Accommodation Options in Singapore’s Chinatown

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A traveler who has Singapore on the bucket list must plan a stay for a couple of days at the accommodations in Chinatown Singapore. One the world’s greenest cities is Singapore. It has over 40% of its lands covered in lush green plantations. Out of which some can be seen in reserves. Apart from all these, Singapore is also known for its neighborhoods. One of the wealthiest and historical blocks includes the Chinatown. It is an area in Singapore that is known for its cafes, boutiques, parlors, and other local food stalls. In these neighborhoods, one can go for shopping sprees and much more. One can book the best accommodations that are connected to markets or airports. Travelers can also book accommodations that are located in one of the best locations in Chinatown. Travelers will surely not miss out on the fun by accommodating at the accommodations in Chinatown Singapore. These accommodations provide guests with the ultimate holiday experience with great experiences, state-of-the-art amenities as well as exceptional dining options.

Unique Experiences

The accommodations in Chinatown Singapore provide wanderlusts seekers with countless unique experiences. The accommodations take the customers to the Marina Bay and Sands Skypark observation deck. Here, travelers get to view the city from more than 700 feet from the ground. They also take the guest to the Marina Bay Street Racing Circuit. Here, tourists get to witness the fastest formula one races. They also have the best and most famous local dishes also served which is Chicken rice. This dish is a blend of the Indian, Chinese, and Western foods with spices. One of the best accommodations is the Southbridge Hotel which has its craft beers, wines, and cocktails. Here, people can also enjoy local dishes and traditional food as well. There is so much that these accommodations offer to guests in terms of experiences that one is sure to have a fun-filled time during their stay at Chinatown in Singapore.


Accommodations become well known because of their amenities. The accommodations in Chinatown Singapore are one of the good accommodations that one can find even when one is on a budget. The accommodations have some cardiovascular equipment and free weights in the gym. They also have babysitting, business, cash machine, foreign exchange, valet parking, and housekeeping as well. The rooms come in deluxe, business, executive, premier, family, honeymoon, and suite styles as well. The staff is calm and composed. The reception is always available and open. The accommodations also allow late check in and check out too. Some great accommodations for quaint amenities include the Scarlet Hotel, The Inn at Temple Street, Hotel Mono, Bliss Hotel, Hotel 81, and much more.


The accommodations in Chinatown Singapore have top chefs recruited in their hotel. These chefs are known for their attention to detail, cleanliness, creativity, and expertise. They prepare traditional food and also can fusion of cuisines. Since adults and young children have different preferences, they have two unique menus designed for both the age groups as well. One of the best accommodation known for its food includes the Park Royal Hotel near Chinatown. The Furama City Centre is also a great one too. When it comes to the dining experiences, some accommodations offer a great ambiance and even live music and entertainment for the guests. Themed dinner nights are also arranged in some of the accommodations, giving the guests the complete package for a great holiday. With a variety of cuisines to choose from, there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How frequently is the housekeeping services done?

The housekeeping service is typically performed twice a day. However, additional requests can be made for more frequent service.

Q2. Are there currency exchange centers in the hotels in Chinatown Singapore?

A. Yes, several hotels have currency exchange centers.

Q3. What complimentary services are offered in the hotels in Singapore?

A. Complimentary services available at the hotels include WiFi access, in-room minibars, breakfasts, and room cleaning services.

Q4. Can families visit hotels in Singapore?

A. Yes, Singapore hotels offer many special services that cater to the needs of the whole family.

Q5. What transportation services are available from the hotel in Singapore?

A. Singapore offers a variety of transportation services, including buses, Mass Transit Railway, taxis, trishaws, and EZ Links, all of which can be booked through the hotels.

One can cross Singapore off their list of desired destinations by staying at the hotels in Chinatown Singapore. The hotels provide guests with unique experiences, including a tour of the Marina Bay and Sands Skypark observation deck, where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the city. The hotels also offer trips to the world’s first Formula One racing circuits. The hotels boast a friendly and attentive staff who are always available. Guests can choose from a range of room styles, including deluxe, business, executive, premier, family, honeymoon, and suite accommodations. Additional amenities include state-of-the-art fitness equipment, babysitting services, ATMs, currency exchange services, valet parking, and housekeeping. The hotel chefs ensure that cleanliness, creativity, and expertise are evident in every dish, offering unique menus for both children and adults. Some exceptional hotels in Chinatown Singapore include Six Senses Duxton, Amoy Hotel, Dorsett Hotel, Park Regis Hotel, Orchid Hotel, Hotel Clover, Tokidoki Popup Hotel, and many more.

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