Air Travel Happiness: Karnataka’s Top 7 Safe and Enjoyable Airports

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Renowned for its ancient remnants, beautiful shorelines, elevated stations, Carnatic tunes, timber of fragrant quality, and delicate fabrics, Karnataka nestles in the South-West area of India and is an ideal destination for vacations. The airstrips in Karnataka provide tourists with seamless access to the region.

With its diverse attributes, Karnataka offers a plethora of experiences, ranging from the sun-kissed beaches of Gokarna to the serene gardens of Bangalore. Ranked as the fourth most popular tourist spot in the country, Karnataka boasts an array of remarkable locations waiting to be explored. These airstrips in Karnataka will transport you to the wonders of the state, ensuring that your vacation is an effortless affair.

7 Airstrips in Karnataka

Are you captivated by air voyages? Curious about the number of air routes available to and from Karnataka? To simplify your search, we have compiled a list of well-known airstrips in Karnataka for you.

Mangalore Airport View

1. Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru

Located in Bangalore, Kempegowda International Airport is one of the international airstrips in Karnataka. It stands as the third busiest airport in the country, after Delhi and Mumbai, having served over 22.2 million passengers in the past year.

This sprawling airport spans a vast area of 400 acres and resides 40km north of the city, in close proximity to the village of Devanahalli. It provides perpetual international flights to destinations such as Mauritius, Dubai, London, and Hong Kong. Additionally, it offers domestic flights to Nagpur, Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, and Mumbai.

To ensure the comfort of passengers, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation operates a shuttle service, connecting nine different locations in the city to the airport. Buses run at regular intervals of 30 minutes, providing reliable transportation. Furthermore, the airport offers a range of amenities, including three distinct lounges, buggy services, and dedicated assistance for senior citizens.

Location: KIAL Rd, Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560300Airport Code: BLR

Hubballi Airport

2. Mangalore Airport

Also known as Bajpe Airport, Mangalore Airport serves the coastal city of Mangalore in Karnataka. It is the second busiest international airport in the state and is situated 13km northeast of Mangalore.

Located only 16km away from the central railway station, this airport offers convenient mobility and swift connections. It boasts the distinction of being the first airport to feature two runways, one of which is a unique tabletop runway. Nearby attractions include Kadri Manjunath Temple, Kudroli Gokarnath Temple, Tannirbhavi Beach, Panambur Beach, and Manasa Amusement & Water Park.

Mangalore Airport stands as one of the most remarkable airports in Karnataka, boasting excellent connectivity to various means of transportation. Moreover, Karnataka State Road Transportation Corporation offers a bus service from the airport to the Central Railway Station. Taxis, including Ola and Uber cars, are readily available 24/7, offering convenient transport options. Additionally, you have the option to book your cabs in advance.

Location: Bajpe Main Rd, Kenjar HC, Karnataka 574142Airport Code: IXE


3. Hubballi Airport

For air travel to and from Hubli, Hubballi Airport ranks among the domestic airports in Karnataka. Situated 8 km west of Hubballi on Gokul Road, it covers a whopping area of 369 acres and serves the twin cities of Dharwad and Hubli.

Chandramouleshwara Temple, Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden, Unkal Lake, and Banashankari Temple are some of the nearby tourist attractions. As Hubli Air Force Base, Hubballi Airport showcases immense excellence as an airport in Karnataka. It has been upgraded to international standards and offers direct flights to Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai.

To expand the capabilities of Hubli airport, the Airports Authority of India has allocated 700 acres of land for an expansion project, enabling the operation of larger aircraft. Plans are underway to transform Hubli airport into a logistics hub, complete with state-of-the-art warehousing facilities.

