An Exquisite Journey in Vietnam: Our Heavenly Romantic Getaway

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Sreekanth and his spouse departed from a rigid and predictable lifestyle to embrace an array of exhilarating experiences through travel. Explore their journey of rediscovering their passions during a captivating 7-day romantic escapade to Vietnam that expanded their horizons to an irresistible style of exploration.

As avid travelers, my spouse and I have predominantly sought out destinations that exude tranquility and a serene ambiance. Whenever we venture to new places, we immerse ourselves in the local culture to fully absorb the experience. One thing we always make sure not to neglect during our travels is indulging in a day of pampering at a spa and indulging in some retail therapy.

In the past, our vacations revolved around locales with picturesque beaches (such as Maldives and Bali) and scenic landscapes (like Turkey). However, this year, we yearned for something more unconventional. My wife, Ratna, a passionate follower of travel and lifestyle content, was keen on giving Vietnam a chance. Her compelling reasons soon convinced us to embark on a quest for Vietnam tour packages.

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Insights into our Enchanting Voyage to Vietnam

Cost of Trip: INR 85,000Duration of Trip: 7 nights and 8 daysAgent’s Name: LVP Travel Co LimitedInclusions: Domestic flights within Vietnam, transfers, accommodations, breakfast, sightseeing, and taxesExclusions: Meals, international flights, and additional expenses

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Our quest for Vietnam tour packages led us to stumble upon the Fred and Fuzzys website through a Google search. Upon inquiry, they promptly addressed all our questions and concerns. The arrangements made for our romantic expedition to Vietnam, including food, accommodations, hotels, and transfers, were meticulously executed with utmost professionalism.

Discover the Finest Activities for an Unforgettable Budget Trip to Vietnam and Cambodia!

Day 1: Arriving amidst Festive Celebrations!

We received a warm welcome at Ho Chi Minh City Airport and were swiftly transported to Hotel Harmony in Saigon District 1. The strategic location of this hotel placed us in close proximity to all the main attractions. Since the day was free for leisure, we decided to embark on a leisurely stroll after checking in.

We ventured down to the heart of Saigon and were delighted to discover that our journey coincided with Vietnam’s National day on September 2. On this marvelous day, we were treated to an array of captivating cultural performances at the Saigon center. As night fell, we indulged in a delectable feast and experienced the novelty of a fruit-infused shisha at Warda Cafe. Eventually, we made our way back to our hotel, ready to retire for the night.

cosplays in vietnam

night market crowd in saigon

Day 2: The mind-blowing Cu Chi tunnels

presidential palace

Embarking on the second day of our enchanting Vietnam getaway, we began with a delightful breakfast and embarked on a city adventure. Our initial destination was the opulent Independence/Reunification Palace, where the highlight was a bunker that bore witness to war room discussions. The grandeur of the palace left us in awe, resonating with our desire for an exquisite walk-in closet at home.

ho chi minh post office

Next, we made our way to the Notre Dame Cathedral, unfortunately unable to enter due to ongoing renovations. Undeterred, we turned our attention to the Ho Chi Minh Central Post Office just across the street, both structures serving as poignant reminders of French influence in Vietnam. Finally, we proceeded to the War Remnants Museum, where we were confronted with the haunting scars of Vietnam’s turbulent past. After this impactful visit, it was time for a well-deserved lunch.

places to see in vietnam

Following a brief respite, we embarked on a journey to the Cu Chi tunnels. Walking through the jungle, we witnessed Vietnam’s resolute resistance against the mighty US army during the 1960s, employing ingenious guerrilla tactics. The extensive tunnel network spanned over 250 kilometers, with the US army only managing to detect and demolish a fraction of it. Immersed in the historical significance of the day, we returned to our hotel for a tranquil dinner and a restful night’s sleep.

Exciting Activities for an Adventurous Trip to Vietnam with Friends

war remnants museum

presidential palace theater

Day 3: A Memorable Day

beekeeping island

Yet another day filled with wonderful memories on our romantic journey through Vietnam began with a delightful breakfast before we embarked on our excursion to the Mekong Delta. Upon arrival, we had the opportunity to partake in island hopping, exploring three unique islands that each had its own distinct characteristics.

Our first island showcased the world of sweet honey and beekeeping. We rode in a hand-rowed Sampan, a traditional canoe, as it glided through the natural water canals. The second island delighted us with its abundance of coconut trees, where we savored delicious toffees and sampled invigorating coconut wine. Lastly, the third island provided a serene environment for relaxation, where we indulged in crocodile feeding activities and blissful lounging.

