Backpacking in Thailand: An Essential Guide to 12 Do’s and Don’ts

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Thailand! The name speaks volumes. From picturesque coastlines, islands, bustling shores, temples, monasteries to thrilling aquatic activities, spa treatments, and massages; Thailand boasts a diverse range of attractions. Needless to say, with all these offerings, Thailand has become a preferred destination for all types of tourists. It’s not just ideal for family vacations and honeymoons; it’s also renowned for a soul-stirring adventure of backpacking in Thailand alone.

12 Vital Points About Backpacking In Thailand

If you’re embarking on a backpacking journey in Thailand, make sure to explore some of the undiscovered and less-traveled destinations. However, ensure that you plan and prepare adequately. Despite Thailand being popular and accommodating for travelers, there are a few tips to keep in mind when planning a solo trip to Thailand.

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1. Reservations: Advance bookings aid budgeting

When planning a trip to Thailand, it’s crucial to set a budget for backpacking in Thailand. While there are numerous flights available, to avoid last-minute surges in airfares, it’s advisable to plan well in advance and book one of the top-notch budget airlines for your travel. Not only for international travel, but for internal travel within Thailand as well, booking with budget airlines like Air Asia and Thai Smile is the most cost-effective and favorable option.

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2. Accommodation: Opt for hostels

Leave behind luxurious hotels and beach resorts and opt for one of the exceptional hostels in Thailand to elevate your holiday experience. These hostels not only offer a homely comfort and amenities but also provide an opportunity to mingle with like-minded fellow travelers. Some well-known hostels in Thailand include Dreamcatcher, Siamaze, Old Town Hostel, Hangover Hostel, Blanco Hostel, Southern Fried Rice, and Baan Kamala Fantasea Hostel. Book a stay in any of these hostels and explore the city as locals do.

3. Culture: Familiarize yourself with their customs

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Thailand possesses an extensive list of social customs, and the entire country holds these norms in high regard. The locals, across all age groups, adhere to these social etiquettes and expect tourists to do the same. Here are some essential etiquettes to be aware of while backpacking in Thailand:

The head is considered the most sacred part of the body, so refrain from touching anyone’s head. Even children find it disrespectful. Similarly, the feet are the lowest part of the body, so touching someone with your feet is highly impolite.

  • Avoid speaking in a disrespectful manner about the King in public places, as he is deeply loved by all the citizens.
  • The Wai gesture is a well-known Thai gesture. It involves folding your hands and bowing, similar to a form of worship. The Wai is used to greet someone, so if a local person greets you with a Wai, it is polite to respond in the same way.
  • When entering a sacred place, it is customary to remove your shoes and cover your head with a sarong.
  • Everyday at 8 am and 6 pm, the National Anthem is played at public locations. Just like the locals, it is respectful to stand wherever you are and pay tribute to the country.

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4. Food: Indulge in street cuisine

When discussing tips for backpacking in Thailand, one cannot ignore the food. Thailand offers a wide array of delicious and affordable street food options. From Pad See Eiw to Kluay Tod, Kha Kha Moo to various Thai curries and noodles, the streets of Thai cities have it all. If you have any allergies or preferences, it is advisable to ask the food vendor to customize your meal in advance.

5. Luggage: Travel light, travel right

The most important tip for backpacking in Thailand is to pack light. Invest in a lightweight backpack and only carry the essentials, such as earplugs, eye masks, hand sanitizers, necessary medications, sunscreen, flip flops, lightweight clothing, sunglasses, hats, a sarong, travel adapter, flashlight, and comfortable walking shoes. Thailand has a tropical climate throughout the year, so warm jackets, fancy clothes, and heavy footwear are unnecessary. Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera, as there are many opportunities for underwater photography.

6. Transport: Make use of public transit

When backpacking in Thailand, try to utilize public transportation as much as possible. Tuk Tuks are a great option for exploring specific cities, while the government-run Thai bus service called Baw Khaw Saw is the best choice for intercity travel. These bus services are reliable and there is a BKS station in almost every city. To avoid last-minute hassle, it is recommended to book your tickets in advance.

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