Breathtaking Frozen Canals of Amsterdam: Discover the Charm of European Winters

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From the very first snowfall in Saudi to inches of snow in the Russian region, our planet has witnessed roaring changes in weather conditions, this winter season. The European continent has primarily witnessed various ups and downs in the weather conditions which have led to extreme snowfall in some countries. But these weather changes have not hindered the people from enjoying the winter cold.

Amsterdam Canals Freezing

Our happy planet did not fail to extract the positives out of the harsh winters, and the joyful pictures from different corners of the world, circulating on the internet, are the evidence of that.

amsterdam winters

The most recent news has come from the Dutch land, Amsterdam, where the temperatures have dropped to such lows that the canals running across the city have frozen. This occurrence of Amsterdam canals freezing has happened for the first time in the past six years. Such adverse weather conditions did not deter the Dutch people from celebrating and enjoying the winters as the canals have frozen to such an extent that they have become a playground for adventure activities.

The general public and numerous ice skaters have come out in large numbers to skate over the frozen canals. Here are some surreal pictures of the city and its incredible scenery that has recently been adorned by the winter season:

frozen Amsterdam Canals

Temperature Drops In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canals Frozen

Winters in Amsterdam

freezing amsterdam canals

And if images weren’t enough to captivate your eyes with delight, here’s a video of the absolute fun that the Dutch are currently experiencing:

Breathtaking, isn’t it? With the Amsterdam canals freezing, here’s an opportunity for you to plan a European vacation to cherish the winter ambiance. So, gather your belongings and depart for the Dutch land to witness this enchanting sight until it endures.

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