Berlin’s 10 Enchanting and Majestic Castles That Are Sure to Mesmerize!

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When in Berlin there are numerous activities that tourists enjoy participating in other than the local specialties and the typical sightseeing. One of the most notable aspects of visiting the city are the castles located in and around the area. With such remarkable architectural structures and stunning buildings from the past, it leaves the visitor or bystander in complete amazement.

We frequently find ourselves questioning the skill level of the craftsmen and builders from that era. Despite lacking the technology that we heavily rely on even for our basic necessities, our ancestors were able to construct such magnificent structures without any technological assistance. These royal retreats are a major attraction for visitors traveling to the city. With an abundance of Prussian castles and palaces scattered throughout the city, we will provide you with a list of ten such remarkable castles in Berlin that you should not miss when you visit.

Top 10 Castles In Berlin

You will find a diverse array, ranging from enchanting fairytale castles to military forts that served the army generals in the past (a while ago). Berlin offers the best manor houses and incredible structures that will leave anyone in awe. Whether these majestic structures are located within the city or a few hours away, you will have the most regal experience of your life. By strolling through the corridors and gardens of these immense places, you will witness their beauty firsthand. The century-old castles in Berlin and the surrounding areas are a must-visit. Here is a list of the top ten castles in Berlin that you must see.

Glienicke Palace In Berlin

1. Glienicke Palace

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A stunning and sufficiently spacious palace surrounded by lush greenery and waterfront pathways, Glienicke Palace is a must-visit attraction when in Berlin. This structure is located on an island in the middle of the Wannsee Lake, which gives it a romantic, fairytale-like ambiance. The palace showcases classical elements inspired by Italian country estates, with a grand fountain positioned in front of the palace, adding to its European charm. It is one of the finest castles in Berlin that you should visit.

Location: Koenigstr

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Kopenick Palace

2. Kopenick Palace

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The Kopenick Palace was constructed on a petite island in Berlin in 1558. This palace is surrounded by an English-inspired park with exquisite semi-deciduous elm trees and ginkgo trees. Previously, it served as the summer residence and hunting lodge for the electors of Brandenburg in Hohenzollern. Later, the palace became the abode of Friedrich I of Prussia. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most exclusive castles in Berlin, nestled within nature.

Large number of stairs view

Location: Schloßinsel

3. Sanssouci

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Straight out of a tale of regal fantasy is the Rococo castle of Sanssouci. This castle is not situated in Berlin, but one can board a train and travel for approximately 30-40 minutes to reach Potsdam and immerse themselves in the grandeur of this magnificent structure. If you are in Berlin, make sure not to miss a visit to this castle. Erected under the commission of Frederick the Great, presently, the park and palaces belonging to this splendid edifice are included in the UNESCO World Heritage site since 1990.

Location: Potsdam

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Berlin Palace In Berlin

4. Berlin Palace

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In the German language, this structure is referred to as Berliner Schloss or the Stadtschloss, which directly translates to Berlin Palace. This regal palace in Berlin served as the residence for the Kings of Prussia, the German emperors, and the Electors of Brandenburg. This palace stood as one of the most colossal and graceful palaces ever witnessed by the city. Unfortunately, it was demolished in the 1950s by the East German government. Presently, the palace is undergoing reconstruction and will house the Ancient Prussian Art Chamber museum.

Location: Schlossplatz

Beautiful Charlottenburg Palace

5. Charlottenburg Palace

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The Charlottenburg Palace formerly functioned as the summer residence for Sophie Charlotte, who was the spouse of King Friedrich I of Prussia. This stunning edifice reflects an exceedingly warm and majestic essence, as well as the grandeur of the Hohenzollern family. The construction of this fortress commenced in 1695, with the structure comprising the main edifice along with a central dome and two auxiliary edifices on either side that enclosed the courtyard. This castle has it all, from gardens to the mausoleum, the attractiveness entices visitors.

Location: Spandauer Damm

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Amazing Palace

6. Bellevue Palace

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When in Berlin, you must visit the Bellevue Palace. It is an extensive ivory landmark, situated on the banks of the river named Spree. While such vast structures are made accessible as a tourist attraction spot with throngs of people flocking in to witness the majestic essence of a place. However, this castle in Berlin is off-limits to the general public and serves as the official residence of the President of Germany since 1994. This sprawling ivory structure is a tangible embodiment of Germany’s ‘ivory house’ similar to the one in DC (pun intended).

Location: Berlin

Neuschwanstein Castle

7. Neuschwanstein Castle

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If you were to witness these magnificent castles firsthand, you would understand what spurs the imagination for fantasy television series. The location itself is awe-inspiring, and having a castle constructed on a precipice, yes you read that correctly, a precipice! Well, the entire concept is simply mind-boggling. Commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, this castle resembles something straight out of the fairy tale books we read as children. Following Ludwig’s demise in 1886, the castle was opened to the public and has since gained the reputation of being the most frequented castle in the world. It is among the finest castles in the vicinity of Berlin.

Location: Hohenschwangau

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Hunting place

8. Grunewald Hunting Palace

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If you are in search of a palace situated in a woodland to provide you with an authentic Princess Diaries feel, then the Grunewald Hunting Palace it is. This palace is located in the woodland of Grunewald translates to Jagdschloss Grunewald in German. It was constructed in 1540 for an electoral prince named Joachim !!. this palace was built for his hunting practice sessions, which happened to be his favorite. Visitors who come here will have a fantastic time studying the paintings of Cranach, Rubens, and Lievens.

Location: Am Grunewaldsee

Lake in front of castle

9. Spandau Zitadelle Or Citadel

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Technically, the Spandau Citadel cannot be referred to as a castle or palace, however, it is one of the best-preserved Renaissance fortresses worldwide. This fortress was constructed in the 16th century and has witnessed 500 years of battle since its establishment. Presently, the citadel hosts an annual music festival comprising of classical and popular musical art shows.

Location: Am Juliusturm

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10. Schonhausen Palace

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A structure, influenced by the Baroque style from the Baroque era, is the Schonhausen Palace. The uniqueness of the palace is that it has gardens encompassing the entire arena through which the Panke river flows. Once possessed by Frederick I of Prussia, this structure has reopened after extensive renovation in 2009. This palace is presently managed by the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation.

Location: Pankow

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In conclusion, these were the must-see fortresses in Berlin and its surroundings. Every single edifice possesses a tale of its own and an architectural style influenced by the ancient European neighbors that bestowed upon the castles in Berlin Germany, a location with intricate and stunning palaces and castles. Presently, thousands of visitors come to the German cities to witness the magnificence of these colossal royal structures bestowed upon us by our forefathers. Only those who have experienced it themselves can truly comprehend the sensation of such grandeur. Therefore, make plans for your journey to Berlin with TravelTriangle and remember to explore these castles!

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