Celebrate the Arrival of 2023 in Brazil and Begin Your Year with a Serene Getaway

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Brazil is one of the largest countries in South America. Brazilians are deeply rooted in their cultural values and beliefs. For the Brazilians, New Year is more like a festival celebrated with utmost enthusiasm and fervor embedded in traditional values. Ano Nove or Revilion in Brazilian language, New Year in Brazil is celebrated on a grand scale. It also marks the beginning of the summer season. After the traditional celebrations, the Brazilian people make time for the celebration and flock to pubs, discotheques, clubs, and party halls to be part of the local and tourist gatherings.

Copacabana Beach

Celebrating New Year in Brazil

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During the month of December, every Brazilian becomes immersed in the tides of festivities and merry-making. Many big parties are hosted, with Rio De Janeiro being a popular host. Preparations for these parties start a day in advance, with a special focus on fireworks that are lit up precisely at midnight to welcome the New Year and bid farewell to the year gone by. This fireworks display lasts for approximately thirty minutes, as people exchange good luck wishes and convey their well wishes to each other. There are several traditions associated with New Year celebrations, but some of the most favored ones are eating lentils and rice for good luck, fortune, and prosperity. Additionally, wearing white clothes is believed to bring good luck and ensure its continuation throughout the year. Lastly, the local people of Brazil gather on the beach, jump over seven waves in the sea, and throw flowers, all while wishing for a happy and prosperous new year. This tradition originated from the Candomble and Umbanda traditions, where the offering of flowers to the Goddess of the Sea, Lemanja, is practiced. The New Year’s Eve celebration in Rio de Janeiro in 2023 is bound to be vibrant and lively.

Top Destinations to Celebrate New Year’s Day in Brazil

Here are some of the finest locations to celebrate the New Year in Brazil if you are planning a vacation to South America at the end of the year.

Alter do Chao, Para

1. Copacabana Beach

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Copacabana Beach witnesses some of the most stunning and lively New Year celebrations of Brazil. The celebration is supported by exotic cuisine, live music, millions of people, and dazzling fireworks that last for approximately 15 minutes. According to the customary practice, individuals wear white garments and express good wishes for each other’s fortune and success.

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Garopaba, Santa Catarina

2. Alter do Chao, Para

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This beach is also known as the Brazilian Caribbean Sea and has been recognized as one of the most beautiful freshwater beaches in the world. It is situated on the Tapajos River, in the northern state of Para. The sandy beach and turquoise water make it one of the most serene places on the planet. Over the past few years, this beach has been hosting some of the finest New Year celebrations. The festivities begin on December 27th and conclude on New Year’s Day. Their live music concert is an event that shouldn’t be missed, and there’s a hidden secret too – on the eve of the celebration, the organizers take people to a secluded beach where they can party until the early hours of the morning.

Visconde de Maua, Rio de Janerio

3. Garopaba, Santa Catarina

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The northeastern and southeastern regions of Brazil are extremely popular among tourists. The capital city is surrounded by a stunning coastline, and a short distance away lies the charming town of Garopaba. Garopaba has gained popularity in a short span of time and is becoming one of the most vibrant destinations for hosting a New Year celebration. The Virada Magica Party is a major attraction for many young people. Instead of the fireworks, it is the sunrise that captivates everyone. It is the perfect place to welcome the New Year in Brazil.

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4. Visconde de Maua, Rio de Janerio

Porto Seguro

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There exist numerous ideas when it comes to celebrating in Brazil. Not all Brazilians enjoy partying vigorously on the shore. Alternatively, they prefer to make a getaway to some serene spot surrounded by nature. The southeastern limits of Brazil, encompassing Sao Paulo, Rio De Janerio, and Minas Gerais, boast such natural magnificence. They are tranquil, adorned with lush foliage, countless cascades, rivers, and lakes, along with delectable regional cuisines. Visconde de Maua stretches between Rio de Janerio and Minas Gerais. Its rural panorama, rivers, and verdure make it an ideal destination for contemplation. There is an array of activities to engage in here, such as trekking up the mountain, visiting Itatiaia National Park, strolling along the paths leading to secluded waterfalls, and much more. There are abundant options available for you to simply relax and enjoy your New Year in tranquility.

