An Unforgettable European Getaway: A Renewed Honeymoon

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We desired to embark on a romantic journey to Europe for an extended period. It was one of our ideal destinations, and after exploring this heavenly place, I can confidently affirm that it was certainly our second honeymoon.

After fulfilling all the requirements for the Visa, the only thing we desired was a customized package, and Fred and Fuzzys fulfilled that splendidly by providing us with excellent service and cost-effective quotes. They managed everything flawlessly. To give you an overview of our romantic European trip, here are some particulars:

  • Expense: INR 288000
  • Duration: 9 Nights 10 Days
  • Inclusions: Airfare, Accommodation, Transfers, Sightseeing, and Breakfast
  • Exclusions: Other meals and personal expenditures

top view of city from Eiffel tower in paris

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Day 1: Paris – The city of affection!

eiffel tower at night

Paris captured our hearts instantly! Despite arriving in the evening, the city gleamed luminously and emanated a captivating atmosphere. After checking into our hotel, we called it a night.

Day 2: Paris – Witnessing the wonders of the city!

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Since our hotel was in proximity to the Eiffel Tower, we visited the renowned symbol of love and admired the breathtaking panoramic vistas from its second level. Later, as per our Paris travel itinerary, we embarked on the Hop On Hop Off bus to explore the enchanting sights of Paris. Some of the remarkable locations we witnessed included the Opera House, Museums, and much more.

lake cruise in lucerne

Our lunch at a French bistro was exquisite, and as soon as we finished, it began to rain.

Although we had planned a sunset Seine river cruise, we decided to skip it due to the damp weather. Instead, we opted for another Hop On Hop Off ride. This time, we toured these places while listening to the informative audio commentary, which made the experience even more enjoyable than before.

lake on the way to mount titlislucerne lake ridePanoramic view of alps during lake Lucerne cruise

Finally, in the evening, we boarded the river cruise and savored the enchanting views that the city presented. It was an extraordinary experience, and we cherished every moment in the mesmerizing city of Paris.

Day 3: Lucerne – Greetings Switzerland!

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Presently, at 6 am, we departed from Paris and embarked on our journey to Lucerne (via Basel). It was nearly evening when we arrived in the city, and much like yesterday, the rain was still falling. Once we completed our check-in at the Ibis Styles Luzern, we took some time to rest before embarking on a magnificent lake voyage that endured for 2.5 hours. Unlike the one in Paris, this particular cruise included dinner, and the entire sightseeing experience combined with delectable cuisine truly enhanced everything.

zurich waterfallsmount titlis viewcouple in mount titlis

Day 4: Mount Titlis – The apex of joy

Following a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel, we proceeded to visit the renowned Mount Titlis. While ascending in our cable car, we made a stop at a lake for the most picturesque boat ride of our lives and then continued our uphill journey.

As fate would have it, Mount Titlis was breathtaking, but this time it was set against a backdrop of somber clouds. Nevertheless, we refused to let this dampen our enthusiasm and absorbed as much beauty as possible. However, I must confess, the journey uphill was more awe-inspiring than the destination itself.

zurich sightseeingwaterfall of zurich

Day 5: Zurich – Having an enjoyable time at the Rhein Falls

Today, once again after breakfast, we checked out of our hotel and headed towards Zurich. The drive from Zurich to Lucerne lasted only an hour, and soon enough, we arrived at our new accommodation.

Swiss alps view from train to venice

After checking in and taking a break, we proceeded towards the renowned Rhine Falls where we, aside from the natural magnificence of this marvelous place, also indulged in the extravagant buffet in a garden.

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local sightseeing in venice

On our way back, we once again took the Zurich river cruise courtesy of our Swiss Travel Pass and later returned to our hotel at our own leisure after exploring the local markets.

evening view at Venice italyviews of venice

Day 6: Venice – An awe-inspiring city meant for lovers!

Our train journey from Zurich to Venice was a long one and had a stop in Milan in the middle. By the time we reached the nearest station to Venice, it was already evening after which we promptly checked into our hotel.

burano island sightseeing

After freshening up for a while, we set out to visit Venice independently and explored the well-illuminated city on our own. Here we had some delectable Italian cuisine and after a satisfying meal, retired for the night at our hotel.

Day 7: Venice: Three Island Tour and the incredible Gondola ride!

couple taking a gondola ride in venice

Today we went on a Three Island Tour which included Murano, Burano, and Torcello islands. These were some of the most stunning islands we had ever encountered and both my spouse and I were amazed by their flawless beauty. The glass making factories in Murano and the vibrant houses in Burano truly captivated us.

views of Venice from campanile

After our tour had concluded, we embarked on a romantic Gondola ride and it surpassed our wildest imagination.

Later after observing the city and its flawless sunset, we further explored it during the night and even engaged in some shopping. After fully immersing ourselves in every nook and cranny of the city, we returned to our hotel and called it a night.

cathedral square in pisa

Day 8: Florence – The incredible Leaning Tower of Pisa

Today we journeyed to Florence and later took a train to Pisa. Afterward, upon checking into our hotel, we embarked on an astonishing tour of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Despite the crowd, this was one of the most remarkable experiences of our trip. After another gratifying day on our romantic European adventure, we returned to our hotel.

rome famous monumentsthe leaning tower of pisaromantic trip to pisa

Day 9: Rome – Of majestic architecture

Today we hopped on a train to Rome and, once we settled into our new hotel, we proceeded with a Hop On Hop Off tour in Rome. After completing our well-guided bus tour once again, we had our lunch and then continued to explore other renowned places according to our Rome tour schedule, such as the Roman Forum, Palatine Hills & Colosseum.

Colosseum in rome italy

Overall, our entire experience in this city was quite magnificent, and we returned to our hotel tired but content.

rome sightseeing

Day 10: The final day of our romantic European journey

This marked the conclusion of our trip, and in the morning, after enjoying breakfast, we boarded our flight back to Mumbai from the airport in Rome.

Sine cruise in Paris

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Our amorous trip to Europe was one of a kind. Wherever we ventured, we felt as though affection permeated the atmosphere and honestly, didn’t long for India much at all. From the ethereal historic monuments to enchanting nature to the most extraordinary local encounters and cuisine, everything was phenomenal beyond our wildest dreams.


  • Sightseeing in Paris, particularly the Seine river journey
  • The majestic natural occurrences in Switzerland
  • The old world sentimentality of Italy
  • Additionally, one more aspect worth mentioning is that throughout our excursion in Switzerland, the Swiss Travel Pass truly aided us in exploring everything we desired without any financial troubles.


  • All the attractions in Italy were quite bustling

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