Cape Town After Dark: 9 Exciting Venues for Revelry and Entertainment!

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Party all night until the sun rises! Interestingly, the most relatable statement for all the party enthusiasts around the world. If you are one of the dancing to the rhythm until you collapse on the dance floor person then nightlife in Cape Town is the next to put on your bucket list for you. The Mother city of South Africa loves to party in a hedonistic way which will completely blow your mind off and you will keep visiting for more. Get ready with your best dance moves and the classiest attire to visit all the places mentioned in the spectacular guide curated by us.

9 Stylish Places To Enjoy The Nightlife In Cape Town!

If you got the moves then show it and if you are searching for places in Cape Town to showcase them at then, read along this intricately curated list for you.

1. Beer House: The Kingdom Of Beer!

Image Source‘Conserve water, Drink beer’. If that is your mantra and you have true love for beer, then we have the perfect surprise for you. The first one in the stylish Cape Town nightlife guide is the kingdom of beer named Beer house which is located in the Victorian style made Long street. Chandeliers made from old beer bottles, 25 beer taps to serve you and delicious food to eat, that is how nightlife in Cape Town begins.


Location: 223 Long Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape TownTimings: 11 AM to 2 AMWebsite | Reviews

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2. Fiction: The Party Starts Late Here!

Image SourceThe antique Victorian style Long street, Cape Town makes for a superb view and the location of Fiction will surely impress you. Its location, the wonderful balcony to see the lively street, delectable food and some wild cocktails will make your heart melt. On top of this heart melting scenario you have a big dance floor where you can lose yourself to the different genres of music played by the coolest DJ.


Place: 226 Long St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape TownHours: 10 PM to 4 PM Opinions

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3. Coco: Get All Dressed Up!

Source of Picture


Learn some glamorous dance steps and head out to this sophisticated and stylish nightclub where you can spot the high-end clientele and the prominent figures of Cape Town. Get ready to be served with top-tier cocktails in the refined and fashion-forward interior of Coco in Cape Town. Dress like you are already famous and step into the most luxurious club to be entertained by the nighlife in Cape Town.

Place: 70 Loop St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape TownHours: 10 PM to 3 AMOfficial Website | Opinions

4. Cocoon: The Magical Realm

Source of PictureThe magical realm situated on the 31st floor of the renowned Absa building, Cocoon in Cape Town is the splendid club offering enchantment in cocktails and providing magnificent views of the city. Dance to Hip hop and electronic music in a glamorous environment of extra glamorous chandeliers and exclusive interior. Put on your finest attire and start the celebration.

Shimmy Beach Club

Place: Riebeek St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape TownHours: 10 AM to 4 AMOfficial Website | Opinions

5. Shimmy Beach Club: The Beachside Madness!

Image Source

Beachside Club, Live music and Champagne bar. Isn’t nightlife in Cape Town, South Africa already sounds captivating? Get ready to jig on loud music and relish cocktails to die for at a private beach club named Shimmy Beach Club. Dress up, slurp some cocktails at the beachside and dance like it’s the final night of your existence.

Location: V & A Waterfront, Cape TownTiming: 11 AM to 4 AMWebsite | Reviews

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