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5. Porto Seguro

Ouro Preto, Minas Gerias

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Following Copacabana Beach, Porto Seguro beach takes second place in popularity. It is one of the most favored beaches for hosting a New Year celebration. Situated on the northeastern border of Bahia, near the city of Salvador, Porto Seguro offers numerous infrastructure facilities and remarkable coastlines. While other places play a fusion of musical genres like Brazilian pop, in Porto Seguro, you will exclusively experience one genre of music: axe. It is a fusion of Brazilian rhythms, namely frevo and forro. Have a great time enjoying the New Year’s eve traditions in Brazil.

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6. Ouro Preto, Minas Gerias

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It is always excellent to commemorate New Year’s Eve away from the commotion and hustle of busy urban existence. How about wandering around in the Heritage Site of UNESCO? If your response is yes, then Ouro Preto is the place meant exclusively for you. This place has been preserved by Baroque architecture and holds a significant position in the history of Brazil. Strolling down the aisle of this urban will truly remind you and transport you back in time. The government of Ouro Preto organizes remarkable fireworks during midnight whilst the local hotels and restaurants host celebrations for the locals and visitors as well.

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Brazil New Year’s Eve 2023

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In the month of December, Brazil witnesses millions of tourists. Most of them are here to welcome the New Year in Brazilian style. People come here to experience the fresh encounter of Brazilian culture and traditions. Donning white attire, devouring lentils and rice is one of the customs of Brazil. The fireworks exhibited during midnight adds to the festivity.

This New Year’s Eve in Copacabana you will get to listen to a lot of music like samba, frevo, and local music. The beaches will be all prepared to ignite the stage and the party will carry on until the first ray of sunlight emerges.

Do not overlook the initial breakfast of the New Year. As per the Brazilian tradition, consuming lentil soup or lentils with rice will bring about prosperity and good fortune for the entire year. This morning meal is brimming with vitality and protein, particularly needed after a night packed with dance and merriment.

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Brazil is one of the most stunning and largest countries of South America that commemorates New Year in a greatly enthusiastic manner. They dance and enjoy the entire night beneath the open sky. The firework display at midnight is like an added bonus. The new year is celebrated with traditions and customs as well. At midnight, the local people come out on the beach and jump seven waves in the sea while tossing flowers. According to the tradition, by doing this they are paying homage to the goddess of the sea, Lemanja. If you are planning to forgo parties and embark on an international journey instead, that is a fantastic idea too.

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Frequently Asked Questions About New Year In Brazil

What do Brazilians consume on New Years?

Brazilians are known to consume food dominated by ingredients like rice, grapes, pomegranate seeds, and lentils because they believe these elements attract luck and abundance.

Why do Brazilians wear white on New Year’s Eve?

Brazilians believe the color white brings good luck, which is why they’ll mostly be seen wearing white on New Year’s Eve to attract good fortune for themselves in the coming year.

What do Brazilians toss in the ocean for New Year?

Brazil has a very distinctive New Year tradition. On every New Year’s Eve, Brazilians place a bay leaf into their wallets right next to a banknote and these two objects remain there side by side until the 31st December of the following year. Then on this next 31st December they remove these two from their wallets, give away the banknote to someone, and throw the leaf into the sea or a river hoping for good luck!

Which are the finest spots in Brazil to celebrate New Year?

Copacabana Beach, Alter do Chao in Para, Garopaba in Santa Catarina, Visconde de Maua in Rio de Janerio, Porto Seguro, and Ouro Preto in Minas Gerias are some of the best places to go to on New Year’s Eve in Brazil.

Which is the top party location in Brazil to ring in New Year?

Alter do Chão is known to host some of the best New Year parties in the country. The celebrations start from December 27th itself and go up until the 1st of January with the finest live music you’ll ever have heard. Or you can also head to the Copacabana Beach to witness the amazing grandeur of the Reveillon as well as dance away at the vibrant beach parties.

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