Awe-Inspired by Hangover 2, He Embarked on an Unforgettable Journey to Thailand

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Amit Shinde discusses the insane experience he and his buddy Jayant had in Thailand. His package amounted to INR 63,200 and included accommodations, transport, sightseeing, and flights. He fondly remembers all the enjoyable moments he had while exploring the island nation.

I will forever treasure my journey to Thailand. It is one of those places that everyone has on their wish list and I am thrilled that I checked it off with my friend Jayant.

Thailand had been on our minds for a long time and when the opportunity arose, all we had to do was seize it and savor the spectacle, which is exactly what we did.

Amit and his friend on the streets of Pattaya

So, after scouring numerous websites and platforms for a land package, we ultimately chose Fred and Fuzzys, as it provided us with greater flexibility, better prices, and a captivating itinerary within our budget.

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Day 1: Pattaya – Arrival in the City of Dreams

Amit clicking a selfie on the speed boat to Coral Island

The initial day in Thailand was mostly spent on traveling. We arrived in Bangkok and were subsequently transferred to Pattaya. After checking into the hotel, we ventured out to explore the Walking Street, an area renowned for its incredible nightlife and activities.

Day 2: Pattaya – Exploring Islands and More

This was a day brimming with activities. The first half of the day was dedicated to the Coral Island excursion, which, in our collective opinion, exceeded our wildest imaginations. The splendid warm weather, beaches, and the ambiance of the place made it all the more captivating and thrilling. The crystal clear cerulean waters of Thailand seduced me, and in the end, we wished we had more time.

A view from the streets of Pattaya

Upon returning to the city of Pattaya, we had half a day to ourselves, so we decided to make the most of it. Our local travel agent assisted us in fulfilling this desire. He arranged tickets and transfers for the Alcazar and Russian Show. The Alcazar show was mind-blowing, a world-class cabaret performance complete with stellar acting, stunning stage design, exquisite costumes, and, of course, glamour. The Russian adult show was also fantastic, and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire exotic experience. We had also planned to attend the Big Eye Show but had to skip it due to time constraints. Thus far, Pattaya had been treating us well.

Amit posing in Bangkok

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Buddhist Temple Bangkok

Day 3: Bangkok – The city that never slumbers

We were transported to Bangkok on the third day. Later, in the city we witnessed two magnificent Buddhist temples as part of the city excursion and then continued on to our hotel.

We also made a stop at Indra Mall on our way and discovered inexpensive yet high-quality items. The remaining part of the evening was spent exploring the streets of Bangkok.

Birds in Safari Park Bangkok

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Day 4: Bangkok – Observing a new world

The fourth day brought forth the Safari World. Once again we accomplished this independently but were aided by the local travel agent connected through Fred and Fuzzys. The Safari World and the chance to observe wildlife up close made me realize the magnificence of nature and all its creatures.

Dolphin show in Safari World

There were diverse animal presentations in the Safari World for us and each one surpassed the other (Dolphin, Chimpanzee, Sealine, etc.). It was captivating to witness the animals flawlessly performing their acts.

Nana Plaza in Bangkok

The arranged buffet there was well-coordinated and delectable as well.

Then there was the Safari Park, an animal park that granted us the opportunity to view wildlife without enclosures and restraints. It was thrilling to roam freely in the natural habitat on a jeep and observe the animals in their unrestrained state.

After returning from the Safari World, we returned to our hotel and after refreshing ourselves, we once again embarked on exploring the nocuturnal scene of Bangkok.

The nightlife experience in Bangkok exceeded our expectations and lived up to its reputation of ‘the city that never slumbers’. Strolling around the streets of Bangkok even at 4 AM felt as ordinary as strolling around the same area during the day. We easily managed to find a taxi back to the hotel and to our amazement, we were not charged any extra fare. The city was exactly as depicted in the blockbuster movie, The Hangover 2.

Our Friends Trip To Thailand Ended Up Being More Exciting Than We Expected!

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