Best Single-day Excursions to Experience to Enhance Your European Expedition Starting from Monaco.

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The perpetually gleaming and the awe-inspiring, Monaco is a diminutive royal territory that exists on the French Riviera. In magnitude, it is scarcely two square km and is arguably the world’s most exquisite expanse of land. Excursions from Monaco with elegant palm trees, vibrant flowers, and deep azure sea are simply euphoric.

Monaco is brimming with enchanting and narrow thoroughfares, and the town stems back to the thirteenth century when it was established. Monaco abodes possess the tranquil beauty and sublime natural panoramas with a soothing climate and luxuriant grasses of the Côte d’Azur. It is situated at a train distance of about 30 minutes ride from Nice with the sensation of an entirely different world. Let’s have a glimpse at a few of the top-notch excursions from Monaco that are the epitome of an unforgettable experience.

8 Astonishing Excursions From Monaco

Monaco is brimming with enchanting and narrow thoroughfares, and the town stems back to the thirteenth century when it was established. Let’s have a glimpse at a few of the top-notch excursions from Monaco that are the epitome of an unforgettable experience.


1. Nice, France

Facing the extrinsic cerulean pools of the Baie des Anges, Nice has perpetually been a motivation to the visitors and artisans since the nineteenth century. It is deserving of taking a day trip from Nice to Monaco to encounter the quivering serene atmosphere, culture, ancient enchantment of the Mediterranean Sea. You will encircle the smooth, paved pathways of the Vielle Ville, its picturesque edifices, and jovial ambiance.

The palm-adorned Promenade des Anglais is yet another must-visit tourist destination where travelers can bask in the French Riviera sunshine and its scenery. Nice also encompasses myriad world-class art museums, including Musee Matisse, Musee Chagall, and Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain. You can effortlessly explore all the marvelous tourist attractions here with day trips from Nice to Monaco.

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2. Bordighera

The Italian day tour is as effortless as a French day trip as Monaco is situated in close proximity to Italy. Bordighera is a petite coastal town located in Italy. You can easily reach here by covering a traveling distance of about 80 minutes. It often goes unnoticed due to its location across prominent resorts and its size. It is the perfect location to savor exotic Italian cuisine. You can also explore the stunning harbor and relish one of your unforgettable day trips from Monaco to Italy.

If you are journeying here by automobile, ensure to stay at Giardini Botanici Hanbury. It is located between Menton and Bordighera. It is an essential biological park on the University of Genoa campus, and it has numerous incredible things to observe during a day excursion.


3. Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

The station is positioned just 4 minutes away from Monaco, making it the most comfortable day trip worldwide. Two elements can easily fit into your yacht tours from Monaco to Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

The predominant part of the trip introduces a famous village rested atop the hills overlooking the Mediterranean from where you can commence your day trips to Monaco.

Cape Martin is the next section, a Mediterranean peninsula where you will find turquoise waters and pebble beaches. Chemin des Douaniers is the coastal pathway that borders the sea around the peninsula to provide a striking appearance. Then, from Gare de Carnoles, hop on the train, which is about a 7-minute drive to Monaco.

Mercantour National Park

4. Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

It is located towards the west of Monaco and adjacent to Nice. You can easily find this tranquil peninsula, which is a paradise for hikers. If you are a passionate lover of nature and its beauty, behold the picturesque sights of Cap-Ferrat after the bustling Monaco.

Chemin des Douaniers is the pathway that cuts through the cape and leads you to various beach bars and cafes to end your perfect day. A classic and stylish landmark – Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is simply extraordinary. You will feel rejuvenated at the beginning of your journey before embarking on a trek here.


5. Mercantour National Park

6. Antibes


It is widely regarded to possess an ancient town expanded by its fortifications dating back to the 16th century, with its snow-capped and cozy Alps serving as its backdrop.

The town attracts wealthy Europeans who have been charmed by its tranquility. It has captivated Picasso, who resided here for over six months in the 1940s. It is quite convenient to reach there. Antibes is located on the same coastline as Monaco but slightly further west. You can easily reach there in less than one hour. Enjoy an early morning stroll in the old town and wander through the Fort Carre and the harbor.

7. Gourdon

Grasse, France

Simply reaching this place is already an incredible day trip from Monaco. If you have time, take a refreshing break on a hot summer day by visiting the Saut du Loup waterfall. Or go for a hike from Gorges du Loup, which is a 700-meter steep mountain ridge. Along the way, you will pass through the hamlet of Pont du Loup, a village known for its ideal climate for growing orange trees, olive trees, and incense plants, in the Gourdon area.

You can only reach this town by taking the Chemin du Paradis mule track. It is true that you need to climb about 500 meters, but the journey is heavenly by the end. If you are not an adventurous traveler, you can simply stay in your car and drive up to the unique village, which attracts more tourists than locals on the Riviera.

Perched like an eagle’s nest at the top of a steep spur, Gourdon is an embodiment of a picturesque rural town that offers a breathtaking view of about 80 kilometers of coastline stretching from Nice to Theoule-Sur-Mer.

8. Grasse, France

Grasse is acknowledged for its inspiring and breathtaking views of the Cannes and Antibes coasts, and it also possesses magnificent appearances overhead. It has some neighboring villages that are equally charming, and the kind of satisfaction with which locals greet travelers.

Grasse is among the top choices for day trips from Monaco when it comes to experiencing the thrill of hiking and outdoor activities. It can be the most favored option for mountain biking, playing golf & tennis, and horseback riding. The best route to reach here is the four-lane N2285 pathway via A8 exit 42. There is no need to travel far to visit some of the perfume factories, which are the main points of attraction in the area.

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We have discussed most of the day trips from Monaco here. Monaco is renowned for having the highest per capita income in Europe and boasts numerous popular hotels, boutiques, yachts, and lavish restaurants. Additionally, the annual Grand Prix motor race is an event not to be missed. This small independent state offers the opportunity to experience every unimaginable luxury in the world. So, go ahead and plan a journey to Monaco soon!


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