An Exciting Getaway: 4 Enjoyable Activities in Kedah, Malaysia

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A breathtaking cityscape, astonishing tall buildings, amiable locals, and a myriad of captivating tourist attractions to explore, Malaysia will compel you to abandon your ordinary life and set off on a vacation immediately! Why is that? Every one of us possesses that inherent desire to travel, and to fulfill that, we all need to embark on a getaway once or twice a year. Malaysia will make your break worthwhile, and so will its impeccable region known as Kedah! If you are fully prepared for your vacation, then you must go through our specially curated list of activities to experience in Kedah, Malaysia! Visiting Kedah without indulging in these activities would be a wasted holiday for sure, and we guarantee you will regret it later!

Elevate your vacation to an extraordinary experience by venturing to Kedah in Malaysia. This region offers numerous places to visit and relish a delectable meal! Once you have explored the attractions and savored the local cuisine, make sure to try these activities in Kedah to make your vacation full of amusement and excitement!

4 Top Activities to Experience in Kedah, Malaysia

A vacation is all about exploring the must-see sights and trying the must-do activities in the destination you are traveling to. So, take a look at this enticing list of things to do in Kedah, Malaysia, to make the most out of your trip! Keep scrolling down and read on!


1. Retail Therapy

A true shopaholic never misses an opportunity to indulge in some retail therapy. If you are one of them, then allocate a day for shopping as Kedah has numerous spots where you can shop to your heart’s content. Shopping is undoubtedly one of the finest activities to do in Kedah. From charming souvenirs to handicraft items, you can spend an entire day shopping on the streets of Malaysia. Visit the Kedah Shopping Centre or the Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall for an incredible shopping spree!


2. Paragliding

While it may not be your typical water sport, many people still enjoy paragliding when they visit the beaches in Malaysia. It offers a chance to soar through the air like a kite, being attached to a parachute that is tethered to a boat. This thrilling activity is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you wish to go paragliding in Malaysia, make sure to choose authorized tour operators. The Paragliding Malaysia Price is RM80 per person for 3km on the beach, and RM180 per person for 8km on the boat. You can also enjoy a variety of other water sports in Langkawi Island Malaysia.

Best Time: Throughout the year

Best Place for Paragliding: Langkawi Island

3. Jet Skiing


Arguably one of the most popular water activities worldwide, jet skiing is also among the most alluring things to do in Kedah, Malaysia. You can race across the waves with the breeze in your hair. It is a thrilling sensation that you will not encounter with many other pastimes. If you are seeking to relish water sports in the beaches of Malaysia, jet skiing is definitely a must-try. You will come across several establishments that provide jet ski rentals and even lessons taught by trained and experienced professionals. There are even jet ski excursions available for exploring the Malay islands, coastal mangrove forests, and engaging in bird watching at Singa Besar Island.

Optimal Time: Throughout the yearTop Place for Jet Skiing: Pantai Cenang Beach on Langkawi Island

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4. Kayaking

Credit for Image: Dimitris Vetsikas for Pixabay

For those who prefer a more leisurely pace rather than high-adrenaline water activities, kayaking on the waters of Malaysia’s beaches is a perfect choice. It is an endeavor for the physically active and fit, as kayaking or canoeing requires rowing or paddling. This is an enjoyable pursuit that provides a change from the fast-paced sports that everyone is participating in. You can navigate your way to magnificent locations and explore the treasures that Malaysia’s islands and archipelagos have to offer.

Optimal Time: Throughout the yearTop Places for Kayaking: Langkawi Island, Merapuh, Kuching, and Seribuat Archipelago

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Have these captivating things to do in Kedah, Malaysia sufficiently enticed you? If yes, then it’s time for you to contact your travel companions and inform them that all of you are embarking on a joyful holiday in Malaysia. The country eagerly awaits your arrival with open arms and a dynamic culture that you must acquaint yourselves with. Grab your cameras, pack your belongings, go through this list, and set off immediately for an amusing vacation amidst nature’s embrace!

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