China Set to Unveil Mind-Blowing Classic Design of World’s Largest Airport by 2019

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After the highest hotel that opened in Dubai, the longest zip line in UAE, and the swiftest trains that are forthcoming in India, we now have another place that is soon going to set a new record by becoming home to the most enormous airport in the world, and leave us in wonderment.

It is the New Beijing Airport in China, which has been devised by the deceased architect Zaha Hadid, and will open in 2019 & be acknowledged as the largest in the world, according to Reuters. Located in the southern Daxing district, it will serve as a means to amplify the requirements of air transportation in the city, and ameliorate the country’s civil aviation presence.

china's biggest airport

Image Courtesy: Telegraph

Most flights of the China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines will employ it as their fundamental airport, as per China’s National Development and Reform Commission. This will further also facilitate all the SkyTeam alliance members to operate under one roof, while allowing effortless flight connections for passengers.

The Beijing New Airport Terminal Building, which is 700,000 square-meter will not only be larger in size, but also be majestic in its splendor. It will have communal gardens and distinct passenger areas for international & domestic flights. Besides this, there will be a central hub indoors with walkways that will all converge at one point so that navigating the terminal becomes simpler.

The construction of this world’s biggest airport as reported is being conducted at a quicker pace so that the passengers get to utilize the airport earlier. Though the initial days after the inauguration of this largest airport in the world will have four runways, later they will ultimately expand to more areas so that the airport can handle a capacity of 100 million passengers per year.

This new airport in Beijing will not only assist China acquire more prestige, but also diminish the travel time, as Beijing’s Capital International Airport is currently acknowledged as the second busiest in the world!

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