Choosing Between London and Paris: Which City is Ideal for a Luxurious Vacation?

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For die-hard romantics, fashion addicts, and lovers of everything fancy, selecting one-holiday destination when it comes to London vs Paris is always a battle. And why wouldn’t it be? Both of these globally renowned European cities are famous for their iconic attractions and fulfilling experiences. Ensure to choose which trip to embark on wisely. We guarantee that whichever choice you make, this trip will be an unforgettable experience for you.

London Vs Paris Tourism

If the question, “Should I go to London or Paris?” puzzles you every time you sit down to plan your vacation, then this blog on London vs Paris tourism can help you make a more informed decision. Take a look at what we have in store for you:

What’s Special?

Here’s a quick ‘what to do where’ guide that would further assist you in choosing the right city based on your interests and budget. You’ll be amazed by the multitude of choices you have in each and every sphere when it comes to London vs Paris:

city view of paris


The renowned Big Ben, splendid British Museum, enchanting River Thames, the Tower Bridge, magnificent palaces like Buckingham and Westminster, restaurants with stunning city views, and of course the famous London Eye – the capital of the United Kingdom possesses it all.

best season to visit london


In Paris, special is synonymous with the captivating Eiffel Tower, but that’s not all this city has to offer because there’s much more. Enchanting rooftop restaurants and brasseries, hotels that offer a breathtaking view of the romantic tower and the city, high-end designer boutiques and top-notch street stores, famous Disneyland, and much more.

Optimal Time To Explore

Curious about the prime time to venture into London and Paris? No need to worry. We’ve gathered a compilation of the finest seasons to visit these cities and our suggestion is to take off to Paris and London during the precise time provided:

weather in paris


The splendid city of London can be explored all year round as the climate is usually mild. However, if you plan your vacation with a specific budget in mind, the optimal time to visit London is during autumn, specifically between September and November. Throughout these months, the bustling summer season comes to a close, the weather is delightful, with temperatures ranging from 11° to 15°C, and the city remains abuzz with events such as the Totally Thames Festival and Halloween festivities.

About The London Bridge


Although the romantic allure of this French city can be experienced at any time of the year, the optimal time to visit Paris is between June and August. The weather during these months is idyllic, with extended hours of sunshine, making it easier for you to explore and witness the city at its finest. Keep in mind that Paris tends to be crowded during this peak season. Therefore, if it matters to you, plan your trip during the autumn or winter seasons, which are equally splendid and also feature potential price reductions.

london budget

With an abundance of experiences and locales to discover in London & Paris, any timeframe would appear insufficient for an extraordinary holiday. Nonetheless, the recommended duration for both cities is three to four days. You can allocate as much leisure time as desired and even explore the surrounding areas within this period. However, if you have no financial constraints and wish to create more European memories, you can extend your stay to a week and experience the city like a local.

Budget For Trip

Consistently anxious about whether the money that you’re carrying with you on vacation in London and Paris will be sufficient or not? Don’t worry. We’ve organized the budget for a vacation in London vs Paris for you to review. Take a look:

average budget for paris


Average Lodging Rate: INR 6,000

Local Transportation: INR 1,000

Meals (including taxes): INR 2,000

Beer: INR 400

Sightseeing: INR 3,000

Miscellaneous: INR 2,000

Average Expenditure Per Day: 14,400

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london eye

Average Lodging Rate: INR 5,000

Local Transportation: INR 1,000

Meals (including taxes): INR 2,000

Wine: INR 1,000

Sightseeing: INR 1,500

Miscellaneous: INR 2,000

Average Expenditure Per Day: INR 12,500 per person

Please take note:

  • Flight rates have been excluded and an average lodging rate has been included bearing in mind the fact that the lodging budget can vary for every traveler.
  • The cost of the meals includes lunch and dinner, and not breakfast as many hotels offer breakfast.
  • Also, a lower limit has been considered to calculate the average budget per person per day.

