A Convenient Handbook for Experiencing the Thrilling Bungee Jumping near Pune

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Are you seeking a thrilling and exhilarating experience? Are you yearning for an adrenaline rush? Then consider embarking on the daring and heart-pounding adventure of bungee jumping. This rapidly growing adventure sport has gained immense popularity in India, with individuals of all ages, including middle-aged adults, now venturing into this exhilarating realm. As a result, a multitude of bungee jumping destinations have recently emerged throughout India. The optimal way to indulge in this audacious sport is during your vacation, and this brings us to the tantalizing locales near Pune, where you can not only enjoy a memorable holiday but also partake in the thrill of bungee jumping. So whether you are a resident of Pune or a visitor to one of the nearby destinations for a short getaway, seize the opportunity to experience bungee jumping near Pune with the aid of this invaluable guide.

Not everyone possesses nerves of steel, but if you possess the determination and a spirit of adventure, then delve into the comprehensive details outlined in this guide. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the nearby places to Pune where you can indulge in the exhilarating activity of bungee jumping. Without any further delay, let us now delve into the intricate specifics.

The Three Finest Destinations for Bungee Jumping Near Pune

While bungee jumping may instill fear at first glance, it is an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your life. For those who have always sought new challenges and distinctive experiences, bungee jumping beckons. Here are three prominent locales where you can find numerous bungee jumping operators. If you are prepared to undertake the leap of a lifetime, explore these destinations now.


1. Kolad

Kolad, a favored hub for bungee jumping near Pune, provides respite from the monotony of everyday life. Journey to Kolad via bus and prepare to immerse yourself in moments that will be etched in your memory forever. The beauty of this place lies in its year-round accessibility, a feature shared by bungee jumping. However, it is during the winter season that Kolad experiences its peak influx of visitors. During this time, hundreds of tourists swarm to Kolad to take on the thrilling challenge of bungee jumping. The absence of scorching sunlight in the winter months adds to the appeal. As an added bonus, you can revel in the breathtaking views. But don’t limit your visit to just the winter season; the monsoons also offer an opportunity to witness the verdant allure that surrounds Kolad. This adds an extra element of excitement to your adventure.


Distance From Pune: 144.5 KM

Price: Rs 2800 per person

Best Time to Visit: June to March and March to May

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2. Lonavla

Lonavla, the second significant destination for bungee jumping near Pune, offers a safe haven for indulging in this thrilling sport. Its close proximity to Mumbai and Pune enables residents of both cities to easily visit and partake in this adventure on weekends. Whether you opt for a train journey or a bus ride, reaching Lonavla is a breeze. For a more comfortable commute, you can even book a private vehicle. The bungee jumping facility in Lonavla is located at the renowned Della Adventures in Kunegaon. To participate in this exhilarating sport, you must be at least 10 years old. Della Adventures is an adventure park that guarantees the ultimate bungee jumping experience. With a height of 150ft and a duration of approximately 7 to 10 minutes, this experience promises unparalleled thrills. However, please note that participation is restricted to individuals weighing at least 35 kg and aged 10 years or older.

Numerous safety measures will be thoroughly explained to you by experts. The sport will be conducted under their watchful supervision, ensuring proper execution. Prepare to be astounded by this awe-inspiring experience. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate, solidifying your historic achievement in this location. If you possess the bravery to attempt bungee jumping and are prepared to confront your fears, then the Lonavala bungee jumping spot is where you should seize the opportunity.


Distance From Pune: 66.5 kmPrice: Rs 1500 per personBest Time to Visit: October and May

3. Jogeshwari

Jogeshwari, another renowned spot for bungee jumping, offers a new establishment for this thrilling activity. With its numerous tourist attractions, Jogeshwari has always been a popular destination. However, the addition of bungee jumping has drawn even more visitors. Jogeshwari perfectly combines adventure and serenity, offering not only bungee jumping but also a variety of other exhilarating sports. The standout feature of Jogeshwari is their groundbreaking invention of water dip bungee jumping. If you seek an elevated level of excitement, Jogeshwari is the destination for you. Here, you can experience sensations unlike any other.

Tips For Bungee Jumping

Distance From Pune: 166.1 kmPrice: Rs 2000 per personBest Time to Visit: October to April

Expert Advice for Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is not an everyday endeavor. Therefore, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the sport before taking the leap. If you are determined to give it a try, here are a few valuable tips to keep in mind.

  • Safety should be your foremost concern when engaging in a risky sport like bungee jumping. Ensure that the activity is performed under the guidance of an experienced jumper and select a reputable operator. Additionally, verify that all necessary safety equipment is provided.
  • Prior to embarking on your bungee jumping adventure, change into comfortable attire. Avoid wearing slip-on shoes or heels that could potentially fall off. Ladies, steer clear of dresses and skirts that may flip upside down. Furthermore, it is advisable not to carry any items in your pockets.
  • Undergo a medical check-up before attempting the sport. Individuals with heart conditions should refrain from participating, as it can be life-threatening. Additionally, participants must be at least 10 years of age to try bungee jumping.
  • Excessive overthinking often leads to heightened nervousness. To alleviate this, go with the flow. The more you fixate on your surroundings and overanalyze, the more anxiety you will experience. If you struggle to look down, closing your eyes as you take the plunge may be the better option.

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