An Insider’s Guide to an Unforgettable Honeymoon Experience in Japan

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Spending your nuptial trip in Japan is an excellent choice. Japan is an exceedingly customary and cultured nation. The location possesses cutting-edge technology along with well-liked tourist attractions. There are numerous shrines and temples situated in Japan. While you are in Japan, you will encounter a culture that is incredibly distinct from the civilization of the Western world.

Romantic Honeymoon in Japan

Why You Should Devote Your Nuptial Trip in Japan

A brief escape after the wedding in the form of a honeymoon is a necessity for the just married. The late spring, which corresponds to the months of March to May, and the late autumn, which corresponds to the months of September to November, are typically deemed as the finest period to travel to Japan since there is minimal or no precipitation and the temperatures are moderate. During spring, Japan appears enormously magnificent due to the captivating sights of the cherry blossom in full bloom. This generates a romantic ambiance in Japan and is ideally the most favorable time to embark on a honeymoon in Japan.

Kyoto Temple Japan Sensō-ji Japanese Landmark

7 destinations to explore on your honeymoon in Japan

The romantic panorama, luxuriant greenery, and charming rural villages make Japan the top choice for honeymoons. The cost for a week-long stay in Japan will amount to approximately one hundred thousand Indian rupees. This cost covers meals, attractions, airfare, and sightseeing. Here are 7 sightseeing spots for your honeymoon in Japan:

1. Miyajima

Miyajima Large Torii Japan

Miyajima is situated outside Hiroshima. The location is renowned for its Torii gate. The remarkable feature of the gate is that it appears to float during high tide. This is an ideal destination for those who wish to restrain their expenses on lodging. You will discover hotels and resorts that suit your budget. The place is also famous for its multiple shrines and temples.

2. Hida-Takayama

houses surrounded by water

For those newlyweds who desire to be closer to the Japanese origins and culture, Hida-Takayama is an ideal destination. It is considerably distinct from Kyoto. Hida-takayama is an isolated mountain town. The ancient town of Takayama possesses the most exceptional historical areas throughout Japan. You will sense as though you are integrated into a medieval epoch within the present time. The location is also very near the historical village of Shirakawa-go. It is recognized for its uniquely styled thatched roof of its farmhouses. Shirakawa-go is a designated UNESCO world heritage site.

tokyo building

3. Tokyo

If you wish to embrace a luxurious honeymoon experience, then Tokyo is an optimal destination for you. Here, you will discover numerous five-star hotels and top-notch dining opportunities. If you visit during the spring season, you will have the chance to witness the blooming pink sakura trees in parks and gardens. Tokyo also hosts various festivals. Apart from these aspects, the allure of the Tokyo tower can be savored throughout the year.

Hakone in Japan

4. Hakone

Hakone is merely a brief train journey away from Tokyo and serves as a favored weekend escape for the locals. If you are honeymooning in Tokyo, paying a visit to Hakone is highly recommended. It deviates significantly from the urban lifestyle of Tokyo. Hakone is a tranquil mountain town. The place boasts remarkable beauty, and you can conveniently explore the natural realm due to the accessibility of cable cars and ropeways that transport you to and from the mountains. Additionally, there is a delightful boat ride on the lake, which enhances the romantic ambiance. The area is also abundant in hot springs.

Fuji five lakes in Japan

5. Fuji five lakes

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Ponds and streams enhance a great deal of magnificence and calmness to a location. The atmosphere around them makes the areas adjoining streams and lakes highly sentimental. Hence, Fuji five lakes are a popular destination for honeymooning. Combine the lakes and mountains and you get a picturesque spot. Fuji five lakes are a flawless place to obtain a magnificent view of Mount Fuji. The spot is a paradise for couples who desire to relish the beauty of the nature and also partake in some daring sports.

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6. Karuizawa

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This is regarded as an ideal spot for couples who are seeking to connect with each other on a spiritual and intellectual level. It is a location which can be enjoyed throughout the year. Occasionally, there are Western style weddings hosted in Karuizawa. The architecture of the area will remind you of the European style of architecture. Visit this place to absorb the ancient world allure.

