An Unforgettable European Adventure for All Food Lovers!

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Himanshu and his spouse indulged in an incredible gastronomic and hipster escapade. They embarked on a 10 night/11 day amorous journey to Europe that delved into the cultural origins of unconventional European nations such as Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

My spouse and I established a tradition of exploring different nations every year, and this time we desired to organize a summertime voyage to Europe. We drew inspiration from our acquaintances, who had voyaged throughout Europe. For us, their anecdotes and photographs were a substantial motivating element in our pursuit of discovering offbeat destinations in Europe.

While searching the internet for trip packages, I stumbled upon a Fred and Fuzzys advertisement on Facebook. The possibility of purchasing a personalized Europe trip package influenced my decision to choose Fred and Fuzzys. After making a few adjustments to the package, we were ultimately prepared to embark on our inaugural trip to Europe.

outdoor cafes in budapestclear blue lakes of austria

sightseeing in budapest

sightseeing in vienna

Spectacular Locations To Explore On A 9N/10D Honeymoon To Europe

Duration of Journey: 10 nights/ 11 daysCost of Journey: INR 1,80,000Name of Agent: Duniya SafariInclusions: Flights, transfers, lodging, breakfast, sightseeing, and travel insuranceExclusions: Visa fees, meals, and any thrilling activities

The main aims of our journey to Europe were to experience the European culture, party in lively locations, and unwind at picturesque spots. We were excited about the vibrant celebration atmosphere of Prague and Budapest. Whereas Vienna, a city with immense cultural and historical significance, was where we scheduled a lot of sightseeing.

food market in vienna

Here is a concise glimpse at the 10 day Europe tour package we customized with the assistance of Fred and Fuzzys and Duniya Safari

lakes in europe

river danube

sightseeing in budapest

 Must Visit Places On A 10N/11D Honeymoon Trip To Europe

Day 1: Flight from Bangalore- arrive in Budapest at 1 pm- check into hotel- visit to bar ruins- dinner

Day 2: Breakfast- explore the city using hop-on hop-off tour- visit bars- dinner

Day 3: Breakfast- Shopping at Central City Market- visit to hot springs- sightseeing at heroes’ square- shopping at vaci street- dinner

Day 4: Breakfast- check-out from Budapest hotel at 10 am- take a train from Keleti Railway Station- arrive in Vienna– check into hotel- explore the city using hop on hop off sightseeing bus tour- dinner

Day 5: Breakfast- visit to Schonbrunn palace- touring at Arsenal museum- visit to Naschmarkt- dinner

Day 6: Breakfast- visit to city square and Hotel Sacher- touring- dinner

Day 7: Breakfast- check-out at 9 pm- train excursion to Salzburg- check into hotel at 1 pm- hop on hop off touring- trip to Italian farmers market- visit to beer garden- dinner

Day 8: Breakfast- took a cab to Lake District near Vienna- trip to Hallstatt and Mondsee lake- return to hotel- dinner

Day 9: Breakfast- check-out from Salzburg- train journey to Prague- checked-into hotel-trip to John Lennon wall- visit to kampa island- return to hotel

Day 10: Breakfast- touring with hop-on hop-off bus service- dinner

Day 11: Breakfast- check-out from Prague- flight back to New Delhi

Together with exploring some of the most iconic places for sightseeing in Europe, we sampled a variety of cuisines that originated in Central Europe. We combined the exploration of picturesque destinations with culinary delights that would bring joy to our faces.

cafes in budapest

Whether it’s Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, or Prague; each city offered something new and exciting for us. Quite literally!

drinks in budapest

Budapest: The pride of central Europe

street market in budapest

sunset at danube

schonbrunn palace

An Amorous 10N/11D Honeymoon Expedition To Europe

Budapest was the inaugural stop on our excursion to Europe. At this destination, we explored breathtaking landmarks, discovered fantastic bargains at marketplaces, and above all- relished delectable cuisine.

A notable mention goes to the Danube River, which was overflowing with charisma and allure. Its presence right in the heart of Budapest elevated the city’s beauty twofold.

Our foremost selections of activities in Budapest

  • Decayed Taverns: We journeyed to the Antique Jewish Quarters where we witnessed artsy bars and pubs scattered throughout abandoned dwellings. The atmosphere was vibrant during the day and even more lively at night.
  • Roaming sightseeing expedition: Our Europe tour package encompassed a sightseeing bus tour pass for each city on our itinerary. We economized significantly by utilizing the pass for unlimited journeys via any mode of public transportation.
  • Thermal Baths: We decided to immerse ourselves in the thermal hot springs in Budapest. A popular attraction for tourists, we visited one of the public pools adorned with Roman architecture and fountains.
  • Shopping: We encountered numerous options for shoppers of all budgets. To procure souvenirs at reasonable prices, we explored the street market at Central Hall. Additionally, for brand shopping, we favored Vaci Street in central Budapest.

imperial tour schonbrunn palace

Finest gastronomic delights in Budapest

The cuisine in most European countries tends to be insipid and lacking in spices. However, Hungary stands out as one of the very few nations in Europe where people possess a preference for spices and indulgent flavors. This distinctive taste is reflected in the food of Budapest, which incorporates a variety of spices such as paprika, pepper, and chilies. 

churches in Vienna

In Budapest, we relished scrumptious local dishes such as Goulash, poultry bouillon, and pan-fried cheeseburger.

sightseeing in Vienna

Vienna: Art and history at its most exquisite

trip to vienna

museum in vienna

danube river in vienna


Kaushic’s Journey To Europe: The Ideal Vacation For A Family That Adores Traveling

On the fourth day, we boarded a train from Budapest and arrived in Vienna at noon.

