Camping on Peruvian Cliff: Experiencing Skylodging at 1,200 Feet

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No matter how comfortable you are with heights, this extreme camping experience will surely make you feel faint. The skylodging in Peru guarantees the most thrilling adventure of your life. With see-through pods, it is even worse!

Hanging sky lodge at a height of 400 feet at Peru

So, what’s the commotion about?

The pictures have been trending enough, but in case you missed them, here is what you need to know about this new level of cliff camping. Skylodge Adventure Suites at Peru’s Sacred Valley are suites with a distinction. Hanging at 1200 feet cliff they are among the most daring stays you can plan. With wide-ranging views of the splendid valley of Peru (and depending on how daring you are) it can be a romantic experience too.

A girl enjoying the panoramic view from Peru’s famous Sky Lodge suite

Not enough adventure?

Okay, add the excitement of 400 meters of hair-raising hike through a course of metal ladders and cables, with a touch of zipping. Or zip the whole way. Your choice, your way – it’s your adventure ultimately.

A guy hiking through the metal ladder over the cliff to reach Sky lodge

What’s it like?

As you lie on your bed and browse through a book, imagine looking down the floor and realizing you are up, really high up in the sky. You are hanging in the air. And not just anywhere, 400 feet above the ground, to be precise. Even though there is all luxury you could want – finely threaded quilts, fluffy mattresses and soft pillows – nothing holds much value here. It’s simply exhilarating.

PS: And yes, reading is possible in the suites with its solar operated reading lights and interior lamps.

Fluffy and comfortable bed in Sky lodge

Feeling Claustrophobic?

Don’t worry, the pod suites are 24 feet tall and 8 feet wide. They have 6 windows and 4 ventilation ducts to ensure a spacious and comfortable stay for you.

Openness and airiness from the inside of Sky lodge

Is sleeping in a tent the only choice?

Certainly not! Aside from the tent, there is a private dining area, four beds, and an extraordinary dry bathroom suspended in mid-air. The gourmet dinner in the private dining area and the delightful breakfast on the rooftop of your pod are undeniably amazing experiences.

People enjoying the delicious breakfast at the rooftop of the pod at Sky lodge

Worried about being watched?

There are curtains that you can close to keep curious onlookers from invading your privacy. Or you can give them an entertaining show.

Curtained private washroom in the Sky lodge

Concerned about safety?

We understand that there may be some excitement, but safety is a significant concern as well. However, according to the guests of Skylodge Adventure Suite, who are suspended on metal cables, these pod suites are incredibly secure. They are built using aerospace aluminum and highly resistant polycarbonate materials, ensuring complete safety.

Check out the reviews here.

Weather resistant and aluminum based transparent pods suspended in the air at Sky lodge

Must be really expensive!

Surprisingly, they only require guts! You don’t need a lot of money to reserve your thrilling adventure. A mere $450 per person is the fee they ask for!

The stunning pod suites of Sky lodge at night

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