An Ultimate Experience: Exploring Malta for an Exotic and Unforgettable European Getaway

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Whether you have visited Europe or not, there are definitely places that you may have never heard of previously. Or even if you would have, the chances are lower that you would be acquainted with all the details. One such hidden treasure in Europe is Malta, which is amongst the tiniest countries in the region. However, despite its small size, it offers a plethora of experiences. The numerous islands, museums, forts, and cathedrals convey a great deal about the rich heritage and remarkable history that contribute to making Malta what it is today, and this Malta Travel Guide will assist you in witnessing it all.

Furthermore, not only the locations but also the cuisine and the extravagant shopping opportunities provided by Malta make it an exceptional and unusual vacation destination. So, if you are searching for a place that is distinct and can enhance the charm of your Eurotrip, this is where you should definitely visit!

Language And Currency In Malta

Optimal Time To Visit Malta

The perfect time to visit Malta entirely depends on whether you enjoy summer, monsoon, or fall. If you prefer a peaceful time, plan your trip during November and December. However, if you relish basking in the sun, consider scheduling your holiday in Malta during the first six months of the year.

Even though Malta is one of the smallest countries in Europe, fully exploring and touring it can take up to two weeks. However, it ultimately depends on how long you desire or are able to stay. You can also opt for a one-day tour or spend a minimum of three days, if not more than ten, to explore renowned places like Gozo and Valletta.

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Language And Currency In Malta

The majority of the population in Malta communicates in the official language, Maltese. In addition to this, English is also commonly used, which means communication should not be a major problem during your trip. And since many words have been adopted from Italian and French, having knowledge of these languages can be beneficial.

The only currency accepted in this island nation is the Euro. Therefore, if you are already traveling to other European countries, you can rest assured because there is no need to specifically exchange your currency for Malta.



Getting around in Malta need not be a worry for you at all. There are buses, taxis, cars available for hire, and ferries as well. While traveling between places in Malta is cheaper via buses, ferries are also a good option for a more unique experience. The tickets start at around 1.5 euros to 2 euros for a bus ride and from 5 euros for a ferry ride. On the other hand, taxi rentals vary depending on the season and the car you choose, with the base price per day being approximately 40 euros. If you are still someone who is concerned about the routes, make sure to carry this helpful travel guide to Malta with a map for a hassle-free sightseeing experience.

Top Activities To Do In Malta

If you are wondering what to do in Malta, then rest assured because this wonderful place has incredible experiences in store. To begin with, here is a list of things you can do!

1. Diving – Experience The Underwater World

Walk The Trails In Gozo

While Malta may not be a renowned diving destination in Europe, it is adorned with numerous remarkable shipwrecks that make diving a truly worthwhile experience. The water is amazingly clear and the experience is truly unique. So, regardless of whether you have dived before or not, make sure to include this activity in your itinerary.

2. Hiking – Explore The Trails In Gozo

Explore, Capture, And Repeat

Gozo is a stunning island in the Mediterranean that adds to the magic of the Maltese region. In addition to its breathtaking beauty, it is also famous for hiking. There are various routes around the island that are known for their varying levels of difficulty and duration. You can choose any route based on your interests and abilities.

3. Valletta – Explore, Capture, And Repeat

Accommodation In Malta

If there’s one place you cannot afford to miss in Malta, it is Valletta. Renowned for its fortresses, cathedrals, museums, and cafes, this place is a paradise for adventurers. You can either explore the city at your own pace or reserve a guided tour to witness the numerous wonders that this place conceals. Once you’ve been here, what to see in Malta would be a question you would be able to answer like an expert to anyone who comes around.

Lodgings In Malta

Malta food

While there are a lot of places to stay in Malta, it’s best to choose a place according to your budget. There are budget lodgings and excellent hostels both available at prices that offer a great value for your money. You can get a shared room or a private room for prices as low as 9 euros. Besides this, staying with a local is also a good option. You can rent one for as low as 35 euros on days when there’s less demand.

Cuisine In Malta

The Malti cuisine is a fusion of flavors and traditions. They adore food more than anything, which is evident in their immense variety. Some of the famous dishes to indulge in Malta are Lampuki Pie, Rabbit Stew, Gbejniet, and more. But regardless of what you eat, it is a rabbit and honey that you would come across or savor in almost every cuisine in Malta.

How To Get To Malta

Malta can be easily reached from anywhere in Europe. The quickest method of transportation is by plane. There are a few airlines like British Airways and Air Malta that offer direct flights to the Malta International Airport. Apart from flying, you can also embark on a cruise that makes a stopover at Malta or take a ferry ride from Sicily for a unique and exotic experience.

This speedy Malta travel guide will assist you in uncovering the marvelous secrets that this petite country holds. So, don’t hesitate for even a moment and simply include Malta to your Europe trip itinerary immediately. Needless to say, you would have an experience much better than you would have envisioned.


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