A Dreamy Getaway in the Heart of Europe!

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Pick up your writing tool and make a memo of Vitrag’s incredibly informative 8 evenings/9 days affectionate holiday to Central Europe. Make the most of his experience as he journeyed through the core of cultural and historical Europe, to witness some of the most astounding sights a traveler can witness.

Traveling has come naturally to me ever since I was a child. Exploring captivating places with my family was the thing I looked forward to the most. Years went by, but the passion for travel never diminished.

Fortunately, my spouse also shares a passion for travel that compelled us to plan for a passionate trip to Europe. For the past few years, many of our friends and family had traveled to Europe and come back singing countless praises for the land. That motivated us, even more, to write our own fairytale adventure to remarkable cities like Vienna and Prague.

Tram Prague

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Our Amorous Trip To Europe Was No Less Than A Second Honeymoon

Particulars of our affectionate holiday in Central Europe

I got to know about Fred and Fuzzys when I investigating for Europe tour packages on Google. I downloaded their app and submitted a request for a quotation. Their service was incredible as I had continuous support even before the package was booked.

The price given to us by Pick Your Trail was reasonable for a 9 day affectionate trip to Europe. Had I done all of the bookings myself, it would have cost me more or less the same. But to let someone else handle the stress of arranging everything was worth the investment.

Holiday Cost: INR 2,03,000Holiday Duration: 8 evenings 9 daysAgent Name: Pick Your TrailInclusions: Flights, transfers, accommodation, breakfast, sightseeing, and visa assistanceExclusions: Meals, additional expenses, and entrance fee

Itinerary of our amorous trip to Europe

Day 1: Arrive in Vienna- transfer to hotel- overnight sojourn at hotel

Day 2: Breakfast- full day Vienna Hop On Hop Off Bus Expedition- overnight sojourn at hotel

Day 3: Breakfast- leisure day in Vienna- overnight sojourn in Vienna

Day 4: Breakfast- check out from hotel- train to Salzburg- leisure day- overnight sojourn in Salzburg

Day 5: Breakfast- full day Hop-On Hop-Off City Excursion- overnight sojourn at hotel

Day 6: Breakfast- check out from hotel- train to Prague- overnight sojourn in Prague

Day 7: Breakfast- full day Hop-On Hop-Off City Excursion- river cruise- overnight sojourn in Prague

Day 8: Breakfast- full day Cesky Krumlov sightseeing expedition- overnight sojourn in Prague

gardens in Europe

Day 9: Breakfast- check out from hotel- transfer to airport- return flight to India

Check-list before embarking on a passionate vacation in Central Europe

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Top Places To Visit In Europe With Friends For A Kick-ass Holiday Like Ours

As a voyager, I am very specific about the little intricacies of the trip I’m going to. Being a herbivore presents another array of challenges in Europe. Therefore, there were certain things we maintained while journeying as a duo to Europe.

1. Flight seat selection

Do an early web-check-in and choose the flight seats yourself. If you are a couple, there are some rows that have only two seats. Couples should select a row with two seats on the far left or right side (one window seat). Before leaving, it is wise to check the premium economy fare. If the fare is not significantly higher, I recommend upgrading to Premium Economy instead of Economy for flights lasting more than 8 hours.

2. Travel card

You can either purchase a travel card from your bank (preferably ICICI, Axis, or HDFC) or a single currency card from other travel retailers. If you are traveling to a single country, choose a single currency card from your bank and vice versa.

The advantage of obtaining a card from your own bank rather than a travel retailer is that you can recharge your bank-issued travel card online if you need more money, while external travel retailer cards do not have an option to recharge the card further.

3. Sim card

If you purchase a Matrix or any other sim card from an airport, it will cost more than INR 2,500-3,500. Instead, I bought a B-Free sim card for 10 Euro from a convenience store in Vienna and activated the B-Free large package, which provided 1000 minutes, 1000 SMS, and 7-8GB data for 30 days, valid for the entire continental Europe without any additional roaming charges.

4. Hotels

Looking back, I realized that spending a lot of money on European hotels (especially in Vienna, Salzburg, and Prague) is not worthwhile, as none of them offer four-star hospitality. They do not accompany you to your room or show you the amenities, they do not provide luggage assistance, and they charge for everything from water to chargers.

  • For vegetarians- not many food options are available for breakfast apart from bread, butter, and fruit. Therefore, I believe booking a cheap hotel or an Airbnb is a better choice. In a rented apartment, vegetarian travelers can have their own kitchen where they can cook their own meals.
  • Ensure that you mention the need for a double-bedroom if you are a couple, otherwise, you might end up with a room with two single beds. Also, specify the preferred room view while booking, such as garden facing, city facing, interior view, exterior view, etc., depending on hotel prices and reviews.
  • Check for nearby vegetarian or Indian restaurants when selecting a hotel.

