An In-Depth Chronicle of Abhikrishna’s Journey Across Europe for an 8-Day Adventure

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Abhikrishna made the decision to embark on a tour of Europe alongside his beloved spouse. This journey served as their honeymoon, during which they elected to visit three locations on the continent: Amsterdam, Paris, and Switzerland. Their trip was filled with countless surprises, making it an experience that will undoubtedly inspire others to plan their own European adventure. Allow yourself to satisfy your curiosity by delving into Abhikrishna’s personal account.

From the moment we tied the knot earlier this year, planning a trip to Europe was always at the forefront of our minds. However, we were uncertain about which countries to visit and how to effectively utilize our eight-day stay on the continent. Thankfully, our problem was solved when a representative from Fred and Fuzzys entered the picture. Armed with their guidance, we embarked on a journey to three different cities, making the most of our time during each visit.

Details of Our Eight-Day European Adventure

Below, we have outlined the package we selected for our honeymoon trip. Take a moment to peruse the details:

To: Europe

From: Delhi, India

Start Date: May 07, 2021

Duration: Eight days

Group: Two adults, zero children

Itinerary for Our Romantic European Honeymoon

Our trip itinerary was meticulously crafted to ensure that we experienced all of the major attractions within the span of eight days. Take a look:

Day 1: Arrive at Amsterdam airport; check-in to hotel; enjoy an evening canal cruise

Day 2: Explore Amsterdam with a hop-on hop-off bus city tour

Day 3: Depart for Paris via train; check-in to hotel and enjoy an overnight stay

Day 4: Take a sightseeing tour of Paris and embark on a Seine river cruise

Day 5: Depart for Lucerne via train; check-in to hotel

Day 6: Continue to Zurich via train and enjoy an overnight stay

Day 7: Visit Rhine Falls

Day 8: Depart for the airport

Weather Conditions During Our Eight-Day Journey in Europe

Canal Cruise Tour

Throughout our stay in Amsterdam and Paris, the weather was predominantly rainy and overcast. Rain showers would catch us off guard, shifting abruptly from bright and sunny to dreary and wet. However, this only enhanced the romantic ambiance and added a certain allure to every photograph we captured amid such weather. Fortunately, the excellent connectivity of public transportation ensured that we were never stranded in the rain, allowing us to explore and see so much regardless of the weather conditions.

Memorable Experiences from Our Eight-Day European Adventure

1. A Fruitful Arrival Experience

Hoho Bus

Our journey commenced in Amsterdam, where we were greeted with a splendid canal cruise in the evening. Upon our arrival at the airport, we were escorted to our hotel. After freshening up, we embarked on the canal cruise, marveling at the splendid sights as we glided along the water.

Museum Experience

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2. Amsterdam Tour On A Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

This was certainly an enjoyable experience that we underwent. The greatest part about this bus tour is that you can board it based on your time preferences. Jumping off at major tourist sites of the city like Jewish Cultural Quarter, Frank House Museum, and other incredible attractions. This was one of the highlights of our Europe tour and we will definitely do it again on your next visit to Amsterdam.

Romantic TripExperience at Eiffel Tower

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3. Romantic Experiences In Paris

We took the train from Amsterdam to Paris where we arrived at night and checked into a hotel there. The following day we went to witness the magnificent Eiffel Tower, which is rightfully called the ‘symbol of love’. We also went for a Seine Cruise for an impeccable sightseeing experience. While we were on this cruise, we could see the entire Paris with the major landmarks and it was an unforgettable moment for us.

Fun GamesAwesome Place

4. Next Stop, Lucerne

After Paris, we departed for the city of Lucerne in Switzerland via rail. We arrived there and checked into a hotel for an overnight stay. The next morning we went out for sightseeing and witnessed Jungfrau Glacier Panorama View. We also took a tour to Kleine Scheidegg where we were captivated by the beauty of majestic mountains. We also visited the famous Lion Monument and then simply wandered around the Old Town for a while.

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Romantic CoupleEnjoying Beauty of Switzerland

5. The Impressive Rhine Falls

We felt like we have come pretty close to nature when we saw the breathtaking Rhine Falls. The roaring water was definitely a sight to behold. Since the waterfalls are considered to be the largest in the entire Europe, we had to go witness its grandeur!

6. Supreme Food Pleasure

Throughout our journey, we sampled various culinary styles. If you desire a vegetarian option, then it is imperative to seek out Indian eateries in Europe. Despite the fact that Indian restaurants may be a tad expensive, we dined at some truly exceptional establishments. Situated in proximity to the hotel in Paris was the Paris Gare Du Nord Station, where we discovered numerous Indian restaurants. During our time in Amsterdam, we indulged in Chinese cuisine at Yu Family Kitchen, which was remarkably delightful. We also visited MAdras Cafe in Paris for our evening meal. The dining expenses were more economical in Paris compared to Zurich and Amsterdam.

Indian restaurants cuisine

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7. Retail Therapy to the Fullest

In the city of Amsterdam, the vast assortment of souvenirs will undoubtedly leave you perplexed. You can acquire them from Main Square Amsterdam, particularly in the afternoon. However, in Paris, exercise caution regarding rip-offs selling near the Eiffel Tower, as you can procure the same items for less than half the price elsewhere in the city. While in Zurich, you will have the opportunity to choose from an enticing selection of Swiss timepieces, while Paris boasts a diverse range of fragrances.

Sunset viewBest Moment

Different Accommodations We Stayed At During Our 8 Days In Europe

We resided at The Kings Court Hotel in Amsterdam, Paris Louis Blanc in Paris, and The Guest House in Zurich. All three hotels were conveniently located near metro stations, making it effortless to commute to various destinations. The staff was welcoming and the rooms were immaculate. We were treated to a delectable and nourishing complimentary breakfast. Each of the three hotels offered a buffet with a wide array of choices to cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Travel Pointers For Globetrotters

  • Ensure you have activated international roaming on your phone for emergencies
  • Download an offline map that will prove exceedingly useful throughout your trip
  • Given that every hotel provides an electric kettle in the room, you might consider bringing along some soups or instant noodles – a time and money-saving option
  • Safeguard your documents in a secure locker and carry photocopies with you when venturing out
  • Make sure to have cash on hand, especially loose change
  • Don’t forget to carry an umbrella wherever you go, as the weather is unpredictable
  • Instead of solely focusing on capturing pictures, try to immerse yourself in your surroundings and create vivid memories

Our Encounter With Fred and Fuzzys

Fred and Fuzzys assisted us every step of the way – from the moment we inquired about their packages and received recommendations on how to spend 8 days in Europe to the day we arrived in Europe. Even upon our return to India, our agent ensured the smooth progression of our trip, and we encountered absolutely no issues throughout our entire journey. Thank you immensely. We greatly enjoyed it.

If you think that these newlyweds have merely ignited your wanderlust, then without delaying too much just arrange your vacation in Europe. Undergo and observe the attraction of Europe by opting for a holiday here! However, similar to this couple sought advice on how to spend 8 days in Europe, ensure that you don’t go without a plan and unaware.

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