An Unmatched Sensation: Conquer Thailand’s Bua Tong Waterfalls for an Unforgettable Experience!

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Beautiful and trendy, waterfalls are one of the most astonishing creations of nature but the one that we are discussing is more than extraordinary. Why? Well, because unlike others, one can actually ascend the Bua Tong Waterfalls in Thailand and take home an experience that is extremely uncommon.

About Bua Tong Waterfalls

Situated in the Sri Lanna National Forest (pronounced See Lanna), the Bua Tong waterfalls or Sticky Waterfalls have a mineral deposit that is extremely adhesive, thus, making it easy to climb. With no algae or moss, one gets a pristine surface to ascend making the whole experience a super enjoyable affair! And don’t worry, if you ever get stuck, there are ropes attached to assist you!

Climb the bua tong waterfalls in thailand

The waterfalls are 1.5 hours away from Chiang Mai’s Old City and are a magnificent addition for those who want to enjoy a picnic or a day trip amidst nature. Refreshing, bulbous, and surrounded by lush vegetation, the Bua Tong waterfalls have transparent and refreshing waters that come from a mineral spring (a relief when it comes to Thailand’s heat!).

Even though no food is allowed at the waterfall area, one can easily savor a meal in the entrance premises where you will also find picnic tables.

Overall, if you’re searching for an unconventional and highly thrilling and enjoyable activity to do in Thailand, the Bua Tong waterfalls should be your top choice! So what are you waiting for? Reserve your personalized Thailand Package and get going!

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