Location: Gokul Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Hubli-Dharwad, Karnataka 580030Airport Code: HBX

Bellary Airport In Karnataka

4. Belgaum Airport

As Belgaum emerges as a proposed smart city, significant improvements have been made to its overall infrastructure. Belgaum Airport, also known as Sambra Airport, is located 10 km east of Belgaum city, near Sambra Village. This domestic airport in Karnataka features three check-in desks, a VIP lounge, and a boarding gate. Flights to Mumbai, Mangalore, and Bangalore are available regularly, with SpiceJet flights specifically landing at this airport. Belgaum Airport is renowned as one of the finest airports in Karnataka, boasting a passenger terminal spanning over 1,160 square meters.

Location: Bagalkot-Belgaum Rd, Sambra, Karnataka 591124Airport Code: IXG

Shimoga Airport In Karnataka

5. Bellary Airport

Bellary airport, located in Karnataka, is a remarkable domestic airport that serves the city of Bellary. Originally established during the British colonial era, the primary functions of the airport involve trade and the importation of goods.

During the British rule, Bellary airport in Karnataka was transformed into a public airport. Air India took the initiative of utilizing this airport to connect Goa and Bangalore. With the passage of time, Air Deccan also joined in by operating flights to major cities across India.

Location: Bellary, Karnataka, IndiaAirport Code: BEP

Mysore Airport

6. Shimoga Airport

Currently, there is no airport in Shimoga. However, a greenfield project was proposed in Karnataka to construct an airport in Shimoga in order to promote tourism and trade in the region. Sogane Village was selected as the site for the Shimoga Airport project, which was intended to be developed through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. Unfortunately, due to delays, the project was terminated in 2015.

Location: Karnataka 577302Airport Code: SML

7. Mysore Airport

Mysore Airport, located in Karnataka, is a magnificent airport that specifically caters to charter or VIP flights. Situated just 10km away from Mysore city and a mere 15-minute drive from the Central railway station, it boasts a passenger terminal spanning over 3,250 square meters and can accommodate up to 150 travelers. Additionally, it provides convenient access to several attractions in the vicinity, such as the Mysore Airport and the Palace of Maharaja Jaganmohan Palace. Furthermore, it enjoys direct connectivity to the Mysore Ring Road and National Highway 766.

Location: Mysuru, Karnataka, 571311Airport Code: MYQ

Karnataka boasts excellent connectivity through a well-established network of roads, railways, and airports. If you are planning a visit to Karnataka, you have the option to book a flight to any of the airports in the state. While traveling by rail or bus is cost-effective, choosing air travel ensures a hassle-free journey. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Airports in Karnataka

How many international airports are there in Karnataka?

Karnataka has two international airports: Kempegowda International Airport and Mangalore International Airport.

Which airport is the second largest in Karnataka?

Bhape Airport, also known as Mangalore Airport, holds the distinction of being the second largest airport in Karnataka.

How many airports are located in Karnataka?

Currently, Karnataka has a total of five operational airports: Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Belgaum, and Mangalore. Among these, Mangalore and Bangalore are international airports, while the rest are domestic airports.

Which airport in Karnataka is considered the cleanest in India?

Mangalore International Airport is renowned for its cleanliness and maintenance. It is the second international airport in Karnataka and the first airport in India to have two runways.

How many terminals does Bangalore Airport have?

Bangalore Airport, also known as Kempegowda International Airport, has two terminals. One terminal is exclusively for the airport, while the other is used for both domestic and international arrivals and departures.

What is the official name of the airport in Bangalore?

The official name of the airport in Bangalore is Kempegowda International Airport, which facilitates international flights in the capital city of Karnataka.

How many airports are there in Bangalore?

Bangalore is home to one airport, namely Kempegowda International Airport.

Is Hubli airport operational?

Yes, Hubli airport is fully operational and offers direct flights to Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai. Furthermore, it has been upgraded to meet international standards.

Do the airports in Karnataka provide free Wi-Fi?

Many airports in Karnataka offer free Wi-Fi as a convenience for travelers. However, the availability may be limited to specific terminals or waiting areas.

How can I reach Hubli airport?

Hubli airport is located just 18 km from the city. You can reach it by availing direct flights from Goa, Belgaum, Bangalore, Mumbai, or Hyderabad.

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