Vienna: The epitome of history and culture in Europe

Recommended duration: At least 2-3 days

monuments in vienna

Preferred mode of transportation: Public transport is excellent if you research directions, pickup and drop points, bus/tram/metro routes, etc. All these details can be easily obtained from Google Maps.

Our tour operator reserved a Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour from Vienna sightseeing company. The tour was fantastic as we were provided with an audio guide inside the bus and wifi. The city tour consists of four lines (Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue).

markets in vienna

tram ride in vienna

birds eye view of vienna

places to visit in salzburg

Our Journey To Europe Was Every Food Lover’s Dream Come True!

Locations we explored in Vienna:

Red Line: Opera House and St Stephen’s Cathedral near Opera House

Blue Line: Giant Ferris Wheel & Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and Danube tower

Yellow Line: Schönbrunn Palace

Salzburg: Mozart’s backyard

Ideal Duration: 2 days minimum. If you have time, 3-4 days.

We reserved a complete day Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour and the Bavarian Mountains and Salt Mines Tour the following day.

We did not enjoy the Hop-On Hop-Off City tour in Salzburg. We could have explored the city on our own in a better way using public transportation. After conversing with other travelers, we discovered that the Sound of Music Tour was superior to the sightseeing tour itself.

Locations we visited in Salzburg:

  • Salzburg Fortress (Hohensalzburg Castle): A must-see castle with admission fee at EUR 15 per person for a regular ticket. We required at least 5 hours to explore the castle. However, travelers can spend the entire day there.
  • Old Town: A popular attraction in every major city in Europe, the Old Town was a delightful throwback to the past.
  • Mozart bridge: A romantic area near the train station. Enjoyed the serene and tranquil walk we took around the place.
  • Bavarian Mountain and Salt Mine Expedition: This excursion was the highlight of our enchanting getaway in Europe. The entire day trip was filled with captivating views and awe-inspiring landscapes.

sightseeing in Salzburgriver in salzburg

Mirabell garden

Mirabell Garden entrance

horse carriage in Prague

A Romantic 10N/11D Honeymoon Expedition To Europe

Eateries in Salzburg:

  • Aromatic Flavors: (Essential visit if you are Indian/pure vegan)
  • Natural pizza: Serves plant-based pizza
  • Lucky Food Truck near Mirabell Palace (adjacent to the Church)

Prague: The vivacious celebration city of Central Europe

Optimum Duration: 3 days

Our enchanting getaway in Central Europe continued to our final destination- Prague.

We had a Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour in Prague which included a 90-minute Prague Castle Tour, one hour Jewish Quarter Tour, and an hour-long Vltava River Cruise. We truly relished all these tours in Prague, but it is advisable to reserve a separate one-day guided tour by utilizing public transportation.

Places we explored in Prague:

  • Historic City Center Square and nearby alleys
  • Prague Fortress: A necessary place to explore with a guided tour. We spent nearly 3 hours to complete the tour.
  • The Bridge of Charles: Regarded as the most enchanting location in Prague, this bridge had an undeniable allure.
  • Day trip to Cesky Krumlov: Another town that is an essential visit for travelers heading to Prague. Situated 180 km from Prague, Cesky Krumlov can be explored on a delightful 9-10 hour guided tour arranged by Prague Bus Tours agency, which includes lunch and hotel pick-up and drop-off.

sightseeing in Prague

churches in Prague

Cesky Krumlov

art in Prague

Incredible Places To Explore On A 9N/10D Honeymoon To Europe

In the previous 9 days, my spouse and I were fortunate enough to visit some of the most immaculate destination on our romantic getaway in Europe. We witnessed the finest of art, culture, and history in three astonishing and vibrant cities that are famous for their illustrious past.

Special appreciation to Fred and Fuzzys and Pick Your Trail for providing continuous assistance and ensuring that everything runs smoothly on our romantic vacation in Central Europe. Both my spouse and I thoroughly enjoyed traveling with a system that was so effective, effortless, and pleasant.

Certain aspects to consider while traveling in Europe:

  • Restaurants charge for water. However, tap water is free and potable.
  • If you follow a vegetarian diet, ensure to request for either vegan food or vegetarian food without eggs and fish. They may not comprehend the term vegetarian and might include eggs and fish as part of it.
  • Avoid exchanging currency at airports or train stations, as they impose higher convenience fees for currency conversion.
  • It is essential to carry gloves, a hat, and a scarf along with jackets when heading to a winter destination

Central Europe possesses some hidden treasures that every traveler should appreciate. Book your Europe tour package and witness the enchantment of medieval art, culture, and history!

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