and the scenery. During the spring season, you will find Cherry Blossoming everywhere in the park. The entire place looks so charming. There is also a children’s zoo, botanical garden, and beautiful lakes in the park. One can easily spend an entire day at the park. Location: Incheon Grand Park, 236, Munemi-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon, South Korea

2. Eurwangni Beach

If you wish to enjoy some sand and surf, head to Eurwangi Beach in Incheon. It is one of the best places to visit near Incheon Airport. The cozy, white beach is excellent for those who are looking forward to having fun with thrilling water activities like a banana ride. That’s not all. You can come to this beach to observe astronomical events. Imagine how amazing it would be lying underneath the stars. The sunset at Eurwangni Beach is equally breathtaking. The beach is not very deep, so it is completely safe for kids as well. Location: Yongyu-dong, Incheon, South Korea

Eurwangni Beach

3. Jeondeungsa Temple

A millennium-old Buddhist temple in the wilderness of Incheon, Jeondeungsa Temple appears as though it’s straight out of a level from the game Temple Run. the temple is situated inside Samrangseong Fortress and is a millennium old. The temple is a complex of smaller temples and buildings and each one of them is an architectural marvel. You will find numerous statues inside Daeungbojeon, Beomjong Bell, the Yangheonsu Victory Monument, and Yaksajeon. The entire serenity is surrounded by trees and lovely flowers. Location: 37-41 Jeondeungsa-ro, Gilsang-myeon, Kanghwa, Incheon, South Korea

Jeondeungsa Temple In Incheon

4. Chinatown

South Korea’s sole official and also largest Chinatown, this place is like a world within itself. Inside the community town, you’ll discover fantastic restaurants, museums, and pedestrian streets. Learn about the culture of Chinese-Korean individuals at the cultural center and the formation of this part of the city in the year 1884. If you’re craving amazing Chinese cuisine, then head straight to this place. This town in Incheon is where noodles with black bean sauce were first created. So, it is obligatory to savor them during your visit. Location: Gaho-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea


5. Wolmido Island

Shaped like a half-moon, Wolmido is one of the incredible destinations to visit in Incheon, Korea where you can spend an entire day indulging in countless experiences. It is an island situated 1 km off the coast of Incheon. One can effortlessly reach Wolmido via monorail, which is an experience in itself. There is a vast theme park where both children and adults go wild and have boundless fun. You can even take a stroll along the shoreline to relish enchanting sea views. There are numerous seafood restaurants along the shore where you can savor fresh and delectable seafood. Location: near Incheon, South Korea

Wolmido Island

6. Sinpo International Market

If you desire to taste some incredible Korean cuisine, then you should locate yourself at Sinpo International market. It is situated near Sinpo-dong which is a significant commercial port. This is where the market was established in the 19th century when foreigners arrived to trade goods. Your primary motive for visiting this market should be Korean street food. Spicy rice cake, kimbap, kimchi, deep-fried chicken, sample everything that the stalls in the market have to offer.

Market Food

7. Spasis

As the name implies, Spasis is an expansive establishment in Incheon with calming spas and jacuzzis. If you ever feel like indulging yourself on your South Korean trip, then you should make your way to Spasis for a rejuvenating experience. Spend a complete day pampering yourself with spa treatments or lounging in a jacuzzi pool. The facility even houses a dining area and a cinema. What more could you ask for? The place is an all-inclusive package. The best part is that it operates for 24 hours. Location: 263 Gyeongin-ro, Dohwa 1(il)-dong, Nam-gu, Incheon, South Korea


8. Fairy Tale Village

Songwol-dong or Fairyland is nothing short of a enchanting place. Witness a Disney movie set coming to life at Songwol where you will discover charming houses adorned in vibrant colors. From Little Red Riding Hood to Wizard of Oz, each of these houses portrays a fairy tale. Irrespective of how old you are, if you have spent your childhood watching Disney movies and cartoons, you will see the child in you resurface. It is one of the most highly recommended places to visit in Incheon, South Korea. Location: Jayugongwonseo-ro 45beon-gil, Songwol-dong 3(sam)-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea

Fairy Tale Village In Incheon

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Do not conclude your journey to South Korea without exploring all these attractions to visit in Incheon. In fact, you should allocate ample days to discover Incheon because there is so much to see and experience. Make your vacation in South Korea an incredible one!

Commonly Asked Questions About Attractions To Explore In Incheon

What is Incheon renowned for?

Incheon is renowned for its picturesque landscapes created by the West Sea and its surrounding islands. The location grew from Jemulpo port that once served as a gateway to the sea from Hanyang.

Is Incheon superior to Seoul?

Incheon and Seoul, both locations are well-known for their outstanding experiences. With the former being relatively smaller compared to Seoul. Incheon can be considered a focal point for tourists and business travelers and offers luxurious accommodations that guarantee memorable stays. Seoul, being the capital city, is more vibrant and boasts numerous tourist attractions.

Is it safe to visit Incheon during the Covid era?

To ensure a safe travel experience, you must adhere to all the compulsory safety guidelines stated by the authorities. Wear a mask when venturing out and maintain social distancing. Avoid crowded areas and sanitize your hands after touching surfaces.

Is Incheon costly?

In terms of accommodations, transportation, sightseeing tours, etc., Incheon is more affordable than Seoul. You can also find budget-friendly alternatives in the city for planning your meals.

Is Korea more economical than Japan?

If you are planning a visit to South Korea and comparing the expenses with Japan, according to the latest reports, Korea is 2.1% more affordable than Japan. However, both locations possess their unique charm and cannot be directly compared.

What are the top dining establishments in Incheon?

The following are renowned restaurants in Incheon: 1. Buam Galbi – Korean cuisine 2. Liquor Burger – American cuisine 3. Ilmi Hwapyeongdong Naengmyeon – Korean cuisine 4. Gonghwachun – Chinese cuisine 5. Sikgaek – Korean cuisine 6. Restaurant 8 – Multi-cuisine

Which is the premier shopping destination in Incheon?

The following are the ultimate shopping destinations in Incheon: 1. Sinpo International Market 2. Incheon Complex Fish Market 3. Guwol-dong Rodeo Drive 4. Square 1 5. NC Cube Canal Walk 6. Bupyeong Market 7. Ganghwa Pungmul Market 8. Triple Street

What activities can I engage in while in Incheon?

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You can organize a visit to well-liked landmarks such as Incheon Grand Park, Spasis, Eurwangni Beach, Sinpo International Market, Jeondeungsa Temple, Wolmido Island, Chinatown, Korea Traditional Cultural Experience Centre, and more.

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