Best Destinations for a Romantic Getaway in Malaysia

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Pankaj ensured that his wife’s birthday was an unforgettable one with a 5 night/6 days amorous getaway to Malaysia. They experienced an abundance of natural beauty, relaxed in splendid resorts, and embarked on an indelible island hopping cruise jaunt.

Travel Expense: INR 1,04,000Duration of Trip: 5 nights/6 daysAgent’s Name: Smiling TripsInclusions: Airfare, transfers, lodging, breakfast, sightseeing, and visaExclusions: Lunch and dinner, and travel insurance

I had intended to pleasantly surprise my wife by whisking her away on a birthday escapade to Malaysia. Being aware of her travel preferences, I knew that Malaysia’s innate beauty would undoubtedly uplift her spirits. I scoured the internet for travel agencies offering enticing tour packages to Malaysia.

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sunway lagoon theme park malaysia

After comparing a few websites, I discovered that Fred and Fuzzys was offering an excellent personalized package at affordable prices. The moment of surprise and sheer delight arrived when my wife became aware of the plans I had made for her birthday! A beautiful smile illuminated her face, one that words couldn’t adequately describe. Although the trip was still a few days away, the ambiance of a vacation had already begun to settle in.

Here’s a brief glimpse of the itinerary we followed on our 5-night/6-day romantic adventure in Malaysia

Day 1: Departure from New Delhi to Langkawi- check-in- leisure day- dinner

Day 2: Breakfast- Langkawi city excursion- return to hotel- dinner

Day 3: Breakfast- half-day exploration of the islands in Langkawi- check-out- flight to Kuala Lumpur at 6pm- check-in- dinner

Day 4: Breakfast- day trip to Genting Highlands- return to Kuala Lumpur- dinner

Day 5: Breakfast- full-day excursion to Sunway Lagoon theme park- return to hotel- dinner

Day 6: Breakfast- half-day tour of Kuala Lumpur city– check-out- flight to New Delhi

Our top 3 places to explore on a romantic getaway to Malaysia

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relaxing in langkawi

During our travels, my spouse and I discovered that not many people from India visit the locations we visited during our romantic journey to Malaysia. Consequently, we derived maximum pleasure from our expedition by avoiding an excessively commercialized destination.

In recent times, numerous Indians are seeking to explore uncharted territories. Here are the destinations in Malaysia that are certainly worth considering.

1. Langkawi Island

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island tour in langkawi

Our expedition to Malaysia commenced with a visit to the splendid island of Langkawi. On the initial day, we arrived at the Langkawi beach resort. Our initial perception of Langkawi was that it was an island primarily developed to promote tourism in Malaysia. As a popular tourist attraction, Langkawi tends to close down quite early at 9 pm.

Since it happened to be my spouse’s birthday, we decided to spend our afternoon leisurely within the confines of our resort. In the evening, we dined at an Indian restaurant called Maharaja Restaurant.

The following days on our itinerary were reserved for sightseeing in Langkawi. We embarked on the Langkawi city tour on the second day, followed by an island hopping tour on the subsequent day.

  • Sightseeing excursion in Langkawi
    • Sightseeing tour highlights:

    During our excursion, we explored Eagle Square, Kuah Town, Atma alam craft center, and took a Mangrove Island tour. Additionally, we had the opportunity to visit the breathtaking locations where the renowned bollywood movie Don 2 was filmed.

    • Exploring the Islands in Langkawi

    island tour around langkawi

    On this trip, we were able to visit a total of three untouched islands. Our first stop was on ouion island, followed by a visit to the Dayang Bunting island.

    genting highlands

    On this particular island, individuals can ascend a few hundred steps to reach the summit of the pregnant maiden mountain. From the top, one can savor the picturesque vistas of Islands scattered across the Andaman Sea.

    Our final stop on the cruise was the Wet Rice island. One aspect we truly appreciated about all three islands was their unspoiled natural splendor. At the Wet Rice Island, we spent an hour unwinding on the pristine beach.

    Our preferred eatery in Langkawi:

    We thoroughly enjoyed indulging in delectable Indian cuisine at Maharaja Restaurant. Upon observing the large number of Indians and Pakistanis dining at this establishment, we deduced that it must be the most popular Indian restaurant in the city.

    Our review of Langkawi Beach Resort

    We were provided with a comfortable accommodation and experienced exceptional service at the resort. We relished in our spacious room facing the sea, which even included a jacuzzi. The resort offered top-notch amenities, allowing travelers to partake in a variety of sports activities.

    Rating: 5/5

    2. Genting Highlands

    genting highlands resort

    sunway lagoon theme park

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    On the fourth day, we made the decision to embark on a day-trip to the mountains of Genting. It took us an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur to reach the hill resort. During our journey to the Highlands, we made several stops to admire the scenery.

    Devoted to the deity Lord Murugan, Batu Caves is one of the most renowned Hindu temples situated outside of India. We climbed the steps and ventured into the caves to explore the ancient mythological wonder that is a million years old. We also discovered an intriguing piece of information that Batu Caves had served as a filming location for the Rajnikath starrer Kabali.

    • Cable car ride at Genting Skyway

    Our chauffeur drove us to Genting, and for the last few kilometers of our ascent, we decided to partake in a cable car ride. This incredible cable car journey covered a total distance of three kilometers, traversing through the stunning green hills to reach the peak of the Genting hill resort.

    • Snow Park, Genting Highlands

    Our final destination in Genting was a winter-themed amusement park called Snow World. What captivated us about this park was their ability to maintain sub-zero temperatures and provide a snowfall-like experience throughout the year. It was an enjoyable place where we indulged in skiing, sledding, and building snowmen.

    3. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

    sightseeing in genting highlands

    attractions at wildlife park

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    On the second-to-last day of our Malaysia trip, we embarked on a full-day excursion to the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. This amusement park spans a vast area and is divided into six distinct sections. The park is designed to cater to individuals of all ages. Although it was impossible to explore the entire park in just one day, my spouse and I made it a point to visit and enjoy the areas that piqued our interest the most.

    To begin with, we ventured into the Amusement Park and Water Park, both of which offered exhilarating land and water-based rides. Our favorite section turned out to be the Surf Beach in the Water Park.

    Post lunch, we visited the Wildlife Park and Extreme Park. The latter part of our day was more exhilarating and heart-pounding due to the activities we were about to engage in. Bungee jumping, zip-lining, canoeing, and go-karting ensured that there was abundant adventure and excitement at Sunway Lagoon.

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    All those lengthy hours of dreaming, and planning of a trip with my spouse finally paid off. To summarize in one word, I would say our trip to Malaysia was a blockbuster! Not only did we commemorate my spouse’s birthday in a memorable manner, we also managed to explore a splendid country that is perfect for nature enthusiasts and wanderlusts. Vacations like these, flawlessly organized by Fred and Fuzzys, only ignite our wanderlust and motivate us to travel more and discover the world.

    Suggestions for travelers:

    • Not many Malaysians speak English, so it is advisable to request your travel agent to provide an English speaking driver/guide.
    • Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is an obligatory place to visit for individuals traveling to KL.
    • Make a reservation one day in advance if you wish to visit the Petronas Towers.


    • Sunway Lagoon theme park is a must-visit place for individuals seeking a fun-filled time in Kuala Lumpur.
    • The awe-inspiring natural beauty of Langkawi captivated us.

    Explored the unspoiled beauty of Genting and Langkawi Book your Malaysia tour package and savor the adventures that await!

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