Canaima National Park: Opening the Doors to Excitement, Adventure, and the Rich Wildlife of Venezuela.

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Canaima National Park Details

Area: Bolívar, Venezuela

Canaima National Park fauna: Panthers, colossal anteaters, colossal river otters, ocelots, and colossal armadillos

Total area covered: Three million hectares

Established: 12 June 1962, acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994

trip to angel falls

Optimal Time To Explore Canaima National Park

The optimal time to explore Canaima National Park is during the months of October and November. The precipitations commence to retreat by the month of October but the water levels are high facilitating water transport. There are heavy precipitations during the months of August and September which hinder visibility and one cannot relish the genuine beauty of the park. Additionally, there are no organized Canaima National Park tours to Angel Falls during the dry season of January to May, making October and November the superlative months to visit.

How To Reach Canaima National Park

By Air: The only feasible option to reach Canaima National Park is to fly here. The flights are from Ciudad Bolivar and Puerto Ordaz.

By Road: The roads aren’t operable here throughout the year, making it an insecure option to travel.

Canaima National Park Map

Canaima National Park Charges And Permission

Upon arrival at the Canaima airport, a nominal fee is collected as entrance fee. Furthermore, one needs to be immunized for yellow fever. If not immunized already, travelers can receive the vaccination at the airport of Ciudad Bolivar.

Things To Do In Canaima National Park

Discover the concealed ravines as you journey through the dense forests and meadows. Here are the captivating Canaima National Park activities you can partake in during your trip.

1. Embark on a voyage to Angel Falls

The world’s highest waterfalls, the Canaima National Park Angel Falls descend into the renowned Devil’s Canyon. One can visit the falls only as a component of organized Canaima National Park tours. Upon arriving at the park, one can embark on a boat trip to Angel Falls and subsequently hike to its base. The falls are named after Jimmie Angel who piloted his plane over the falls in 1993. The excursion to these falls is packed with excitement and encompasses walking, swimming, hiking, and traveling in canoes.

Soak in the beauty of Kavac Village

2. Immerse Yourself in the Splendor of Kavac Village

Backpack to the top of Mount Roraima

The paradisiacal village of Kavac, an unconventional destination for travelers, is an endeavor in tourism by the Penom Indians. Situated in the Valley of Karamata, the village is enveloped in verdant grasslands. Alongside the Kavac river, one can discover Pemon camps for lodging. Experience life among the local people and gain insights into the culture and lifestyle of the Pemons while relishing their warmth and hospitality.

3. Trek to the Summit of Mount Roraima

Relax at the Canaima Lagoon

This plateau mountain lies in close proximity to the Brazilian border of the park. It stands as the highest tepui within the park. With an altitude of 2810 meters above sea level, it offers an awe-inspiring vista of the park. The ascent to the peak demands a 5-6 day trek, and a guide can be hired from the base camp. These plateau mountains are among the oldest geological formations on Earth, dating back approximately two billion years, making them a captivating sight. Scale up to the summit’s highest point, known as Maverick Rock.

Hike to El Sapo Waterfall

4. Unwind at Canaima Lagoon

Surrounded by exquisite waterfalls such as Hacha, Vadaima, Golondrina, and Ucaima, Canaima is a delightful freshwater lagoon. Its pristine sandy beaches provide a perfect sanctuary to unwind amidst the verdant canopy of surrounding forests, offering a breathtaking view of the plunging cascades. Step aboard a Curiara, a lengthy canoe, and relish the close-up sights of these majestic waterfalls.

5. Trek to El Sapo Waterfall

El Sapo is a secluded yet stunning waterfall. The falls are not crowded, making them an idyllic retreat following a picturesque hike to reach them. A trail runs behind the descending falls, offering splendid views while traversing its width. Walking beneath these falls is an unforgettable encounter. Take a refreshing plunge in the lagoon to escape the tropical heat of the location.

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