North Snow Japan KaruizawaTTmain-logo.png

7. Kyoto

It is an old city of Japan and is one of the most enchanting destinations of Japan. For the couples who adore history and want to explore the historical aspect of the place, they will have an opportunity to do so as Kyoto has a remarkable historical ambiance. Kyoto is a perfect place to encounter a lot of things at once. The nature enthusiasts can get up close with nature at the bamboo forests or the Zen gardens in the area.

Kyoto in Japan

4 activities to do on your honeymoon in Japan

From wearing a wedding kimono to witnessing the fireworks in the sky, there are plenty of activities to indulge in on your honeymoon in Japan. We’ve listed 4 activities to do on your honeymoon in Japan. Take a look:

1. Japan: Wear a wedding kimono

If you want to experience a traditional Japanese wedding, you can head to machiya townhouse in Kyoto. You get to take the Japanese vows and get dressed up once again as bride and groom. There will also be photographers present who will compile the photos clicked, which you can take home. This is one of the top activities tourists engage in on their honeymoon in Japan.

wedding kimono

2. Japan: Receive a shiatsu treatment

This is a treatment that involves the usage of fingers and palms to apply pressure on the body to restore energy flow and correct imbalances. We understand that preparing for marriage can be a challenging task for both the bride and the groom. Therefore, this treatment is a great way to spend some quality time together and relax for a while. Make sure to receive this treatment on your trip to Japan.

shiatsu treatment

3. Tokyo: Experience a helicopter cruise

Flying over the sprawling city of Tokyo, Japan with your partner is an unforgettable adventure that both of you will treasure forever. You can take the helicopter rides at any time of day, but they become particularly special and captivating for honeymooners if taken at sunset. Remember to book in advance.

helicopter cruise

4. Japan: Celebrate Christmas with beloved Disney Characters

The Tokyo Disney Resorts host numerous special events to mark the Christmas season. The festivities begin in late November or mid-November and continue until the first week of January, when the New Year celebrations conclude. Once you enter the park in December, you’ll quickly realize that nobody does Christmas better than Disney.

tokyo disneyland

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Embarking on a honeymoon in Japan is an enriching and invigorating experience that is worth every penny. The destination offers a plethora of romantic getaways and stunning locales. We hope you find our compiled list helpful. Plan a trip to Japan with your partner and let love blossom between you two.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymooning in Japan

Is Japan a suitable destination for a honeymoon?

Yes, Japan is an incredible choice for a honeymoon as it offers a wide range of activities and attractions. The romantic beauty of Cherry Blossom trees is truly mesmerizing. If you enjoy experiencing different cultures, you will fall in love with Japan.

Is Japan a romantic destination?

Absolutely, Japan is a romantic place to spend your honeymoon. You can take a romantic boat ride with Mount Fuji as your backdrop. Just like Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Tokyo has the Tokyo Tower. Taking a leisurely stroll through a park adorned with blooming Cherry Blossoms is also a wonderfully romantic experience in Japan.

What are some things to do in Tokyo?

There are many enjoyable activities to do in Tokyo during your trip, such as: 1. Visit Tokyo Disneyland 2. Admire the mesmerizing Cherry Blossoms in Ueno Park 3. Hike up Mount Takao 4. Explore Showa Memorial Park

When is the best time to visit Japan?

Late spring (March to May) and late autumn (September to November) are the best periods to visit Japan. During these times, you can enjoy clear skies, minimal rainfall, and mild temperatures.

When do Cherry Blossoms bloom in Japan?

Cherry Blossoms can be seen in Japan from late March to mid-April. April is the ideal month to plan your trip if you want to witness the full beauty of Cherry Blossom season.

Does it snow in Japan?

Yes, some parts of Japan experience heavy snowfall, while Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka receive only a small amount of snow.

How long should I stay in Japan?

Ideally, two weeks is the recommended duration for a romantic honeymoon in Japan. However, if you have limited time, 3-5 days is sufficient for local sightseeing and city tours.

Where is the best place to stay for a honeymoon in Japan?

Old Town Takayama is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Japan, offering a traditional taste of the country and boasting one of the best-preserved historic areas. The secluded mountain town of Hida-Takayama is also a fantastic choice for a honeymoon.

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