An Unforgettable European Journey in May

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From adoring Paris to captivating Rome, from romantic Venice to fashionable London, Europe is a tale of unfamiliar escapades portrayed as an entire continent with numerous hues that you will nearly be bewildered! It is the abode of locations directly from a reverie and one must visit Europe at least once in their lifetime. Whether it be intriguing places or captivating things, it has a lot in stock. And all this becomes even more enchanting in the month of May. Explore the remains, dine at the roadside eateries, marvel at the structure, learn about renowned literary figures and simply fall in love, this is the motto that has been followed. And so did Naveen and his spouse on their Europe journey. And here is why you should take a trip to Europe in May.

Naveen and his wife

My spouse and I desired to explore Europe for eternity. And when we received the opportunity, we were completely infatuated. The world-renowned tourist attractions like the Colosseum, Eiffel tower, Leaning tower always enticed us and we simply wanted to go, witness and fall in love. I had reserved a journey to Leh earlier with Fred and Fuzzys and so I was certain to do it again, this time for Europe. We conducted extensive research and selected May for experiencing the best of it. Our journey was simply astonishing and we adored each and every part of it.

Details Of Our Journey To Europe In May

Journey Type: Family journeyExpense: INRNumber Of Individuals: 2 AdultsDuration: 7 Night and 8 DaysInclusions: Morning meal, Supper, Airfare, Government Taxes, SightseeingExclusions: Insurance, Entry Fees, Airport transfers, Visa, Lunch

Itinerary Of Our Journey To Europe In May

Day 1: Arrival in ParisDay 2: Sightseeing, Seine river cruise

Day 3: Transfer to Switzerland

Day 4: Sightseeing in SwitzerlandDay 5: Excursion to Mount Titlis and Rhine FallsDay 6: Transfer to Innsbruck, SightseeingDay 7: Transfer to Venice, SightseeingDay 8: Transfer to Florence, SightseeingDay 9: Transfer to Rome, SightseeingDay 10: Departure

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Climate Of Europe In May

Europe’s climate in May is temperate. The temperature remains around 21-degree celsius and ix degree celsius. The weather is ideal for sightseeing. There can also be rain showers during this month in Europe. But if you desire to witness the countries in all their grandeur, then this is a perfect time. Therefore, plan your journey accordingly.

had a thrilling experience in the Disneylandenjoyed a scintillating eveningWitnessing the Eiffel tower

Top Destinations To Explore In Europe During May

Discover the intriguing details of our memorable European journey in May that offered us a blend of romance and excitement. Take a glance!

loved to explore the Disneyland

1. The Majestic Eiffel Tower

Our voyage commenced with a burst of thrill as we set foot in Paris. Undoubtedly, Paris stands out as one of the most enchanting destinations in Europe for lovebirds. Beholding the splendor of the Eiffel Tower felt like stepping into a fairytale that unfolded before our eyes. What captivated us about this city was its impeccable urban planning. Additionally, we indulged in the exhilaration of Disneyland and reveled in the captivating allure of a sunset cruise along the Seine river.

evening at Seine river

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went to the high level of glacier

2. The Glacier of Mount Titlis

A romantic excursion in Europe would be incomplete without a visit to Switzerland, which also bestowed upon us a delightful experience. Our itinerary included a breathtaking city tour of Lausanne, which showcased stunning vistas at every turn. For those seeking picture-perfect moments, this is an absolute must-visit. Subsequently, we made our way to Zurich on the third day. It was there that we beheld the mesmerizing wonderland of Mount Titlis Glacier, with its pristine snow leaving us awestruck. Additionally, we found solace in the blissful splendor of Rhine falls.

get the touch of bollywood on our vacationvisited Rhine fallssimply an amazing experiencehad a nice experience

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3. Innsbruck

We adored Innsbruck greatly. Everyone should pay a visit to Austria on a journey to Europe in May. We ventured there on the fourth day of our trip. Some of the finest spots to explore include Golden Dachl, Swaroski Crystal museum, and more. The museum is renowned for its ancient items. We toured all these locations and had a heartwarming encounter.

visited to the Innsbruck

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had a heartwarming experienceexploring the museums

4. Florence

The artistic masterpieces of Florence were what captivated us. They were so persuasive and splendid that we were almost mesmerized. This marked the fifth day of our trip, and we were already having an extraordinary time. This historic city with crimson roofs made us fall head over heels for Europe! On the sixth day, we traveled to Padova where Michaelangelo Square proved to be worth a visit.

5. Colosseum



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