The instant we entered the city, we sensed a surrounding of elegance and nobility. A haven for history enthusiasts, Vienna was ready to captivate us with its timeless tales.

Our ultimate selections of activities in Vienna

Schonbrunn Palace: We discovered one of the most renowned palaces in the world on a regal excursion that brought us inside the Schonbrunn Palace to witness all the significant points of interest.

street food in vienna

Naschmarkt: In Vienna, we explored Austria’s largest . At Naschmarkt, there were also some establishments and cafeterias offering delectable Italian, Chinese, and Indian cuisine.

lake district austria

Top culinary delights in Vienna

It appeared as though each location we explored in Vienna, possessed a five-hundred-year-old tale behind it. The same was true for the food and eateries. We indulged in delectable Austrian sweets such as Sachertorte at Hotel Sacher and Apple Strudel at Cafe-Restaurant Residenz.

sightseeing in lake district

Incalculable Beauty in Salzburg and the Lake District

trip to hallstatt

villages in austria

drive to lake district

goulash and schnitzels

Why Sabyasachi’s Journey to Europe Is The Ultimate Vacation For Art, Culture and Luxury!

On the seventh day of our European adventure, we hopped on a railway from Vienna and arrived in Salzburg at midday.

In addition to its undeniable charm, villages surrounding Salzburg were inhabited by many renowned individuals like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Niki Lauda, and Mozart.

Our favorite choices of activities in Salzburg

  • Exploring Salzburg: We commenced our hop-on-hop-off bus tour in Salzburg from Mirabellplatz. From there, we proceeded to visit attractions such as Mozart’s residence, Salzburg Cathedral, Hellbrunn Palace, and the shooting locations for the Sound of Music film.
  • Excursion to Lake District (Hallstatt village): We reserved a taxi for a full-day excursion to Hallstatt– the most exquisite village in the world. We journeyed to the renowned Lake District in Austria that comprises picturesque villages and 76 lakes.We spent the majority of our time in Hallstatt- a enchanting UNESCO world heritage site that appeared almost unreal. Afterwards, on our way back to Salzburg, we visited Lake Mondsee- one of the purest lakes in the world.

beer gardens in austria

Fantastic culinary delights in Salzburg

Lennon Wall Prague

We explored several beer gardens in Salzburg where certain pubs offered 1900 varieties of beer. As someone who loves beer, this place was like paradise.

In Hallstatt, we enjoyed Schnitzels and Goulash for lunch by the lake at Cafe Simone.

sightseeing in prague

Prague: The perpetually enchanting Bohemian paradise

kampa island park in prague

kampa island park selfie

monuments in prague

Their Honeymoon Trip To Europe Was So Stunning, It Appears Like A Dream!

frozen food in prague

On the ninth day, we boarded a train from Salzburg and arrived at the final destination of our Europe vacation package. My spouse and I landed in the ideal city for a grand finale of a journey across Europe. An youthful, lively, and cosmopolitan city, Prague welcomed us with open arms.

Our top choices for activities in Prague

John Lennon wall and pub: We began exploring the city by visiting the most recognizable and contemporary monument in Prague-Lennon Wall. Just across the wall, we also dropped by the Lennon Pub to have a few beverages and relax.

Kampa Island: Situated in the midst of Vltava river in Prague, we opted to hang out at the Kampa Island Park to bask in the afternoon sunlight. As we were strolling through the area, we discovered that the park was hosting a Blues Music Festival. We had a fantastic time listening to music performed by local independent bands which are not well-known in the world.

Superb culinary choices in Prague

cider in prague

pub crawl in prague

monuments of europe

Although it was difficult to think beyond beer in Prague, the city had plenty of intriguing food options. We tried a unique local dish called Trdelnik, which is an authentic Czech dessert.

After a whirlwind of adventures, our remarkable journey across Europe was coming to an end with a flight back to Mumbai. We never imagined that we could explore and witness so many magnificent things in just ten days. The delectable desserts we tried were experiences in themselves that left an unforgettable impression on our taste buds.

Europe is a destination that my spouse and I would like to revisit, rediscover, and relive without hesitation. For that to happen, I would once again turn to Fred and Fuzzys for their expertise and guidance.

evening in prague

streets of vienna

Honeymoon In Europe: We Wanted To Travel Back In Time Without Compromising On Comfort & Luxury


  • The excursion to Hallstatt and Lake District was the most remarkable moment of our European journey. It was hard to believe that such breathtaking places existed.
  • The Danube in Budapest was the most picturesque river we had ever seen. It was the most romantic experience of our sightseeing in Europe.

What we missed out on:

  • We missed out on a visit to Stiftskeller St. Peter in Salzburg- the oldest restaurant in the world.
  • I desired to go on a ghost tour in Prague, due to its reputation for being a city with numerous haunted places.

  • All the hotels booked in our Europe vacation package had cramped rooms with minimal walking space.

The most exquisite cuisines in the world await in Central Europe. Book your Europe vacation package and savor the delightful delicacies of Europe!

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