After spending a couple of hours exploring the islands, we bid farewell to Ho Chi Minh City and made our way to the airport for our flight to Hanoi. On arrival, we checked into the La Siesta Hotel at around 10 pm to retire for the night.

places to see in mekong

wandering through mekong

exhibition in vietnam

Experiencing the Breathtaking Beauty of Vietnam on a Romantic Journey

Day 4: Unveiling the Astonishing Wonders of Hanoi

Located in the heart of Hanoi, the La Siesta hotel exuded exceptional hospitality. Every guest was warmly recognized and greeted personally during breakfast, adding a personal touch to the experience.

On this day, our exploration of Hanoi commenced with a visit to the Craft Center of Lacquer paintings. The opportunity to witness the artists skillfully creating exquisite paintings firsthand filled us with delight. Following this, we indulged in a delectable feast of local cuisine during a well-deserved lunch break.

buddhist temple in hanoi

craft work in hanoi

After satisfying our taste buds, we embarked on a captivating journey through the Ethnology Museum, which showcased the fascinating ethnic groups of Vietnam. It was intriguing to observe the distinctiveness of these groups, influenced by diverse cultures from China, Thailand, and Cambodia. Our next destinations included the Literature Temple and the Buddha Temple at West Lake, both serving as serene places of worship for locals and foreigners alike.

Later on, our guide arranged tickets for us to attend the internationally renowned Water Puppet show. This was a memorable highlight of our romantic expedition in Vietnam.

old vietnam palace in Hanoi

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Our Unforgettable Journey Through Vietnam Was a Heavenly Experience

delicious meal on ha long bay cruise

Day 5: Halong Bay – A Memorable Voyage

Our day began by leaving Hanoi and venturing towards the breathtaking Halong Bay. Along the way, we made a stop at a cultural center where we indulged ourselves in purchasing exquisite silk thread paintings. Upon arrival at Halong Bay, the Flamingo cruise warmly welcomed us. This particular day of our romantic escapade in Vietnam was brimming with exhilarating activities, including kayaking, swimming, and engaging in cooking classes.

The evening commenced with a bit of amateur squid fishing, although we were not fortunate enough to catch any. Nonetheless, the tranquil waters and refreshing sea breeze provided a beautiful atmosphere, soothing our weary bodies.

ha long bay vietnam

passing by a ferry in vietnam

scenic backdrop at ha long bay

 Must-Visit Attractions for Your Journey Through Vietnam and Cambodia

caves in vietnam

Day 6: Exploring Caves with a Humorous Twist

The following day of our romantic odyssey in Vietnam began with a gentle awakening for Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art. As the morning progressed, we were taken on an exploration of the mesmerizing caves. The intricate interiors left us speechless.

After the conclusion of our tour, we were brought back to the pier, where we were treated to a delectable meal. By 5 pm, we were safely returned to our hotel, allowing us to enjoy a leisurely evening in Hanoi, which we spent at a charming local café.

caves near ha long bay

fun activities on ha long bay cruise

Days 7 and 8: Indelible Memories of Vietnam

The following morning, we bid farewell to Hanoi and embarked on our journey back to Ho Chi Minh City. Upon arrival, we settled in at the Harmony Hotel. As we embarked on our romantic escapade in Vietnam, we decided to indulge in a sublime spa experience offered by our hotel, allowing us to cherish our quality time together.

royal palace in vietnam

In the evening, we eagerly ventured to the Ho Chi Minh City Night Market for a memorable shopping spree, where we acquired numerous delightful souvenirs at remarkably reasonable prices.

With heavy hearts, we checked out of our hotel in Ho Chi Minh City the next morning. As we proceeded to the airport, we bid a fond goodbye to the radiant and dynamic Vietnam.

We expressed our gratitude to our travel agent for meticulously organizing this enchanting romantic voyage to Vietnam, which gifted us with treasured memories that will last a lifetime. The travel agent’s exceptional courtesy and dedication ensured that we encountered no inconveniences throughout our journey. Notably, we cannot recall a single instance where our communication with Fred and Fuzzys felt hindered. The pricing was exceptionally competitive and transparent.

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places to visit in Hanoi

Discover the Best Experiences for a Solo Trip to Vietnam and Cambodia

The highlights were:

  • Throughout our romantic journey in Vietnam, we encountered numerous breathtaking moments. Some of the notable highlights include our visits to the Independence Palace, Cu Chi Tunnels, Water Puppet Shows, and Halong Bay.

The trip was devoid of any setbacks:

  • We were fortunate enough to experience a seamless trip with no untoward incidents or unfavorable experiences.

Valuable suggestions for fellow travelers:

  • When selecting your hotel, prioritize convenience for accessing nearby attractions during your leisure time.
  • If you prefer spacious accommodations, it is recommended to avoid boutique-style hotels.
  • Ensure that your travel agent arranges all necessary transfers to avoid any potential hassles later on.

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