Chengdu’s Best Attractions and 8 Activities for an Exciting Journey in China!

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Chengdu is an exquisite, capital city of Sichuan province in China and is emerging as a popular tourist attraction among foreigners. The history of Chengdu goes back to the 4th century B.C when it was the capital of Shu Kingdom. Renowned for the artifacts of the Shu dynasty exhibited in the Jinsha Site Museum and the most adorable creatures on this planet – the pandas, Chengdu also offers much more to the visitors. With numerous activities to engage in Chengdu, we have compiled the best attractions and a list of activities to enjoy during your vacation in this renowned tourist destination.

8 Finest Activities To Experience In Chengdu

Select from these top attractions and activities in Chengdu for the ultimate travel experience in this part of China on your upcoming trip.

1. Embark on an enjoyable excursion to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

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Famous worldwide, this breeding and conservation center of pandas is a must in your itinerary. Giant pandas are one of the rarest creatures on earth, often referred to as ‘living fossil’ and China’s ‘National Treasure’. Housing 100 pandas, this breeding center is the prime location where you can observe the pandas up close in a natural habitat, feed, embrace, and interact with them. The enormous yet incredibly adorable pandas are guaranteed to brighten your day and are one of the top activities to partake in Chengdu.

Another fantastic way to make the most of this excursion is by participating in the Panda Rescue Center Volunteer for a Day program, where you can prepare food, feed & care for these extraordinary beings, and tidy up the enclosures.

Suggestion – Pandas are a little lethargic and prefer sleeping, they are most active during the mornings, so plan your trip accordingly.Location – Northern Suburb, ChengduOptimal visiting time – any time of the year, 3-4hrs are requiredOperating hours – 07:30-18:00

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Mt Qingcheng

2. Set off on a day trip to Leshan Giant Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest stone Maitreya statue in the world and attracts numerous pilgrims and tourists from distant places. This ancient Buddha statue is one of the most breathtaking activities in Chengdu City. Standing at 71 meters tall and 24 meters wide, the Leshan Giant Buddha, carved directly from the surrounding rock, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

You can book a day trip here that includes an English-speaking guide, lunch at a traditional Chinese restaurant, and transportation to and from your hotel.

Location – Leshan, SichuanOptimal visiting time – Anytime except the rainy seasonOperating hours – All day

3. Immerse Yourself In The Splendor of Mount Qingcheng

Located at an elevation of 1,260 meters above the sea, this birthplace of Taoism is included in the global heritage index. The atmosphere of this dense verdant mountain is the most serene, heavenly and one of the top activities to experience in Chengdu.

Comprising of 36 peaks, 8 large caves, 72 small caves, and 108 stunning viewpoints, the seclusion of this mountain has attracted countless artists and scholars since ancient times. The highest peak on this mountain is the Laojun Pavilion and other main attractions of Mount Qingcheng include Jian Fu Palace, The Natural Picture, Shang Qing Palace, Yuan Ming Palace, Tianshi Cave, Zushi Palace, and Chao Yang Cave.

Location – Qingcheng Mountain Town, ChengduBest time to visit – Summer, a day is necessaryOpening hours – 08:00-18:00

4. The largest preserved Buddhist Monastery – Wenshu Yuan Monastery

One of the finest, vibrant, and authentic temples in this city, the Wenshu Yuan Monastery was constructed during the Sui Dynasty. Formerly known as Xinxiang Temple, this temple with a history spanning over 1000 years was renamed after a Buddhist Monk Cidu who resided here in the late 17th century.

The locals adore worshiping and strolling in the temple, in addition, the temple also houses a beautiful garden. The perfect blend of Buddhism, ancient architecture, devotional practices, sightseeing, and religious study makes this temple one of the must-visit attractions in Chengdu China. Some other highlights of this temple include 300 Buddha statues crafted from various materials, exhibitions of cultural artifacts & treasures, teahouse, peace tower, and more.

Location – Wenshuyuan Street, Qingyang DistrictBest time to visit – Anytime of the year, 2 hours requiredOpening hours – 09:00-17:00

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