China’s Glass Skywalk Soars as the World’s Largest – Anticipation Builds for an Awe-inspiring Walk

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Are You Ready for Thrills? Experience the World’s Largest Glass Skywalk in China!

Searching for excitement? A heart-pounding glass skywalk now dangles above the Qingyuan City valley in Guangdong Province of southern China, an ideal addition to your list of must-do activities. This one-of-a-kind attraction was unveiled to the public on Thursday and those who have already witnessed it can’t stop raving about it!

Walking on this bridge is both exhilarating and requires individuals to possess the courage to ascend and appreciate the magnificence of the Qingyuan valley. It’s also an excellent opportunity for tourists to conquer their fear of heights.

Glass Suspension Bridge Is Open To The Public In China

“No! I don’t have the courage,” exclaimed a terrified tourist lying on the glass floor, refusing to stand up. “I’m so frightened. I’ll only respond once I reach the other end. I’m too anxious,” shouted another person when asked about their experience so far.

This bridge is a 202 m long structure with a massive circular platform hanging at its end, measuring approximately 16.8 meters in diameter. This glass bridge extends 72 meters outward from the cliff’s edge, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the surroundings.

What is the Significance of this Glass Skywalk?

This bridge boasts being the largest and highest glass structure globally, and the skywalk allows nearly 99.15 percent of sunlight to pass through, granting tourists unobstructed panoramic views of the cliffs and the majestic 131-meter tall waterfall below.

Concerned about safety? Rest assured. The authorities have ensured that the walkway is completely secure, with each glass panel weighing around 4.5 tons, sturdy enough to bear the weight of two vehicles combined!

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