An Extraordinary Adventure: 6 Nights and 7 Days in Thailand with Friends

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As cliché as it sounds, but our journey to Thailand had a flawless catchphrase “Why ought guys to own all the fun”.

I am Ramya and I typically travel alone however this point, it had been totally different. I used to be traveling with 5 of my friends and that we had one goal in mind – to own the maximum amount of fun as possible!

For this, we would have liked 2 things – a vacation and a place to vacation. Thankfully each of them was common – Thailand.

Having set on our destination, we tend to were currently trying to find a 6 Nights 7 Days Thailand tour package and that too was resolved, because of Fred and Fuzzys (found on Google).

I likable their construct of customizing the package and once I had raised a visit request, I got a decision from their representative WHO understood our needs and any connected the USA to relevant travel agents on board. These agents then sent the USA varied quotes and itineraries as per our needs and every one I had to try and do was to settle on the most effective one out of them. I used to be presently sorted with our custom-made 6N 7D Thailand package!

Nature of Thailand

Our trip details:

Trip Type: A Thailand trip with friends!Cost: INR 1,54,800 (INR 25,800 per person)Duration: 6 Nights 7 DaysInclusions: Hotels, Sightseeing, Breakfast, Island tours, transfers

Exclusions: Paid activities, water activities, other meals, flights

Day 1: Thailand was a visually dazzling pleasure, a lot of sort of a love at first sight!

My girlfriends and I landed in Bangkok and were greeted by an attractive sunny day. After we had taken the visa on arrival, as per our schedule, we had our connecting flight to Phuket and we took it on time.

Ramya at the monkey bay in phi phi

We were received by our driver from the agent’s side and he transported us to the hotel. After our check-in, we restful and strolled round the city on our own.

We saw lots of attention-grabbing places in Phuket and these included:

After our excursion, we referred to as it an evening as a result of we tend to knew consecutive 2 days were jam-packed with plenty of activities and looking at in Phuket.

Day 2: there’s no place on earth additional stunning than Phi Phi island!

Family Trip To Thailand: 3D journey In A Tropical Paradise

This day once a luxurious breakfast at the hotel, we continuing for the Phi Phi island tour. We boarded a ferry (long tail boat) for a similar and commenced our tour. The island tour was extremely stunning and therefore the vast rocks on the island gave the impression of caves. We tend to conjointly stopped at Maya Bay, wherever one had to pay 300 bahts to try and do water sport. The read from here was merely mesmerizing and appeared straight out of a photography book. Our next stop was Phi Phi beach wherever one might do numerous activities like underwater diving and parasailing. One of my friends took Underwater diving and her expertise was extremely extremely smart.

One thing that we all observed was that the coastlines were extremely tidy and even though this was a minor detail, it had a significant impact on our overall sightseeing experience in Phuket.

Safari world Bangkok_23rd oct

We completed our tour by 5:30 pm and then returned to our hotel. After taking some rest, we set out to visit the Bangla Road and Marine Plaza once again. These were fantastic places to shop, and the seafood we had at Marine Plaza was delectable and quite generous in portion.


  • Individuals who are quite confident swimmers should consider snorkeling at Maya Bay, as you will be provided with the necessary equipment but not a personal instructor.
  • Be aware that they charge a significant amount for scuba diving pictures, so plan accordingly.
  • Vegetarian food options are scarce in this coastal country, so it is advisable for vegetarians to consume fruits, which by the way, are delightful. Additionally, individuals who are not familiar with authentic Thai cuisine can also enjoy the aforementioned option.

Day 3: James Bond island tour followed by an incredible nightlife scene in Phuket

Today, we embarked on the James Bond Island tour. Once again, we boarded a traditional long tail boat, but this time it was powered by a motor. This tour included stops at three different beaches, each with its own unique charm. These attractions included canoeing into a lagoon, visiting a fishing village, and exploring a monkey temple as we left the island. Again, our trip ended around 5:30 pm, and afterwards, we ventured out to explore more fascinating places in Phuket, and we had an absolute blast!

We attended the Simon Cabaret, a mesmerizing show where transgender performers showcased their talents through Korean, Chinese, and Bollywood songs. It was a visually stunning performance filled with vibrant colors and mesmerizing dance routines, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we took a leisurely stroll through the streets before returning to our hotel.

