Climbing Japan’s Peaks: An Extensive Handbook for Becoming a True Mountaineer

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If you are a devoted enthusiast of mountains and prefer the activity of mountaineering over others, then you should choose those places that offer a mesmerizing experience. This remarkable experience can be obtained by selecting the finest location for mountaineering in Japan. Catching a glimpse of the initial ray of sunlight while hiking can provide you with a distinct sense of fulfillment that can assist you in reducing your stress to the maximum level. The presence of active volcanoes and the crater created by the lava will grant you a unique and surreal encounter. If you embark on an expedition in Japan, you will easily discover the historical cultural values associated with the mountains. The expedition can lead you through the tranquil serenity of the shrines situated in the mountains.

Mountaineering In Japan: Optimal Locations

Merely choosing to embark on a mountaineering journey is not sufficient when undertaking an expedition. Acquiring a concise understanding of various aspects of the summit will provide you with the necessary information. It is highly important to familiarize yourself with the weather and other geographical features of the peak. This will allow you to experience the diverse facets of beauty and tranquility while mountaineering. A brief description of some of the recommended and popular summits in Japan are as follows:

1. Mount Kuro2. Mount Fuji3. Mount Tsurugi4. Mount Nantai5. Mount Meakan

Mount Fuji

1. Mount Kuro

This is a volcanic dome situated within the mountainous region. This peak stands at a height of 1984 meters. If you have a passion for mountaineering and also want to witness the structure of lava, then this is an ideal destination for mountaineering. You can ascend this peak by pausing at different points due to the uneven solidification of lava. Hiking the entire peak is possible, and you can also opt for the chairlift. The scenic beauty along the mountain is exquisite. While mountaineering, you can encounter an array of captivating scenery. For those who wish to appreciate the scenic beauty without exerting themselves, the ropeway is an alternative.

Location: Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group of the Ishikari Mountains, Hokkaidō, Japan.How to reach: You must choose the dohoku bus from JR Kamikawa and disembark at Sounkyo bus stop. The bus ride lasts for approximately 30 minutes.

Mount Tsurugi

2. Mount Fuji

This summit is the tallest in Japan at 3776 meters. If you want to encounter the vibrant picturesque beauty from various perspectives, then Mount Fuji is the popular and favored destination for mountaineering. It also holds immense significance for the Japanese people in terms of mythology. Therefore, by choosing this summit, you can gain a wide range of knowledge and mountaineering experience. It is located near the Pacific coast of central Honshu, southwest of Tokyo. The view of the surrounding towns will offer you a unique perception, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of nature and human creations at the same time. The ideal time to embark on an expedition to this summit is from July to August. The unique selling point of this destination is the opportunity to witness the sunrise and the arrival of the first rays of light known as the “arrival of light.”

Location: Chūbu region‎, ‎Honshu‎, Japan

How to reach: The easiest way to reach the base of Mount Fuji is by taking a Keio bus from Shinjuku, Tokyo. Buses run at regular intervals of 2 hours, which will take you directly to the starting point, where you can commence your climb from Kawaguchiko.

Mount Nantai

3. Mount Tsurugi

This peak is one of the highest peaks in Japan, standing at 2999 meters. It is regarded as one of the most popular peaks for mountaineering activities. Many mountaineers choose this summit as it provides the much-desired surge of excitement due to its treacherous trails. The summit allows you to experience the breathtaking scenic beauty from a bird’s-eye view. The surrounding natural landscape will captivate you. It is advisable to attempt these trails only if you are an experienced mountaineer, as it can be a perilous hiking experience if proper attention is not given. The view from the top is worth taking the risk for.

Location: Kita Alps

How to reach: You can either rent a vehicle or avail of the bus service. The bus service starts from Awa Ikeda Station to Kubo, then change to the bus bound for Tsurugisan and alight at the final bus stop, where you can commence your expedition.

4. Mount Nantai

This peak is favored among the climbers, positioned at an elevation of 2484 meters. It can offer you the exhilarating yet tranquil encounter of mountaineering. The climbers who believe in the historical significance of a peak and its worth among the local populace will receive a comprehensive soothing encounter by understanding its narrative. The sanctuaries that are located here hold a significant place in the mountain cult historical worth. The aerial perspective of the rice fields alongside the peak will provide a stunning picturesque encounter while trekking. This can be an excellent tension reliever for those who wish to alleviate theirs by selecting this activity. If you desire to obtain a distinct encounter of historical importance and acquire a mountaineering experience, then this place is more than adequate in Japan.

Location: NikkoHow to arrive: Taking a bus destined for Yumoto Hot Spring and disembark at Futarasan Jinja Mae Bus stop.

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