A Detailed Guide to the 2023 South Korea Visa for Indians

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An area of culture and allure, this is a nation in East Asia, and the capital is Seoul. South Korea comprises the majority of the southern region of the Korean peninsula. The country’s inhabitants are responsible enough and the men are obligated to serve in the country’s military for a portion of their lives, thus instilling a sense of duty for the homeland. If one intends to visit this land of culture and intellect, they certainly need to obtain a visa first. Now, as straightforward as the statement may appear, the process itself is not so simple if you are unfamiliar with the basics. And so, to assist you, we are here! In this guide, we elucidate how effortless it is to obtain a South Korea visa for Indians if they are acquainted with the fundamentals. Continue reading to learn more!

How To Apply For A South Korea Visa For Indians?

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As discussed previously, you can indeed apply through either the online or offline processes. What must be kept in mind are the document requirements. An ordinary South Korea visa will be granted to the individual who submitted the application. The purpose of the visit may vary, but it is typically for tourism. However, if you are going for employment purposes, you need to provide some form of evidence for the same. Here are some of the crucial steps to apply for a South Korea visa for Indians.

  • Obtain all the pertinent information you require and strive to familiarize yourself with the process prior to commencing.
  • Visit the official website to apply for the visa and if you are not very tech-savvy, you can visit the centers to complete your tasks.
  • The most vital part of the process is completing the application form.
  • You can make the payment online via your debit card or rely on the traditional offline methods. Regardless, ensure that you have proof of payment as it is a prerequisite in the form.

Types Of South Korea Visa For Indians

As naive as it may sound, you must maintain a commendable character, possess sufficiently strong ties in your homeland in order to have a reason to return, and have a sound state of health to be eligible to apply for a tourist visa to South Korea. You need to keep your documents within reach. Some of the documents you will need include proof of your identity, your bank balance, and the purpose of your visit to commence the application process. You can apply through two broad methods, as listed below.

1. Obtain an Electronic Visa

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In this age of digitalization, this is the most convenient option as you can initiate the application at any time that suits you and do not even have to leave your residence. Visit the online platform, submit your request, and await your turn for them to contact you. They will then provide instructions on the necessary procedures, which primarily involve completing a form. The entire process can vary in duration, ranging from weeks to months, depending on the number of pending applications at the moment.

2. Choose the Offline Procedure

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If you are not very comfortable with the online processes for obtaining a South Korea visa for Indians, you always have the option to go for the traditional offline procedure. You will need to visit the embassy, gather the necessary information, wait for your turn to be called, and then wait for them to proceed with the necessary steps. This method may be more time-consuming and slightly cumbersome, but if it suits your preferences, it is a viable option.

Documents Needed for a South Korea Visa for Indians

Indian citizens holding a valid passport usually require a visa to visit South Korea. The process is relatively simple and does not require a significant amount of time to complete. You can easily obtain a ninety-day visa online or by visiting the nearest South Korea consulate. Certain documents need to be submitted, and that encompasses the main procedure. The following documents are necessary for obtaining a South Korea visa for Indians:

  • A passport with a minimum validity of six months
  • Applicant’s photographs in passport size
  • Payment of fees, preferably in cash or through postal address, but not checks.
  • Bank statements, verifying the funds required for the tour.

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In addition to the aforementioned list, if the purpose of the visit is other than travel, such as official business or student scholarship, then the applicant must submit documents justifying the reason for their stay or visit.

Visa Fees for Indians Traveling to South Korea

The cost of the visa varies significantly depending on the type of visa applied for. There are primarily two categories of South Korea visa for Indians – single entry visa and multiple entry visas. If you desire a single entry visa valid for up to ninety days, then you will need to pay approximately INR 2800, and if you want the visa for more than ninety days, then the cost is INR 4200. For multiple entry visas, it amounts to around INR 6300. Additionally, if the purpose of the visit requires a double-entry visa, the fee becomes INR 4900.

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Travelers are advised to contact their nearest consulate or embassy for information on the fees required to obtain the visa, especially in the case of group visas. An application for a residential certificate for a stay of more than 90 days must be submitted prior to commencing the process. The visas are valid for approximately three months from the date of issue, although this may vary.

We trust that this has addressed all your uncertainties and resolved any queries regarding South Korea visa for Indians, the required documents, and other requirements. However, it is advisable to visit the embassy before starting the entire process and review all the information once again to gain a better understanding of the process. So, do not waste any more time. Apply for that South Korea visa for Indians today and embark on that long-awaited journey to South Korea.

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Frequently Asked Questions About South Korea Visa For Indians

Can another person collect my visa from the South Korea Consulate?

No, South Korea consulates do not permit a third party to collect your visa. However, there are certain exceptions regarding immediate family members, such as parents or children.

Are there different requirements for various categories of visas?

Yes, there are different purposes of the visit to a location, such as employment, education, tourism, and so forth. And for all those different agendas, you need to apply for your visa through the corresponding process.

Are there any age prerequisites when applying for a tourist visa for South Korea?

No, there is no age requirement for applying for the visa. Any individual can apply for it and obtain it. Nevertheless, individuals below eighteen years of age need to provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their parents.

What are the documents needed for an advance visa?

For an advance visa, you would require documents such as a valid passport, passport-sized photograph, consular fee receipts, bank statements, proof of hotel reservations, and your return ticket. Be prepared to face numerous queries while boarding the plane from India.

Where is the South Korea embassy located in India?

The consulate of South Korea is situated in West Bengal near Millennium Park. Its complete address is Hare Street, BBD Bag, Kolkata, West Bengal. The other embassy is found in New Delhi, 9, Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri Extension, New Delhi.

How many days does it take for the visa to arrive?

It takes approximately five business days for the visa to arrive. However, sometimes it may take fewer days, around only two business days.

How long does the Korean e visa process take?

Visa processing time varies significantly and is highly dependent on the organization through which you apply. For instance, if you have applied for your visa through a travel agency, it may take as long as fifteen days for the visa to be processed.

For how long is a Korean e visa (individual) valid?

The duration of validity for a Korean e visa (individual) largely depends on the type of visa you have selected. Individuals with a single entry visa can enter Korea only once and stay for a maximum of 59 days within three months from the date of issue. On the other hand, a multiple entry visa allows for unlimited visits to the country.

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