Day 4: We were mistaken, Krabi is even more splendid than Phi Phi island!

Breathtaking Scenery, Luxury, & A Memorable Dinner Cruise: Shubham’s Unforgettable Honeymoon in Thailand

After breakfast, we checked out of our hotel and headed for Krabi. Our minivan transportation was arranged on a shared basis, and it took us approximately 3 hours to reach Krabi from Phuket by road. Due to the rain along the way, the weather became incredibly beautiful, and the journey was quite pleasant. Once we arrived in beautiful Krabi, we checked into our lovely hotel.

After freshening up, we proceeded with the Hong Island tour. Although we also had the option to do the Four Island tour, we chose this one as it was more unique and less crowded.

We were taken for the excursion on a speedboat and the place was stunning. There were palm trees, meadows, enormous boulders, and various activities including kayaking. This place had some of the purest waters I had ever witnessed and all of us women swam and floated in it to our heart’s content.

Hint: One should exercise caution while swimming here as the current can carry you quite far and deep if you’re not careful.

Ramya clicks a selfie at the sea world in bangkok

The speedboat journey back to the mainland was also thrilling as there was mist and spray all around, and for a moment, I felt as if I was in a scene from the film Dhoom.

Afterward, we returned to our hotel, packed our luggage, and then caught a flight to Bangkok.

Flight duration from Krabi to Bangkok: 1 hour 20 min

Day 5: Greetings Bangkok, it’s nice to see you too!

From Street Food To Thai Massage: Karthik’s Trip Is Establishing New Standards For An All-Male Vacation In Thailand

Today, we visited the Safari World in Bangkok and found it to be an average experience mainly because it was overcrowded despite being a fantastic place. Next, we explored the Siam Paragon Mall and the Central World Mall, both of which were pleasant to visit and had international cuisine food courts. We indulged in a wide range of delicacies here and overall, it was a satisfying experience.

Ocean world in BangkokExotic fishes at the ocean world in Bangkok

Day 6: Ocean World delights and an extraordinary night market adventure in Bangkok

After observing the animals on land, following our Bangkok tour schedule, we proceeded to explore the marine life at the Ocean World today. There were numerous varieties of fish here, some incredibly beautiful, as well as a plethora of turtles, penguins, and starfish. I was fortunate enough to even touch a starfish. We finished our visit to the Ocean World by 2 pm, after which we wandered around on our own and later went to the Patpong Night Market which was undoubtedly bustling. This was a very lively market and we thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

Beauty of Thailand

Day 7: Farewell Thailand, you will forever remain in our hearts!

Two Companions On A Journey To Thailand: Fun, Excitement, & Lifetime Of Cool Memories

This marked our concluding day in Thailand and we didn’t want to squander it at the hotel. So after breakfast, we headed to a renowned wholesale market known as the Indira Market which offered a wide range of merchandise at very reasonable prices.

After our visit here, we checked out of the hotel at 4 PM for our 6 PM flight.

Thailand proved to be a voyage of liberation for me and my companions! It was an enjoyable, thrilling, incredibly stunning, and yet tranquil experience. The tropical ambience of this place had an extremely comforting influence on our senses and surpassed our expectations in every way. This trip remains one of my most cherished memories!

Pointers for travelers:

  • One doesn’t require a prearranged itinerary for Bangkok as it is brimming with captivating places that can be explored on our own. The transportation system is well-connected, buses are reasonably priced, and even the metro service is excellent.
  • All in all, Thailand is an exceptional destination that offers a perfect blend of tradition, shopping, modernity, and, of course, awe-inspiring natural wonders!

Aspects that could have been improved:

  • Safari World was excessively crowded.
  • If we had been aware of the ferry from Phuket to Koh Samui, we would have taken it into consideration.
  • There were numerous less-traveled locations that we were unfamiliar with, so make sure to utilize Google and plan ahead!

Highlights of our trip:

  • Traditional Thai massage
  • Simon Cabaret show
  • Phi Phi island excursion
  • Chatuchak Market
  • Krabi was truly exquisite
  • Tasty Chang beer, exotic fruits, and Indian cuisine in Bangkok

Thailand not only showcases the magic of nature but also offers a myriad of city life delights, thrilling adventures, remarkable sightseeing, and much more! You too can book a similar Thailand tour package and embark on a journey of a lifetime!

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