A Personal Tour Guide to Exploring the Exotic Land of the Bahamas in November

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Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Bahamas is that one splendid group of islands that creates the perfect imagery of cruises and turquoise blue waters blending more than well with the scenic seascape that this land is known for. Whether you’re visiting with your family, friends or are wondering about a solo adventure, exploring Bahamas in November is a great idea as this country is filled with stunning snorkeling sites, and the vast Barrier reef in Andros island is surely not to be missed while you’re here! So, sit back and scroll through to know all about your next vacation!

Climate In Bahamas In November

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Andros Island

Searching for Bahamas climate in November? Well, look no more! Given the tropical weather throughout the year, November is a good time to visit the Bahamas. An average temperature between 24 degrees to 26 degree celsius is observed at this time and you can surely carry your fancy bathing suits to get the best of all the water sports that this land has to offer. Don’t forget to carry an umbrella in case it pours.

8 Exquisite Destinations To Explore In Bahamas

There are so many things to do in Bahamas that no matter the duration of your holiday, you’ll still long for more. Here’s a list of places that you must cover simply for their breathtaking beauty in store.

1. Andros Island

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Paradise Island

Having a large barrier reef on board, the famous Andros Island is a known spot amongst divers who visit this place frequently. Not only do you get to see underwater caves and freshwater blue holes, there are also places where you can go boating and fishing near the wetland region of this island. Also called as the ‘bonefishing capital of the world’, Andros has some giant national parks too! Don’t forget to try the eco-resorts at this island.

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2. Paradise Island

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The name in itself of Paradise island is enough to woo your senses, whether it’s the glorious bridges connecting to Nassau or the white-sand beaches like Paradise beach and Cabbage beach. But, to top it all, the grand Atlantis resort is what makes a favourite stop for all tourists. Recreating the Atlantic legends is all their glory, this resort will ensure a thrilling holiday perfect for a group with the high speed slides, a serene lazy river and several swimming spots!

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3. Nassau

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Amongst the popular ports for cruise ships, Nassau undoubtedly ranks first if nothing else! Captivating many tourists each year, this destination is the ideal spot for unwinding on the shores such as Cable Beach and later venturing out to explore the shops. You can also take a stroll through the beautiful streets of the city to appreciate the remarkable architectural work in Bay Street and the downtown area. If you want to add more excitement, consider planning a day trip to Blue Lagoon Island for a delightful dolphin encounter.

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4. Bimini

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Situated closer to the United States compared to the rest of the Bahamas, the Bimini islands are referred to as the ‘Big game fishing capital of the Bahamas’. This island also hosts various fishing tournaments from March to September, and you will also find numerous spots for snorkeling and diving right here on the island. Don’t forget to explore Victory Reef, Rainbow Reef, and Sapona Wreck while you’re at it, and it’s worth noting that this place has served as an inspiration for novels like Islands in the Stream.

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