A Flavorful Blend of Adventure, Fun, and Thrills: A Journey of Romance Through Singapore and Malaysia

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A perfect combination of thrill, passion, and eagerness prompted Rohit Aggarwal to embark on a vacation to the contemporary yet cultural lands of Singapore and Malaysia. He presents a comprehensive account of his extraordinary journey that he undertook with his spouse, child, and another couple. His 6-night/7-day package was arranged through Fred and Fuzzys and included their flights, transfers, breakfast, and sightseeing at a cost of INR 330000. Dive into his magnificent tale.

Feeling unsatisfied with the monotony of life, I made the decision to take a hiatus from the repetitive routine and go on a holiday with my friends and family. After searching through various options online, we settled on planning a trip to Dubai since it was an astonishing destination and offered a perfect blend of old and new. However, a friend cautioned me against visiting Dubai at this time due to the congestion caused by the Ramzan season.

Soon, after receiving a couple of suggestions from loved ones, we opted for Singapore as our vacation spot. All that remained was finding a travel package, and that was resolved swiftly.

I was certain about booking my package to Singapore and Malaysia through Fred and Fuzzys since my younger brother had a fantastic experience with the company when he visited Bali for his vacation.

Fred and Fuzzys connected us with multiple agents who provided us with competitive quotes, itineraries, and customization options. We selected the best one that suited our needs.

Exploring the magnificent Marina Bay Sands

Day 1: Enjoying a thrilling evening in Singapore!

The day of our journey arrived, and we boarded our flight from Delhi. We arrived in Singapore at 9 AM in the morning via a connecting flight from Malaysia. Upon reaching the airport, it was easy to spot our cab driver as he was holding a sign.

We soon reached the hotel and were informed that we had to wait for a few hours since we had arrived earlier (around 11 AM) than the usual check-in time. Due to the unavailability of rooms, an early check-in was not possible.

In the meantime, we explored various attractions near the hotel and visited a local market to get a taste of the city.

Later, we returned to our hotel and were assigned our rooms according to the schedule. We settled in, freshened up, and took some time to relax and rejuvenate.

Around 5 PM, our cab arrived and the driver took us to the renowned Marina Bay Sands, a luxurious 5-star hotel known for its incredible atmosphere and activities. There were numerous options for tourists to choose from at this destination. However, we decided to visit the Infinity Pool located at the Sky Park. Fortunately, we didn’t need to purchase any tickets as they were already provided to us by our agent.

Amazing view of the Singapore Flyer

The Infinity Pool was situated on the 57th floor and we all experienced a sensation of swimming at the pinnacle of the world. Furthermore, the climate at this location was delightful and greatly enhanced our overall experience. We dedicated a substantial amount of time at this extravagant pool and every one of us relished it.

As the nightfall approached, we proceeded to visit a renowned attraction in Singapore – Gardens By the Bay. This was an eco-friendly park which comprised of waterfront gardens, specifically the flower dome and cloud forest. Indoors, there was an assortment of flowers and trees from different regions across the globe! Plus, the garden possessed an awe-inspiring architectural structure.

Taking pleasure in the beauty of Merlion Park

We were completely captivated by the fact that a contemporary city had managed to construct such a splendid natural wonder, with significant emphasis on greenery and plant life.

Later, we also dedicated some time to visit the Singapore flyer as we desired to explore more of the city. This was a location where one could obtain a comprehensive view of the entire island city. We savored the ultimate joy of witnessing the panoramic and awe-inspiring vistas of the city from this vantage point.

Experiencing the best of city tour

Subsequently, we booked a taxi for transportation to the hotel, as our previous mode of transportation was only available until 8:30 PM.

Day 2: The Splendid Expedition Of Singapore City

We commenced our morning with an early breakfast and then embarked on a private cab tour of the Sentosa Island. At Sentosa, the cab driver dropped us off at a designated point from where we could easily board a cable car to visit numerous attractions.

We made a stopover to experience a ride at the Tiger Sky Tower. The ride itself lasted approximately 10 minutes and it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable activities we undertook! Following the ride, we proceeded to a delightful restaurant to have our lunch!

merlion park_18th oct

Singapore Flyer

was the following destination on our itinerary. However, we had a very limited time here this time since we had already been here on the first day. Nevertheless, we were delighted to explore it once again.

Spending good times at Sentosa Island

Afterwards, we proceeded for a Thrilling river expedition which showcased the legacy of Singapore river and its renowned quays. We had a very soothing and relaxing journey here and adored the entire cruising atmosphere.