Top Things To Do

Are you on a one week long trip to London vs Paris with a list of 50 things to do, visit and see there? Well, we’ve all been there. We’ve narrowed down the top things for you to do in both these cities that you’ll thoroughly enjoy. Take a look:


1. London Eye – Visit

harry potter film set in london

The renowned Coca-Cola London Eye is one of the main landmarks of London that illuminates the skyline. It consists of 32 capsules, each weighing 10 tonnes and accommodating up to 25 individuals, providing a wonderful opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the city from a high vantage point. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal location to visit for a breathtaking experience and to witness all of London’s monuments at once, within just half an hour.

2. Warner Bros Studio – Journey

big ben

For a enchanting day out, an exclusive tour of the Harry Potter films at Warner Bros. Studio is the perfect activity to do in London. From experiencing the authentic sets, costumes, and props used in all of the Harry Potter movies to stepping inside some of the film’s locations such as the Great Hall, Dumbledore’s office, and Hagrid’s hut, this place has plenty of surprises awaiting you.

3. Big Ben – Pay a Visit

paris at night

While embarking on a tour on the Hop on Hop off bus in the city of London, make sure to disembark at Big Ben and take a thorough look at this iconic tower, particularly if you’re on your honeymoon in London. This magnificent bell of the clock situated at the northern end of the Palace of Westminster is renowned worldwide and celebrated as one of the primary attractions in London.

Paris synonym

1. Eiffel Tower – Experience

the louvre

Out of all the Paris attractions, the Eiffel Tower is the finest and there is no uncertainty about it. From standing close to the tower to reaching the summit to admire the vistas of the city, there is a plethora to discover for every kind of traveler. Regardless of whether you are with your partner or your family, you would surely adore this stunning landmark in the city.

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2. The Louvre – Discover


For art enthusiasts and also for everyone else, The Louvre museum is a must-visit place in the city. It is not only one of the largest museums in the world, but also one of the top attractions in Paris. The splendor of this place lies in its architecture and the assortment of artwork exhibited in every corner. And the renowned pieces like the Greek statue Venus de Milo, Antonio de Correggio’s Venus and Cupid With a Satyr, and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa would surely capture your heart.

3. Disneyland – Fulfill Your Fantasy

A British food item

The enchanting ambiance of this place in Paris is heartening, which makes a visit here one of the essential things to do in the city. Whether it is watching dazzling performances, interacting with the adorable characters, relishing a romantic dinner date, or staying at one of the hotels inside to experience the magical existence reminiscent of fairytales, Disneyland Paris is undeniably captivating for the inner child.

What Cuisine to Indulge In

Curious about what to devour in London vs Paris? Well, all food enthusiasts can rejoice because both these cities are renowned for their gastronomic expertise. Explore the culinary delights that you must savor during your vacation:

French food items


If you visit London then you stand the best chance to sample some of the finest traditional British dishes. Here are some of the preferred food items with recommended establishments that serve them:

  • Fish and chips at Poppy’s, Shoreditch or Camden
  • Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding at The Three Stags, Kennington or The Windor Castle, Notting Hill
  • Eton mess at The National Cafe, The National Gallery
  • Pie and Mash at The Windmill Mayfair
  • Cockles at Borough Market


shopping in paris streets

France is considered the ‘global center of gastronomy’ and here in Paris, you have the best opportunity to taste the popular trending French cuisine. Try these delectable items from the suggested establishments below:

  • Steak frites at Relais de L’Entrecote
  • Lemon Tart at Sebastien Gaudard
  • Chocolate and pistachio escargot at Du Pain et des Idees
  • Falafel at L’As du Fallafel
  • Roast chicken & fries at Chez L’Amis Louis
  • Financier at Eric Kayser

Where And What to Shop

A board outside a restaurant

For fashion enthusiasts, London or Paris – which is superior for shopping is a challenging decision to make. Both of these cities are renowned as one of the primary fashion capitals and trendsetters worldwide. While London has numerous high-end brands and large stores scattered apart, Paris showcases chic fashion in boutiques and street trends in a unified neighborhood. And as for prices? Well, shopping is undeniably more affordable in Paris compared to London. However, both cities provide their own unique and impressive options, leaving you without any disappointment.

Finest Shopping Destinations in London: Duke of York Square, Selfridges, Oxford Street, Camden Market, and more.

Finest Shopping Destinations in Paris: La Marais, Canal St. Martin, St. Germain, Gab & Jo, Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse, La Maison du Chocola, and more.