Sentosa Island was truly a haven for tourists as it offered countless invigorating activities to choose from.

Later in the evening at 7 PM, we were picked up by our chauffeur who dropped us back to the hotel. After a delightful supper, we called it a night as we had to wake up early in the morning.

Exploring the museum at Universal Studios

Day 3: Exploring the source of pride of Sentosa Island – Universal Studios

This was the day we were going to visit the pride of Sentosa Island – Universal Studios. We woke up in the morning thrilled about visiting the amusement park and after a delicious dinner, we were picked up by the driver for our transfer.

Wax statue of Narender Modi

Universal Studios was included in our package and we arrived there on time.

We enjoyed various rides at Universal Studios like the roller coaster, Transformer ride and the Madagascar ride among many others. Some of the rides were so exhilarating and thrilling that we couldn’t resist going on them for a second time. And the cries of excitement from riders could be heard throughout the park, which enhanced our experience and made it more joyful and entertaining.

Enjoying the Kuala Lumpur city tour

Post this exhilarating experience, we returned to our hotel with treasured memories from our final day in Singapore.

Spending time in leisure

Day 4 : Exploring Malaysia

We bid farewell to the splendid Singapore in the morning and boarded our flight to Malaysia. Upon arrival at the airport, we soon contacted our driver, who was already waiting for us. He transported us to the Citrus Hotel and fortunately, we did not have to wait for rooms this time.

Later, we explored the property independently and were amazed by its exquisite decor. After refreshing ourselves, we prepared for the city tour.

The driver took us on a sightseeing tour of Kuala Lumpur, where we witnessed several incredible attractions including Petronas Tower, Chocolate Factory, and Kuala Lumpur tower. It was a fantastic experience for all of us.

Rohits wife with her kid

In the evening, we visited Chinatown, which is one of the renowned tourist spots in Malaysia. The first thing that caught our attention about this vibrant place was its distinctly oriental culture. Additionally, we adored the lively and spirited atmosphere that permeated this locale.

This bustling street boasted a variety of shops selling clothing items, handicrafts, shoes, and numerous other captivating items. One could purchase a plethora of marvelous goods from this place at reasonable prices.

Tired but content, we returned to our hotel and called it a night.

Day 5: Thrilling full day tour of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Statue of lord Murugan at Batu Caves

This day was dedicated to a comprehensive tour of a theme park in Kuala Lumpur. So, we got ready promptly and enjoyed a delectable breakfast before hopping into the cab for the park. We arrived at our destination shortly, and it was a sunny and bright day.

The theme park – Sunway Lagoon, offered a range of thrills including exciting water rides and numerous other activities as well. However, having already experienced immense pleasure at Universal Studios, we didn’t find this adventurous park as captivating since its overall atmosphere and rides were more suited for children.

We spent the entire day at this amusement park and in the evening at 6 PM, a private taxi took us back to the hotel.

After filling up our stomachs with a lavish dinner, we called it a night.

Having fun at the Merlion Park

Day 6: Next destination – Genting Highlands

Our next destination of our trip was the Genting Highlands. We stayed at a magnificent resort here called the Fist World Hotel Plaza. This was a grand resort which was constructed on a mountaintop and we were amazed by the vastness of this resort!

Finally, we began to explore this property and went to the Snow Park that was part of the property. This park was a great experience and we had a fantastic time here.

One more thing that we wanted to explore in a proper manner were the Batu Caves that came on our way to Genting Highlands. But since there was a shortage of time, we couldn’t explore much.

So, we wrapped up our day, returned to our hotel, and had one final dinner in Malaysia.

Day 7: Flying back to India

After spending the best days of our vacation in Singapore and Malaysia, we were now ready to bid farewell to an incredible trip. Post breakfast, we packed up our belongings and checked out from the hotel for the airport.

Our trip to Singapore and Malaysia was a combination of amusement, excitement, nature, and lifestyle. It was the perfect vacation, especially for couples since it gave us a lot of quality time to spend with our spouses.


  • Singapore was truly the most remarkable experience for us. From the Marina Bay Sands to Sentosa Island to Singapore Flyer, everything was flawless!
  • We loved the entire calming and soothing experience of river cruise in Singapore.

Low Points:

  • We could not explore the Batu Caves, due to lack of time.

Tips for future travelers: Choose to spend more days in Singapore for it offers more exciting activities than Malaysia. If one wants to explore Malaysia, then book a separate package for it.

Experience the modern luxury vibe on a trip to Singapore and Malaysia! Enjoy a vacation filled with fun and adventure with your loved ones! Book your package to incredible Singapore now!


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