Premier Nightlife Venues

There is an abundance of entertainment options for you to choose from when it comes to the nightlife scenes in both London and Paris. Whether you desire to dance all night or relax and unwind, we have you covered.

girls dancing


Explore these establishments to fully experience the nightlife in London:

  • Trailer Happiness
  • Kensington Roof Garden
  • Happiness Forgets
  • sketch
  • The Book Club
  • Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club
  • Union Chapel
  • The Bussy Building


the lanesborough

Discover these venues to immerse yourself in the nightlife of Paris:

  • Batofar
  • Chacha Club
  • Rex Club
  • Le Social Club
  • Showcase
  • Chez Moune
  • Le Baron
  • Le Truskel

Premier Hotels to Stay At

Imagine arriving in London or Paris and having no accommodation. It would be a tragic situation, right? Well, rest assured, we have compiled a list of the finest accommodation options in both cities. We would hate to see you stranded on the streets.


1. The Lanesborough

holiday inn london

Situated merely a brief stroll from the most exclusive shopping district of London – Sloane Street, this hotel with a 5-star rating is the ultimate destination for a stylish vacation in the city center. It offers a magnificent view of Hyde Park Corner and boasts 93 opulent suites and bedrooms, a restaurant with a Michelin star, and much more, making it an ideal choice for a luxurious holiday.

Category: Opulence

Cost: INR 45,000 to INR 262,000

TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

Location: Hyde Park Corner, London SW1X 7TA, United Kingdom

four seasons paris

2. Vacation Inn London

Among the numerous economical lodgings in London, Vacation Inn located close to the Whitechapel stations of the London Underground is an excellent choice for a stay, especially for families, as it offers complimentary accommodations and meals for children. The friendly services and warm hospitality provided ensure that you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience at your own pace.

Category: Affordable

Cost: INR 6,000 to INR 18,000

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5

Location: 5 Cavell St, Whitechapel, London E1 2HP, United Kingdom

hotel de la porte doree


1. George V Four Seasons Hotel

With a view of the famous Eiffel Tower, this extravagant hotel is unquestionably the finest, particularly for couples on their honeymoon in Paris. The suites here are larger than most accommodations in the city, the rooms have personal balconies that provide a stunning vista, and the hospitality is very warm.

Category: High-end

Price: INR 1,80,000 and above

Rating on TripAdvisor: 5/5

Location: 31 Avenue George V, Paris, France


2. Hotel De La Porte Doree

Among all the economical hotels in Paris, this hotel is the most enchanting in terms of its atmosphere and hospitality. From the colors in the lobby to the exquisite woodwork and the floral decorations, everything here is very heartening. If you prefer not to spend too much on your accommodation, this place and similar ones are the ideal choices in the city.

Category: Affordable

Price: INR 5,300 to INR 8,000

Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.5/5

Location: 273 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, France

How To Get There

Both Paris and London have excellent connections to major cities in Europe and other countries. While Paris can be reached by air, sea, bus, and train, London can be reached by air, train, or car. The city of Paris has three nearby airports: Charles de Gaulle Airport, Orly International Airport, and Beauvais Airport. You can also reach Paris by ferry if you are traveling from the United Kingdom.

To reach London, the major airport is London Heathrow, which is connected to most cities worldwide. Alternatively, traveling by the Eurostar superfast train, which departs from Paris or Brussels and stops at Waterloo Railway Station, offers a more authentic experience of traveling to London.

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London vs Paris – which city have you chosen for your next trip to Europe? Let us know in the comments below! Whichever city you choose, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. Both of these cities are renowned for their hospitality and excellent treatment of tourists. Choosing between the two is a difficult task, isn’t it? So, why not visit both? What will you decide?

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Frequently Asked Questions About London Vs Paris

Is Paris older than London?

Paris is slightly older in the sense that London was permanently settled from 60 BC onwards.

Is Paris close to England?

The distance between Paris and England is 344 kilometers. A flight from Paris to London takes approximately half an hour.

Are London and Paris in the same country?

No, London is situated in the United Kingdom and Paris is located in France.

Can you see France from England?

It is possible to see the opposite coastline of England from France and vice versa with the naked eye, with the most prominent sight being the white cliffs of Dover from the French coastline.


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